Parade in Sacramento’s Little Saigon on February 4, 2012

On Saturday, February 4, 2012 Sacramento will host a parade through Little Saigon.

The parade will run from Fruitridge Road to Florin along Stockton Boulevard and will have floats, music, drum lines and more as the Chinese Year of the Dragon kicks off in Little Saigon.

A map of the parade area is here with a story.

The area is a vibrant flourishing community made up of dozens of Vietnamese, Hmong and Chinese businesses.

The Sacramento City Council voted to support the name “Little Saigon” for the are in 2010.

“…(the)  City Council meeting featured dancing, cheering and even crying. The excitement anticipated the City Council’s unanimous vote for the area on Stockton Boulevard between between Riza Avenue and Fruitridge Road to be named Little Saigon.”  A video of the Council meeting is here.

A video of the 2010 opening can be seen here.

What is in the community?  Well they have a Facebook page where you can find a ton of stuff.  Celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

Little Saigon Plaza  a BIG place with a lot of shops.  Here is a floorplan.

Saigon Restaurant

February 4th:

Great front page Sacramento Bee article about the parade today.

The parade is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. and will run through the heart of Little Saigon, along the Stockton Boulevard business corridor from Fruitridge Road to Florin Road.

…At the New Asia Supermarket, the aisles are stocked with staples of both the American and Vietnamese cultures. The pharmacy carries Eagle Oil, a popular remedy for sore muscles, and jars of dried sea cucumber and scallops line the shelves. Next to a butcher serving all cuts of meat are tanks of live sturgeon, blue crabs and frogs.

“If you want to serve the Vietnamese community in Sacramento, you have to be here now,” said Mimi Trinh, whose Golden Best insurance agency has been open two years. “This has become the main street of the Vietnamese community.”

A great parade!!  Did you miss it?  Read about it and check out some photos of a previous Little Saigon parade here.


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