3rd Annual Capitol City Car Show Parade Festival

February is the month.  Sacramento will host the 3rd Annual Capitol City Car Show Parade Festival

When:      Saturday February 18, 2012

Time:       11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Where:     2427 Marconi Ave, Parking Lot

Mardi Gras Evening Ball 7:00 pm to 11: 30 pm *

Featuring Royal Brass Band,
& Dancers from New Orleans and Old School DJ

Car contest registration:  $20  trophies

Retail or information vendor:  $100 plus $40 insurance

Food Vendor with Permit $175.00, plus $50.00 for insurance

Kids Jump House, Cotton Candy, Sno-Cones, King Cakes, Po-boys, Jambalaya, Beignets and more!

Raffles and Silent Auction   Benefits Children , Families and Individuals that have become Homeless

For Sponsorship Ads, Entertainment , Vendors, Car Registration & Tickets Contact: 916-576-9679 or malachishomes@yahoo.com

Register at 2427 Marconi Ave #101, 95821, across from Metro & Little Caesar’s

Malachis Homes Center International Ministry

Early Bird Special: Register by December 31, 2011 and receive a 1 Free Admission to the Mardi Gras Ball 2012

Regular Ticket for Ball is $20.00 includes Food & 1 Drink

Enter to be the Mardi Gras King and Queen 2012, Sponsorship required

Email for Vendors, Car Registration and Sponsorship at malachishomes@yahoo.com



  1. My husband and I have 2 classic Cougars. A 1967 black cat which was a CA car – no rust and and 1970 Cougar XR7 convertible an east coast car – aka rust bucket. It took us 3 years to restore – new floor pans, trunk, quarter panel etc.
    Wish we were on the west coast, would love to go the the show.

    • Wow that’s a lot of work you folks put into it. 3 years is a long time but now you have a great car. Wish you were out here too so I could see them.

      When I bought my current car I got rid of all of my others….well it took me a couple years ut I did.

      And I like the new one (a CTS), it has some character for a new ride bbut not like a 67 cougar. That is character.

    • Everytime I look at your site I find more to enjoy.

      I went to college with expectations of acting, which I did. But I also became intrigued by lighting design and eventually directing. My Uncle was a lighting designer for some theaters in San Francisco and later did industrial light design lighting a downtown refurbishment in Kansas ity, street lights in a mall and such. So actually I got hooked when I visited him one summer when I was about 12.

      Eventually I moved on to work that could pay the bills. Yep.

      I retired when I was 52 and took a position as Director of a non-profit focused on kids and families, mostly public policy stuff. Not lighting for sure, but my directing skills always served me well.

      I retired a 2nd time at 55 after my mom had a stroke. And then I started having a string of medical misadventures of my own. So I have stayed retired.

      I definitely miss the theater and lighting. You can do such amazing things. I am sure computers have taken over much of it. We used a computerized system with big “cards” that were kind of like mini mixer boards. But computers in theater applications was just starting, I can’t imagine what the lighting booth in a major theater must be like now.

      Thank you again for sharing your stories.

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