The Undy 5000

Sacramento hosted the fabulous Undy 5000.  A walk/run event to promote colon-cancer awareness has participants compete in their undies—over their clothes on a day that started quite chilly and turned out quite pleaant.

“There is no shortage of comic potential when someone runs around with their underwear worn outside their clothing.

On Saturday, in Land Park, many people did just that, in a lighthearted pursuit tinged with a ribbon of less-than-comic urgency – the Undy 5000, a 5-kilometer race/walk whose underlying goal is to shine a light on colon cancer.

This is the first year Sacramento has hosted the race which is offered in many cities.

Here is a list of the events that are planned in various cities.  Find yours and if your city does not yet have an Undy 5000…start one!

More than 550 runners participated in the 5K and accompanying 1 mile race.”

My mother survived colon cancer some 35 years ago.  Back in the dark ages of the diease.  I say a thank you to her surgeons every day.

Have your colonoscopy.  They aren’t bad just take a day or part of a day.

And it can save your life.

And the next time you hear there will be an Undy 5000…join in and compete!

Gentleman (and gentlewomen) start your undies!!!

Kayla Allen of Rocklin takes a photo of the “Pucker up” logo on the back of the underwear of friend and fellow  competitor Sandra Coyne of Seattle at Saturday’s Undy 5000 race/walk.


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