Rich People vs Poor People

Social Security Card


Rich   People

Poor   People

For every $1 that a rich person donates, the rich person claims $2 in tax exemptions.Have enough money to retire on.  Early.  And never worry.Go on vacations.

Just 6 members of the family that founded WalMart have more money than the bottom 30% of Americans

Have an oven in their kitchen

CEO makes it in one year


Companies pay MORE to CEOs in salary


25% of America’s children live inpoverty.Look at 4 kids.Will always worry that society will reduce their only “retirement” fund, Social Security.

Vacate their office.Look for their stake so they can catch dinner.

Have to shop at WalMart.

Have a microwave oven.

Average man & woman makes it in 3,489 years.                Answer? One year CEO salary

Than companies pay in taxes


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