Sacto MoFo III, Food Trucks — Sacramento December 3, 2011

The Sacto MoFo III kicked off, offering fun and food during some windy December days in Sacramento.

What is MoFo?  The Sacramento Food Truck event with tons of food trucks serving different food from all cultures.

December 3rd:

The Sacto MoFo.  Click the link and work through the 67 great photographs of all the people having fun at the Holiday MoFo.  There’s some cute chicks….and some good food, happy children and great times had by all

Under a downtown freeway on 8th & W Streets a “hungry throng flocks to capital food truck event“.  The link takes you to a Sacramento Bee newspaper article about the event.

It was the second large-scale food truck event in Sacramento this year.

The first took place at Fremont Park in April, when a throng of nearly 9,000 caught  food truck operators unprepared for the large demand. Food-line gridlock ensued,  and some food trucks ran out of food with lines still looming.

That result was avoided Saturday. Despite long waits at some trucks, lines  moved steadily and the public’s demeanor remained light.”

Earlier this year Sacramento finished two of our food trucks in the Food Channel‘s nationwide balloting of the very best food served from mobile catering trucks.  Most came from bigger cities, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York City

But two, Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen and MiniBurger Truck led the way for a lot of other Sacramento area hopefuls.

And now, with the great MoFo, Sacramento showed not only how good our food tuck food is, but how popular the trucks and cooks are with the public.

The spot under the freeway hosts a very large successful Farmer’s Market each Sunday.


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