2012 Gorilla Challenge in Sacramento

The 2012 Sacramento Gorilla Challenge is scheduled for Saturday, September 22nd.

This is the 2nd Annual Gorilla Challenge in Sacramento.

Hundreds of teams squared off in August 2011 and had tons of fun as they worked their way thru the challenge.

Gorilla Challenge is a race that will test your power with hidden clues around town, put your body to the test with crazy obstacles, and give you a reason to be a Gorilla by supporting local charities.

Twitterize them @TweetingGorilla

We’re an Amazing Race/Fear Factor style event, quickly becoming the largest outdoor pursuit experience in the nation sending hundreds of Gorillas around their city looking for clues with excitement for a chance to win awesome prizes and compete in a zany costume contest. ”

Facebook   http://gorillachallenge.com/

So have a basic idea of what the Gorilla Challenge is?  Moosh Fear Factor with The Amazing Race.  Put together your team.  Your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors or a bunch of kooky strangers.

Put your costumes together.

Go to the website and sign your team up then get ready or even practice following clues from one spot to the next around Sacramento.

Sign up:             Sign your team up HERE

Questions?        Here are the answers

More info           Contact them here

Where else do they have this Gorilla crap?  All over!

Your team can win money for coming in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

And you can win more money for great costumes.

And even more money for leading the way in the Food Drive Challenge!!!

So have fun go bananas and win money too??  Wow!!

You have a few months so get your team together and start your planning NOW.


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