Occupy The West Coast Ports—December 12, 2011

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The Port Cities of the West Coast of  North America have called for a coordinated blockade and Occupations of the ports and the Occupied cities of:

@OccupyVancover  British Columbia  Canada  Website

@OccupySeattle  Washington   Website

@OPDX  Occupy Portland Oregon   Website

@OccupyOakland  California   No Website

@OccupyLA  Los Angeles, California   Website

@OccupySD  San Diego, California   Website

The blockade is in solidarity with the ILWU local in Longview, WA, which is fighting a move by giant grain and shipping companies to bust the union, so they can have cheaper labor.


All of these West Coast Port Cities have come together and will participate in a coordinated effort and shut down the ports in each and every city on the West Coast of North Americas on December 12th, as:

@OccupyThePort  aka:  WC Port Shut Down   Website

Tonight  (November 28th) Seattle and Vancouver join 5 other west coast cities in shutting down ports all along the West Coast on December 12th.  With this addition it means that every west coast occupation in a city with a port is now participating in the port blockade.  Together we (are) unstoppable.


Clarification on Nature of Call for West Coast Port Blockade

(from the WC Port Shut Down website above):

so that there is no confusion on intent and support for this significant action.

1. The port blockade is being called for by the west coast Occupy movements

2. The blockade is in solidarity with the ILWU local in Longview, WA, which is fighting a move by giant grain and shipping companies to bust the union, so they can have cheaper labor. The port action is also to support LA port truckers’ drive for union recognition at SSA, a port terminal operator – 51% owned by Goldman Sachs. The blockade is also intended to disrupt the profits of the 1% by showing solidarity with those in the 99% who are under direct attack by corporate tyranny – exerting the collective muscle of the west coast occupies.

3. The ILWU rank and file have historically honored community picket lines in the port — for example they refused to cross community picket lines to unload cargo from apartheid South Africa. They refused to cross picket lines at an Israeli ship protesting the Israeli blockade of Palestinians in Gaza.

4. The ILWU did not call for the November 2 general strike in Oakland, either. However, they did not cross the picket lines, set up by tens of thousands of people, including labor, community and student groups, at the Oakland ports. They have a history of honoring such picket lines.

5. The fact that the ILWU Coast Committee cautioned its members that if a similar situation develops on Dec. 12, longshoremen should stand by (our emphasis) in a safe area and await a decision by employers to call for an arbitrator. This is similar to past situations where ILWU members have honored community picket lines. It allows the ILWU a legal out, not to cross the lines, if the picket lines are large enough to pose a threat to their safety, as interpreted by the arbitrator.

6. ILWU Local 21, Longview, Washington, was strongly heartened and encouraged by the overwhelming support shown for them by the historic November 2 port shutdown in Oakland. Their local president spoke at Oakland Occupy’s rally last Saturday, thanking us for our support. He and other ILWU rank and file members marched with us that day.

December 2:

@OccupyMedford Oregon provides a press release

“Support Grows For West Coast Port Shutdown”

“We’re shutting down these ports because of the union busting and attacks on the  working class by the 1%: the firing of Port truckers organizing at SSA terminals  in LA; the attempt to rupture ILWU  union jurisdiction in Longview, WA by EGT.  EGT  includes Bunge LTD, a company which reported 2.5 billion dollars in profit last  year and has economically devastated poor people in Argentina and Brazil. SSA is  responsible for inhumane working conditions and gross exploitation of port  truckers and is owned by Goldman Sachs. EGT and Goldman Sachs  is Wallstreet on the Waterfront” stated Barucha Peller of the West Coast Port  Blockade Assembly of Occupy Oakland.”

Read more at the link above.

December 9th:

Military Veterans join the West Coast port shutown on December 12th.

OAKLAND/SAN FRANSISCO (December 9, 2011)—On December 12th, the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) Bay Area Chapter will march with the 99% as Occupy movements along the West Coast stage mass mobilizations to shutdown the hubs of commerce owned by the 1%.”

We thank you for your proud service.

Scott Olsen will march in the City of Oakland once again, the city he was cfritically injured in last month by a police projectile.  As of today it appears no officer has been disciplined for Olsen’s injuries suffered for merely demonstrating.

Olsen will demonstrate again.

December 11th:

The Oakland Education Association endorses the West Coast Port shutdown!!  Read the Press Release at the link.

More of Hawaii is now standing in solidarity with the Port shutdown as well.

Hilo, Waimea, Kona and Maui have now joined Hawaii’s call for solidarity with the West Coast Port shutdown.

The Tokyo General Union issues a full support of the December 12th West Coast Port shutdown at the link.

“22Tokyo General Union supports the upcoming West Coast Port Shutdown and the Occupy Movement.  We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters taking such a courageous action to end this system that brings untold riches to the 1% at the expense of the 99%”


Unionists Speak Out to support the December 12th West Coast Ports shutdown:

Watch the video at the link or below.  “Trade unionists and community activists held a press conference at the Port of Oakland on the call by the Occupy movement of all west coast ports on December 12, 2011. Speakers included trade unionists from the Oakland Education Association, National Postal Mail Handlers Workers LIUNA local 302 and ILWU Local 10 rank and file leader Clarence Thomas.”

In Oakland on December 12th:

In Oakland, The West Coast Port shutdown begins with a march from The West Oakland BART station at

  • 5:30am March to the Oakland/Alameda Port from West Oakland BART-
  • 12pm Rally @ 14th + Broadway-
  • 1:45 Angela Davis and Barbara Beckel

December 12th:

Early morning the (CHP) California Highway Patrol gets ready for a long day.

December 12, 2011   Remember This Date:

The Oakland Port was SHUT DOWN!

The West Coast Ports Were SHUT DOWN!

Recap of morning and early afternoon in Oakland California:

The crowd of more than 1,500 people moved quickly down the wide street to the port, with police cars leading the charge. As we arrived to the port, organizers began calling for 45-50 people to take over each terminal. Accordingly, a group would break off to seal an entrance as the rest surged onwardBy 10 a.m., Occupy Oakland organizer Boots Riley had declared a “major victory” explaining that “effectively the Port of Oakland was shutdown.” He said people could go home, but called on everyone to rally to Oscar Grant Plaza at 3 p.m. for a march to shutdown the evening shift at the port. ”




  1. Thank you. Excellent release. I added the release, a link and the poster.


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