Soda–What Some People Drink And The Devil High Fructose Corn Syrup

I don’t drink much soda any more.  And I hate High Fructose Corn Syrup in drinks.  I appreciate real cane sugar.

A few years ago I got turned on to Coke Zero when I was having some intestinal issues.  It helped me burp basically.  But I found I like the taste and since it is zero sugar and zero calories and everything else….

But the thing is it has to be freezing cold or it tastes like shit.  I wonder why???

Anyway, some friends came over one afternoon and their kid asked for 7 UP.  Didn’t have any.  Never really liked it.  Then they turned me on to Sierra Mist, a PepsiCo product.

So I liked the diet version even though I really never like diet drinks, except the Zero I guess.  The point is I did not like the full-blown version of Sierra Mist.  No flavor.

Another friend told me it’s because my taste buds don’t like High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).  I already knew I don’t like the whole idea of the shit and how it took over the sugar industry in the U.S.  Sure, it helped corn growers but there are other issues.

Plus I sincerely believe it is bad  B A D bad for you.

So now I figure I have to go to one of the old-school soda places.  And check out some of the favorites from my youth that they make complete with real Cane Sugar instead of HFCS.

As a kid I was a fiend for Nehi Grape soda, RC (Royal Crown) soda and Bubble Up lemon lime soda.

Not the usual Coke/Pepsi/7UP guy, for sure.

I always liked a good root beer too.  Still do, just don’t find very many.

I guess I have to track down the old Nehi, RC, Frostie Root Beer and Bubble UP.  See if it still satisfies me or if I have just outgrown soda, which is what I think has happened.

I just wish I had saved the old glass bottles.  And I wish I had bought the old Coke machine that lived in the corner grocery store.  It was a beast holding freezing cold water.

You had to reach you hand in there… halfway up to your elbow.  Chilly Willy!  Then grab your favorite bottle and manuever it along some tubing to get it to the one area that allowed you to pull it out.  Assuming you had put your money in.

Then you stick the bottle in the bottle opener and pop it open.  We would sit on the Coke machine and drink the soda.  We never got many, couldn’t afford them.  But once a week or so mom would surprise us with some change so we could buy a bottle.

And the grocer always let us pull the tops out of the hopper on the Coke machine.  We saved them.  Collected them.  Traded them.  They were like money for us!!

Oh, to be a kid again…

What makes a good soda?

From the title you can see I don’t want any of that Devil High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I do believe it’s the Devil.  I think it is related to the surge in diabetes, obesity and significant weight problems, kids with attention deficit shit, things like that…you know, things we blame the Devil for.

Sugar is not so bad for you in moderate amounts.

So, for me a good soda has natural cane sugar.  And a good amount of fizziness.  It can’t run out of fizz halfway thru the drink.  But it can’t have so much that you can’t pour the crap without it overflowing in the glass.

These guys have reviews of a lot of cane sugar colas.  I guess they have root beer pages too.

You can also get some of your favorites (Coke, Pepsi etc) made with cane sugar recipies.  Many are imported to the U.S.

Some natural sodas, using honey and guava juice for sweetners, are ok.  But the flavors just don’t make it to the “soda” realm to me.  They are fizzy juice drinks.  Some are very good.  But they are fruit, not cola or root beer or lemon-lime.

Like these great French lemonades.  They call them “sodas” but they are just fizzy lemonade.  Good though!

And don’t call it pop.  You sound stupid.  Yeh, I know it’s a regional thing and you grew up calling soda “pop”.

But now you are a grown-up.  And calling it pop makes you sound like you are 11 years old….. with pimples.  Grow up.

Or if you want to call it pop, ok.  Just don’t live in California.  We have laws against that.

February 22nd:

Today I tried Virgil’s Micro-Brewed Root Beer.  Seems at least a tad pretentious to call root beer “micro-brewed”.  A tad, indeed!

The root beer was ok.  Had a good taste and not overly sweet because it does not have HFCS in it.  But it didn’t taste like root beer.  At least not to my palate.

Try it, just don’t expect a traditional root beer.  I have to get some vanilla ice cream and try some as a root beer float.  Maybe it will improve my view of Virgil’s.

February 24th:

Today I received a few bottles of sodas from my youth (talking late 50s and 60s).

  • Nehi Grape soda
  • RC (Royal Crown) Cola
  • Frostie Root Beer

These are all made with cane sugar, not HFCS (thank god).

The Nehi Grape certainly brought back memories.  Glad I only bout a few bottles.  Just not something I could drink on a regular basis.

I only sipped the RC.  When I was a kid this was my favorite drink!  And I remembered the taste as soon as I opened the bottle.  It is a lot different than Coke and even Pepsi.

I made a Root Beer float with the Frostie’s.  Good!!

Now I am done with soda for a while I think.  Tomorrow I will maybe finish the bottle of RC.

I will try to palm ome off on my sister.

I found a 1950’s Coca-Cola Picnic Cooler on eBay (actually a lot of them), scratched and a little dinged.  It looks like it is all there with the metal insert and handles, and it it’s original cardboard box.

I think if I get it cleaned up and repainted I could make a few bucks on it.  I need to find someone local that can restore these things.  I may just keep it for summer BBQs.

April 20th:

I didn’t win the Pepsi cooler.  I shouda bid more some jerk sniped me out of it.

I did uy some more Nehi Grape.  I found that if I sip it, maybe half a bottle, I like it.  Does remind me of being a kid.

And I really like the Frostie Root Beer.  Way better than that Virgil’s.  Judt didn’t like that.  Frostie is still the best Root Beer out there,  and pour some over a glass of vanilla ice cream scoops.  Excellent.

Didn’t buy anymore RC tho.  And it was my favorite as a kid.  Now I will stick to Coke Zero….ice cold Coke Zero over ice.  So double ice cold, or it tastes like crap.

Still looking for some Bubble Up with real sugar.  And a decent shipping price.  I ain’t paying fifty bucks to ship it.

October 19, 2012:

So what about Diet Soda thenCertainly it helps you lose weight and keeps sugar from passing your lips?

Sorry, for sure diet drinks can lead to obesity maybe even quicker than a lot of sugar can.

Check the aticle out at the link above about the seven bad things diet soda does to you.  Seven!!!  And we thought it was just increased cancer risk??



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