Chili Festival in Elk Grove June 9th!!!

Get your pots out!  And your aprons.

Or at least your spoons and forks!!

Elk Gove is sponsoring their Annual Chili Festival on Saturday.

When:             Saturday, June 9 2012

10am to 7pn

Where:            Old Town Elk Gove, California

What:              The Chili Festival along with booths for vendors and live entertainment on the main stage and spread through

the streets of Old Town Elk Grove!

10,000 people attend this festival each year, competing for prizes for the Best Chili and more.

Want to be a vendor??

Or be a volunteer??  The Chili Festival is a great Elk Grove community event and volunteers are always welcome!!!

Need a map or access information??  Well, go HERE  and find out how to get to the town of Elk Grove and to the chili festival.

I can smell the chili now and it is making me hungry I tell ya!!!

There will be at least 30 chili cookers competing in Old Town Elk Grove on Saturday June 9th for the title of Best Chili in this cook-off!!

It’s All About The Chili

Wh compete in the Chili Festival?  There’s a $10,000 Grand Prize out there!!

Ten Thousand Buck-a-roos buddy.  That ain’t nothing to sneeze at.  And this is the People’s Choice Awards

Watch out for the chili with those beautiful Scotch Bonnet chilis!  I love those things…..!  Every time I can find some I use them in m chili.  I make mine with cubed steak (sometimes ground beef) and no beans (well, sometimes beans)

Real man’s chili.  Meat.  And wicked.

Go to Elk Grove and compete.  Or be a taster.  Or just have fun and eat some chili.


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