The Sacramento A’s

The Sacramento A’s.  The Major League Baseball (MLB) dream.

Does Sacramento still dream of being the future home of the MLB Oakland A’s?
It was true when I was in my 20s and is true now.
I still have my T-shirts.
The Sacramento Raiders and The Sacramento A’s.
Back in that old-time capsule I really believed it would happen.  I’m not a big baseball fan.  Haven’t been since the old Dodger days of the late 1950s thru late 1960s.  Brooklyn and Los Angeles.  Especially Sandy Koufax.
When the A’s farm team the Sacramento River Cats, opened the stadium in West Sacramento and has continued to win big almost every single year that they have been here that dream rekindled.
Put a MLB team in Sacramento and I would guarantee we would have a NFL team in less than 10 years.  Maybe 5.
And where else could the A’s go?  realistically??   They still want to land in San Jose but the Giants won’t let that happen.  And the Giant have history in the Bay area.  And clout in the State Capitol.  And the Giants have a fan base in the Bay that includes south to San Jose.  And the Giants sell out.  That mean they generate revenue that the other teams share.
Right now the A’s generate nothing.
So assume MLB blocks the A’s from relocating to San Jose.  Where do they go?
And April thru October?  Sacramento has perfect baseball weather.  A good fan base.  If folks thought the King fans were rabid and supportive…meet the Sacramento baseball fans.
And meet…the Sacramento A’s!


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