The 44th Annual Bockbierfest At Sacramento’s Turn Verein

Looking for the Octoberfest in October?  It’s here.  Otherwise read on…

Get ready for Sacramento’s 44th Annual Bockbierfest at the historic Turn Verein.

Bockbier dates back at least as far as the mid-1200’s in Germany.

Bockbiers were primarily strong brews produced in the winter for summer drinking.  By 1380 there were some 600 breweries producing Bockbier in the German town that started it all.

Bockbiers come in many styles which include the traditional dark known as Dunkelsbock, a Hellesbock which is a pale beer; Maibock, May bock; Weizenbock, wheat bock; and Doppelbock or double bock which is a completely different beer.

All Bockbiers fall under the Reinheitsgebot, the German purity law established in 1516 by Dukes Willhelm IV and Ludwig X of Bavaria. This established that beer may be made of only water, malt and hops. Little was known of yeast back then so it was not included in the regulations.

Bockbiers generally have a malty character with a caramel and roasted flavor that finishes slightly sweet. Hellesbocks are light in color with a dry finish, almost like a pilsner Maibocks are somewhat darker and have a definite hops taste. Although it is a style on its own, Weizenbock is basically a wheat beer brewed to the strength of a Bockbier.”

When:            Friday & Saturday, April 13th & 14th, 2012

Where:           The Turn Verein Turner Hall, 3349 J Street

                        Sacramento, California

Dance music provided by the Gruber Family Band in the Main Hall.

German folk dance presentations by Alpentanzer Schuhplatter

Festhall dance music by AKA-Live

Open at 6 pm on Friday and 3 pm on Saturday.


Adults $20

Children (12 and under) $5

Dancing from 7pm to 11 pm both nights

German food, Bockbier, Biergarten, Wine, Champagne and Kaffehaus

And check out the Turn Verein history!



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