Old Florin Town: A Look At South Sacramento History

Old Town Florin is a very important area in Sacramento’s history.

For a long time I worked for the County of Sacramento.  I am now retired but at one point I opened a large County office at 24th and Florin.

We were very involved in supporting the communities and neighborhoods in the area including Old Florin Town as it is known by the residents.

The area was once the largest strawberry growing farmland in the country.  It was known for growing the largest and sweetest strawberries anywhere.  And since I love strawberries and Sacramento it is a natural post for me.

Sacramento Press recently published A Look At Historic Old Florin Town.  You can read their article at this link.

Plus make sure to look at the great photos they have of the communities churches, stores and homes, many of which were built in the 1850’s and are preserved and still in use today.

It’s great seeing that some of our older sites have folks providing support to keep them up as Sacramento continues to expand and gobble up our historical sites daily.

We (modern man) have little respect for our own history and many politicians seem almost anxious to demolish old sites and buildings for some small (actually, sometimes large) monetary contributions.  That is not a new challenge, I am sure it has gone on for centuries.  I just don’t like it much.

Only 10 miles from downtown is an area used to be known as the strawberry capital of the world: the Old Florin Town District, according to its locals. The ongoing revitalization efforts in the area shows acknowledgment of its historic past.”

One of the two district gateways:

One of the historical sites, now the Sacramento Kendo Dojo:

I remember as a kid going out to Florin and buying fruit and corn from the produce and fruit stands that dotted the area, and when I grew a bit older I went to the Annual Buddhist Bazaar at the Buddhist Church of Florin, established in 1919.  The Japanese were the primary strawberry growers when I was growing up and later the Vietnamese and Hmong residents continued to grow strawberries but most farmed further south as development encroached on the Florin district. My mother went out to one of the churches and looked forward to the yearly Christmas craft fair that she and some of her friends attended, coming home with armfuls of goodies!!

Make sure to check out the link at the start of this post and read the @sacramentopress article with the great photos and the video.


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