Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez: November 12th

Here we go again folks.

Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez

I love Heavyhweight boxing myself.  See my post about the Top 10 Heavyweight Bouts during my lifetime.

But I have enjoyed quite a few lower weight-class boxers, especially these two fighters.

They ave had two very good bouts and their 3rd fight shoud be just a good.

And then we had the recent Mayweather vs Ortiz.  What a strange bout that was.

Read my post after the fight HERE.

And my thoughts before that bout are HERE.

If Pacquiao loses this weekend, getting Mayweather to fight him will be difficult.

First bout:          a tie

Second bout:     a win for Pacquiao

You could tip the card in either direction for both fights as far as I am concerned.

The difference?  I think the difference in both fights were the knockdowns by Pacquiao.  He knocked Juan Manuel down hard in both fights.  I really thought the first fight was over & done with after 3 knockdowns in the first round.

How did Marquesz make it back in that fight?  Hell if I know.

And Manny’s win in the 2nd fight, I just don’t know.  I had Marquez ahead but it was so tight—-again.  And with the knockdown I can see giving it to Pacquiao.

So now here we are again.  Will it be the same kind of bout?  Do both fighters have it in them again?

November 12th:

What is it between these two very good boxers?  This was another strange fight, very even—flip a coin.

Pacquiao wins a narrow decision over Marquez.  Marquez supoporters will say (again) that Juan Manuel should have won.  And with one bout a tie (??), PacMan is 2-0-1 in this Trilogy but he could easily have been 0-3 and title-less.

Most of the crowd felt Marquez won the fight and Marquez and his camp certainly felt he was robbed once again.

In a bruising battle against a counterpuncher who was both accurate and fast, Pacquiao needed the final round on two scorecards to pull out the win. He got it, even though a third judge scored the round in favor of Marquez.

As boos – and cans and bottles – rang down on the ring, Pacquiao celebrated another victory and another huge payday.

“My fans are very happy because they thought I won,” Pacquiao said.

“My fans” Pacquiao said, not “boxing fans”.

I am disappointed and scored the fight as a Marquez win.  Close, very close.

Don’t be a counter puncher in against a world-wide sensation.  you have to take control of the fight.

Actually Marquez surprised everyone and he DID take control.  That is why I had Marquez down as the winner here.

Marquez punished Pac and kept him at bay all thru the fight.  Marquez by 2 points like 114-112.

November 14th:

Good job here of breaking down the unofficial scorecard of HBO judge Howard Lederer with a focus on “effective aggressor”.

Yes, the author(from the excellent boxing media Bad Left Hook,  did judge his own card as 116-112 Marquez.  But he does a very fair and valid effort reviewing the HBO judge’s card.

We’re told so frequently by Lederman about the criteria for judging fights: namely, effective aggression; defence; clean, hard punching; and, the ever-elusive ring generalship. Indeed, these are the principles upon which Lederman based his 116-112 scorecard for Pacquiao. However, looking at what each category really means, I find it particularly hard to see how his arguments were truly applicable to this fight…

…Taken from the Compubox website, I’d like to cite these statistics: “Since meeting Marquez (in 2008), Pacquiao averaged 79.2 punches per round, of which he landed 34 percent. That percentage was a mixed bag, for while his jab remains inaccurate (4.0 of 30.9, 13.1 percent), his power punching more than made up for it (22.9 of 48.3, 47.5 percent).” Fights which occur at Pacquiao’s speed see him throwing upwards of 950 punches. On Saturday night, he was limited to 560 over the entire fight.”

Read the article at the link above.  Regardless of who you think won this fight the article is well worth a read.


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