Occupy Wall Street Cartoons

****I update  this post, so check back

This is a post about cartoons about Occupy Wall Street and other Occupied sites.

The cartoons I choose will be ones that I find funny or otherwise interesting.  I’m just not grabbing everything out there and posting it.  This blog is mostly for me so if you can’t find what you like….look elsewhere.

This is not a subject that I find particularly funny but there are funny circumstances and I always find the humor within a subject.

The ability to laugh at ourselves keeps us sane.  Sometimes.  Mebbe.

The very first cartoon I saw with Occupy Wall Street as its inspiration is this one:

And the latest is this one on the recent cover of the October New Yorker magazine showing us what a protest by the Wall Street fat-cats would look like.  Cartoonists brains amaze me.

In between we have had these cartoons among others:

Some just play off the “Wall Street” title like this one about Wal-Mart.

Others are much more serious and show that the cartoonist “gets it” like these that remind us that while protestors are getting arrested the bankers that threw our economy into the toilet are still not in jail!

Other cartoonists have tried to draw the differences (and not the similarities) between the Occupy Wall Street protestors and the Tea Party even though they may be completely wrong:

Some cartoonists have used well-known cartoon characters to make very strong points.

This is a cartoon that I like.  It draws an important difference, and by so doing, makes a vivid point:

Think Progress has a list of their Top Ten Occupy Wall Street cartoons HERE.

November 8th:

Cartoonist Susie Cagle was arrested while covering the Occupy Wall Street actions at @OccupyOakland!!

“According   to Susie, she had her press pass in full view when she was arrested,  and  one of the Oakland Police Department officers even recognized her  and  knew her comics.”

Check the article at Daryl Cagle’s Cartoon Blog (chock full of political cartoons) at the link above, along with a video of Susie at the link above and Twitter Susie Cagle at @susie_c

Here is a site with the “Best of” Occupy political cartoons.  Check the link!

And check out Frugal Cafe directly for a ton of Occupy cartoons.

I will add attributions for the cartoonist and the original magazine, newspaper or internet site as soon as possible.

Do you have any cartoons that you have seen?  I will be happy to add them here.

Please leave a comment here or you can Twitter me @zenDR and I’ll give you the email address.  Thanks!!


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