The U. S. General Strike

We have a call for a U. S. General Strike.

When:     Wednesday, November 2nd

On Twitter join @USGeneralStrike

List of Endorsements of the Nov 2 General Strike, constantly updated.

More posters can be found HERE for Occupy, the Global United as well as the General Strike in case that is why you are here.  Share them, print, e-mail, fax, anything you can do to get them in the hands of more people.

Hand them out to Ten people and ask them to give posters to ten more people.

Start a General Strike  WAVE

.As of Halloween, the General Strike is growing by the minute with official Strikes and support groups in cities across the U.S. all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

This may turn out to be the largest General Strike ever held and we will shut the city of Oakland California DOWN on November 2nd.


To begin we have:

March Against The Police StateWear All-Black

Where:    Oakland, Oscar Grant Plaza at 14th & Broadway

When:      Saturday, October 29th

8 PM


The call for a general strike against Oakland, California is in response to the terrible actions of the police and the city against protestors associated with the @OccupyOakland movement which is an off-shoot of the @OccupyWallStreet effort.

On Tuesday, October 25th Oakland police, backed by officers from other jurisdictions, attacked protestors in downtown starting with an effort to remove protestors from their downtown encampment that morning.

In the evening protestors worked to re-establish their camp and the police resisted.

The police actions resulted in injuries to numerous protestors including an Iraq War Marine veteran, Scott Olsen.

Olsen was struck in the head apparently by a tear gas canister.

The crowd scattered as the tear gas dispersed that night.  Olsen lay injured on the ground, unable to get up and run.

Compatriots ran back, grabbed him by the shoulders in an attempt to pull him away from further harm or arrest as they had done so many times before on that night.

This time was different, at least on video it seemed different.  One police office was caught on video throwing a 2nd tear gas grenade directly into the group of people trying to rescue Scott Olsen.

A few people realize what is about to happen and move away just as the tear gas canister explodes!!  BOOM!!! Right next to the injured Marine.

His friends and other protestors come right back to grab Olsen again and pull him away from further harm.

Olsen’s photo (below), and many others,  have been distributed across the country on mainstream & cable news channels and the internet.

 And this disturbing video has been shown across the country.  It is disturbing to watch an officer sworn to uphold the law and keep people safe, purposely try to injure people.

And, more disturbing. he does injure people: including the Marine who was already laying injured on the ground directly in the path of the  grenade this cop launches toward the protesters

Watch and see for yourself:

This video flat-out disturbs me to the core, as it should disturb you.


October 28th Update:


In Oakland we will have a march at 5 pm PT:

We will shut down the port and liberate Oakland

A Mass Day of Action On November 2nd

Everyone take to the streets:

No work!

No school!!

No play!!!

Mass gatherings at 14th & Broadway at 9:00 am, 12 noon, and 5:00 pm Pacific Time; ET is Noon, 3 pm and 8 pm

A Liberar Oakland

The General Strike is alive and well in YOUR city.

Don’t live in Oakland??

No work!

No school!!

No play!!! 


A Message To Employers, etc

Who May Discipline Their Workers

For Participation In The General Strike

Agreed upon in Occupy Oakland Strike Assembly 10.29.11

The Occupy Oakland Strike Assembly vows to picket and or occupy any business or school which disciplines employees or students in ANY way for participating in the November 2nd strike and day of action.

• The Occupy Oakland Strike Assembly would like this warning to be known in the general community.
• Any worker who thinks they have been disciplined for participating in the General Strike may come to the Strike Assembly to ask for picket support against their employer.
• The Occupy Oakland Strike Assembly will keep meeting after the strike in case of delayed disciplinary measures by employers and will maintain an email list to mobilize for any measures after that. If workers cannot make the general strike committee they may email
• If any such disciplined workers are represented  by a union, we will call on that union to join us in picketing.

November 2 Picket support from Occupy Oakland

Any group of workers who want are picket line at their workplace on November 2nd should come to the Occupy Oakland Strike Assembly meeting at 5 in front of Oakland City Hall or email


 @OccupyPhoenix just passed a note over to the folks at @OccupyOakland endorsing the General Strike and their work to end police violence in Oakland.

The people united—will never be defeated!!!

October 29th:

Oakland’s Teachers Union has UNANIMOUSLY endorsed the Oakland General Strike on Nov 2!!!

Let’s make history!

@OccupyOregon now endorses the General Strike.

Let’s make history.

And a 2nd General Strike poster:

@OccupyPasadena California supports the General Strike as more and more cities sign on!!

The Carpenters Union Local has joined in the General Strike

@OccupyOrangeCounty  @OccupyOC has joined the Gerneral Strike

@OccupySeattle joins in the November 2nd General Strike and stands in solidarity with @OccupyNashville in the 4th straight night of heavy police action

@OccupyMills College joins the General Strike team!

SEIU 1021 , the biggest union in Oakland has voted to join the General Strike

@OccupyMilwaukee supports the student walkout as part of the General Strike

October 31st:

A Happy Halloween Epic banner drop over I-580  near Oakland—STRIKE!

