The 2012 Pacific Rim Festival in Sacramento

I love our Annual Pacific Rim Festival and suddenly it is time for the 2012 Fest!

When the Festival started 20 years ago it was basically Chinese and Japanese music, food and goodies for sale.  Now we have added Filipino, Vietnamese, Hmong, Laotian, Hawaiian, Samoan….and everyone in between!  More than 15 Asian Cultures are represented.

Food, music, art and culture.

What more could you ask for??  Oh, and the weather should be a picture perfect 85 degrees.

When:             Sunday, May 20th

What Time:    10am to 5pm

Where:           Old Sacramento along the river & the Westfeld Shopping Plaza downtown

HERE is a map of the different entertainment stages and who is where when

And look at all the 2012 vendors HERE–more than 100 this year

And the food, and Taiko Dan.

Look for food styles from the Philippines (Lumpia Hut), Chinese buns from the Chairman Truck, Hawaiian eats (Aloha Diner), and the Vietnamese food truck called HIYAA! Inc., and much more.

The easiest way to get to Old Sacramento is to park and take Light Rail downtown.  HERE are driving instructions and all the Rail info.

And of course, speaking of rail…while you are in Old Sacramento how can you pass up the State Railroad Museum and the start of the years train rides down the river to Miller Park?

Plus the Underground Tours below Old Sacramento, all the great restaurants.   All in Sacramento!

Plus you can walk across the Tower Bridge into West Sacramento and put in some time at the Brew Fest at Raley’s Field.

May 21st:

Did you go??  Well, here are 64 photos from SacBee photographers showing people who attended the 2012 Pacific Rim event having so much fun!!!


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