Group Picks Fruit And Gives It To Food Banks

English: Fruit stall in a market in Barcelona,...

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Do you have fruit trees on your property?  Do you have more fruit than you can pick?  Or do you just need help?

Do you want to share your bounty with those in need?

Village Harvest is a non-profit out of Davis, California.  The organization harvests fruit trees in people’s yards, picking fruit that would otherwise rot on the ground and go to waste or helping homeowners that just cannot pick the fruit due to injury, illness, age and would like to see the fruit go to people that may otherwise go to bed hungry.

The fruit is donated to food banks and goes to feed local individuals and families.

Interested?  Contact Village Harvest.


Joe & Linda Schwarz               530-759-9792

Greg & Pam Gibbs                   530-758-6797


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