@OccupyHouston joins the General Strike partnership.

The October 26th General Assembly in Oakland called for the Nov 2 General Strike!!

In Oakland on Nov 2:  at 2:00pm gather together at the Intersection of Broadway and Telegraph for an “Anti-Capitalist March“.

Don’t Miss it!!!

@OccupyOakland and the City of Oakland both prepare for the General Strike.

“Anti-Wall Street demonstrators and Oakland city officials on Monday were preparing for a midweek strike by protesters that would include a possible shutdown of the Port of Oakland, the fifth busiest shipping container port in the U.S….

…According to its website, the local Service Employees International Union is encouraging members to seek time off work to stand in support of Occupy Oakland….

…The Port of Oakland was where more than 40 people were injured after police used less-lethal ammunition on crowds of anti-war protesters in 2003. Oakland officials later adopted new crowd control rules defining when and what types of less than lethal ammunition can be used.

Late Monday, Oakland city officials released a bulletin advising businesses and merchants that police will be on hand Wednesday in case demonstrations become unlawful.”
More at the link above.

Oakland Elementary School has joined in supporting the GeneralStrike.

“The staff at Bridges Academy at Melrose sent a bilingual flier home to families, inviting them to join them in Wednesday’s general strike in support of Occupy Oakland — and informing them that teachers would not be in their classrooms that day.”

I salute the staff and the children at Bridges Academy.  More at the link.

Where will you say you were on November 2nd?  On the sofa…or in the streets?  Fighting for your rights!!!

October 31st:

General Strike newspaper

PCBOAKLAND Pacific Coast Brewing will be closed on November 2nd in solidarity with @OccupyOakland and the @USGeneralStrike   U.S. General Strike

November 2nd:

A lot of action nationwide today and especialy in Oakland.

Police and protestors clash in Oakland.

About 5 pm PT Oakland protestors shut down the Oakland Port, the 5th busiest port in the U.S.A.  There was no ship movement and no materials movement iu or out of the port of Oakland.

“Police and protesters supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement have clashed downtown following a day of peaceful protests throughout Oakland.”

The marches and demonstrations in @OccupyOakland were nonviolent all day including the shutdown of the busy port.

However, after these actions things did turn violent downtown .  And, although police still deny using such devices last week in Oakland, tear gas canisters and “flash-bang” grenades were once again fired in Oakland by either the Oakland PD, Alameda Sheriff’s Department or support staff from other police or Sheriff’s departments called in by the Oakland PD to help protect the Oakland citizens.

1 am in Oakland Pacific Time on Oct. 3rd about @OccupyOakland.  Many photos at the link.

They are shared by @OccupyPhoenix  Thank you!!

The scene is best described as post-apocalyptic dystopia with a drum circle: 

from @JoshuaHol, Joshua Holland.  Thanks!

@USGeneralStrike states “The police in Oakland are shooting the homeless with rubber bullets and tear gas ”

If you want to focus on one stream on Twitter about @OccupyOakland that would be my choice tonight folks.

U-Stream on Oakland raid tonight is HERE

Police are using bean bags, tear gas grenades and rubber bullets in this action as seen on the U-Stream.

They have drained their Droid-X battery and arew requesting that anyone that has Droid-X battery(s) to donate or loan—please bring them down to @OccupyOakland.  You would be much appreciated for the assist.

“Oscar Grant Plaza looks like a Warzone. Tear Gas, Flash Bangs, the typical Oakland Cocktail. Watch @OakFoSho

The @GlobalRevolution LiveStream is HERE and taken the place of the U-Stream above.

Announcements being made by police on Broadway and 15th.  Declared an “unlawful assembly”  Chemical agents will be used.

“Fear of camp raid 2nite. Raheim Brown Community Center was reclaimed by occupiers and then retaken by police with tear gas and bullets.”   from @OccupyOakland at 1:50 pm PT


In case you are wonderingThere are thousands of protestors at the Port of Oakland THIS minute!!

The Port of Oakland has been SHUT DOWN and will continue to be SHUT DOWN.

Police are attacking at 15th & Broadway in Oakland Califrornia RIGHT NOW:  2:05 am PDT on October 3rd.

U-Stream is about to cut out, still need a Droid X battery if you have one.

Another stream is HERE with @anonmedics

November 6th:

@OccupyOakland  Oakland the days b4 and the days after the U.S. General Strike: 

Man, how successful these people were.  The people of Oakland have had their asses kicked for years, but they just keep coming back.  And this time….they showed the world!!!

At the link you find a personal account that the writer gives to us about what he saw and experienced during those days before and after the General Strike.

What an excellent account we are provided with.  Make sure you take a few minutes to read this.

And HERE is an annonymously edited 15 minute video of different portions of the General Strike including the Occupation of the Port of Oakland.  Yes, I will say it again:  this is the Fifth busiest port in the entire U.S.A.



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