California Telephone Program For Hard Of Hearing

This is the internationally recognized symbol ...

This is the internationally recognized symbol for accessibility (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you live in California there is a program that can provide you with a free telephone if you are hard of hearing or deaf.

They have special phones if you have problems seeing too.

The phones are made by a company called Clarity and you can buy them too if you are not in California or need/want more than one phone.

I got one corded phone through the program and just bought a set of sweet cordless phones.  Way better than the phones I had.

I have some limitations hearing and am damn near bblind so I appreciate the big buttons and the backlit buttons as well.  I can see!!!

You can print out an application from California Phones dot org  fill out your info (name, address, etc) and have your doc sign it and send it in.  They are real nice folks and will help you pick out the right kind of phone and best model for you.  A week or so you will have your new FREE phone!

You aren’t in California?  Or need extra phones or just want to pay your way?  Check out Clarity phones or any of the companies that sell them.  They have corded and cordless, many models.

You will appreciate the big buttons, back-lighting, lights when the phone rings, sound boost (can get really LOUD), remote-controlled speaker phones, digital answering machines and so much more.

No.  I don’t own stock in the ompany.  I just appreciate how their products help me and helped my mom when she was still with me.

If you need help check them out.  Phones for seniors or just for peeps like me that need some help to see and/or hear.  Excellent!

Independent reviews.


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