Roger Goldammer: Motorcycle Builder

Roger Goldammer, Motorcycle Builder.

I’m not sure what happened to Goldammer.  From 2004 thru 2008 Goldammer lived at the very top of the motorcycle builders world.

He won three World Championships in a row.

He set world speed records on Bonneville riding his own creations.

Goldammer was known for his “futuristic” creations meaning that no one else was building bikes that could compete with his.

Goldammer’s Biker Build-off creation went up against the infamous Matt Hotch.  He won the speed contest and took home the trophy.

I really liked his bikes which showed the strength of influence from early boardtrack racers.

This gallery of pics off Goldammer’s bikes includes my favorite—“Trouble”, which won the 2005 builder-judged AMD Bike Show.

Goldammer’s bikes won nearly every type of trophy and championship possible.

How many builders win design contests, futuristic designs, builder judged Build-offs”, television build-offs, Las Vegas and AMD Bike Fest Championships, set Bonneville land-speed records…and on and on.


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