Public Workshop For New Sacramento Arena

The City of Sacramento is planning a workshop for the public focused on the new Sacramento Arena .

City staffers plan to discuss the proposed arena site in the downtown railyard,integrating the arena with the planned intermodal transit hub and linking the project to historic features of the railyard.”

When:            Thursday, April 12th

Time:              5:30 to 8 pm

Where:           First Floor of the Sacramento City Hall

915 I Street, downtown Sacramento

I haven’t called it the Kings arena because the Kings owners seem so unwilling to be part of the process.  I believe the Kings will be, but the owners will either be replaced (sell) or go into a lease agreement kicking, screaming and crying like little babies.


So what about the Maloof‘s??  Will they be at the workshop?


No.  The Maloof’s have been called to the NBA Board of Governors meeting where one of the topics of discussion will be the Maloofs refusal to pay their fair share of the arena pre-development costs.  David Stern came up with the money out of his own pocket.

Note:  Stern’s pocket contains money that all the other owners have given as their ‘Governor’ or owner dues, so it isn’t really Stern’s money.  It is the owners money.

So…to review:  The Sacramento owners refused to pay the pre-development costs.  Stern used money from the other owners to pay the bill.  The Maloof’s now have to meet with Stern and all the other owners to “discuss” this issue.

The City “public” (the fans, the non-fans and folks that just like City workshops) will be at a workshop about te arena tat the Maloof’s are trying to hide from.



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