Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

My new favorite television show features the Liberty Vintage motorcycle shop in Philadelphia.

The show is called Philly Throttle and it’s on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights.

Why do I like it?

It’s on the Discovery Channel and comes across fairly real. I still mostly eyeball Discovery, the History Channel, sports and news.  I like real shit and when a show purported to be real seems like it’s not (a few other motorcycle shows etc) they become my “unfavorites”

I don’t Facebook but here it is.


Check out Philly Throttle, you might like it.





There may not be much that you can do to help the victims of Sandy, but as this photograph shows even the smallest of things can become huge when shared with others who need it. Just a little power to charge your phone can become a lifesaver when needed.

Counting Cars, The New Show On The History Channel, Starring Danny Koker

English: Vector image of the Las Vegas sign. P...

English: Vector image of the Las Vegas sign. Português: Imagems vectorial da placa de Las Vegas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You get over girls faster than you get over cars.”

I don’t know why it took so long for the History Channel to give The Count, of Palm Stars fame, his own show…I just say thank you.  It’s about time for sure.  The star is Danny Koker…check him out.

I know I am not the only television watcher who has hoped this would happen, but now it has.

What:               Counting Cars, new show on the History Channel.  Check your local cable provider dudes.

When:               Starts Tuesday, August 14th, 2012.    10/9c

Where:              Like I said, on the History Channel

The Hollywood Reporter says Hell Yeh!  Well, maybe not quite…

They weren’t first at this.  And lately rival Discovery Channel brought out Fast N Loud with Gas Monkey Garage, which starts up in a couple of weeks too.  But for guys like me that eat, drink sleep and breath cars it really is about time for this one.

The Count has been well-known in Las Vegas for quite a while.

His family owned a local TV Station and he hosted his own show, which is where he got The Count moniker.  Count Cool Rider.  Very cool.

And of course his own Kustom car and motorcycle place, Count’s Kustoms in Vegas.  Putting out some of the best bent metal in the country.  Customizing cars and bikes and famous for both.  If you have a hot rod or hot bike and want to customize it, or if you dream about hot rods and hot bikes, you gotta make your starting destination the Count and his website here.

Even better….during your next trip to Vegas, take time away from the Casino and the Strip to venture out and explore some real Vegas sights like this shop.  You will enjoy it and might just spend some of that money you won at the crap table or in that poker tournament.

Then Palm Stars.

Then his own VAMP’D Bar & Grill, and of course continuing to sing and front his band along the way, Danny “Count” Koker just continues to shine.  Or, when you are in Vegas maybe you can catch him fronting his own Zito 77 band.  Check em out here

And the VAMPD website will give you all you need to know about the music, the food, the drinks, the hot chicks.  HERE

I know bro.  I still gotta make it back to Vegas and buy you a drink.

You’re on Twitter??  Follow Danny @DannyCountKoker

And get some new Ink from The Count’s Tattoo Company at the beautiful Rio Casino!  Still m favorite place to play poker even when the WSOP isn’t in town.  Twitter the Ink folks  @CountsTattoo and check em out in the Masquerade Village at the Rio.

Danny is a frigging business machine…..

How Bad Are The Owners Of The Sacramento Kings? Bad!!

Get this.  Marcos Breton is NOT the sports writer of the Sacramento Bee.  He just should be.

He understands the game and he certainly understands the Sacramento basketball team the Sacramento Kings.  And most important now he understands how bad the Kings owners, the Maloof family AKA: the MaGoofs, are for Sacramento.

Bretons article today is titled Sacramento stuck with the low-rent Maloofs  and unfortunately Breton is right.  He wrote an article about one of his visits to the Arena to attend a Kings game last season that was just so insightful it blew my mine.

In that article he made point after point showing how little the Maloofs cared for their current arena, while the rest of us were focused on the new arena.  He understood that the new arena would never be built….solely because of the Maloofs.  No one else understood this.

Now Breton show us why the Maloofs keep up ownership of the Kings.  A team they could easily sell.

“Some Bay Area media friends repeatedly ask me: Why don’t the Maloofs just sell the Kings?

My answer: What else would they do with themselves?

They lost the family liquor business. They lost the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. If you follow them on Twitter, you see them hawking super-cool iPhone cases and occasionally promoting little skateboarding events. None of the brothers is married or has children. The Kings are it for them.

So the California capital is stuck with these guys. The happy ending that Sacramento wanted for the Kings – in a downtown arena at the old railyard – is the polar opposite from the happy ending that the Maloofs want.

Their strategy has been clear for years: Wait for an obscene deal to fall into their laps where someone else pays for everything while they control all the profits.

The arena plan Mayor Kevin Johnson had devised, one the NBA fully approved, came with onerous conditions – such as the Maloofs putting money into the building and pledging collateral on their loans.

Oh boy! Those were fighting words for the Maloof boys!”

Again, my friend Breton is NOT a sports guy.  He is a very intelligent man who understands the Kings and the owners in ways the rest of us just don’t.

So why have I been hitting the Maloofs so hard for mismanaging the Kings as they see fit?

Because they are so unbelievably disingenuous. Because they don’t have the guts to simply say that Sacramento doesn’t work for them.

Instead, they carry on the charade of looking for a way to blame Sacramento as a reason for relocating the team.

Don’t listen to their words. Study their actions.”

He points out that the Maloofs continue to say that there was strong “local opposition” to the new arena.  And yet, as Breton explains, the group most strongly opposed could not get enough people to sign their petition to put the issue on the ballot!!
Read Breton here and gain some real insight into sports.  I salute you sir.

2012 Sacramento Music Festival

The Tower Bridge, built in 1935, a popular lan...

The Tower Bridge, built in 1935, a popular landmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 2012 Sacramento Music Festival is all brand-new and shiny like a new penny.

2011 was the last year of the Sacramento Jazz Festival & Jubilee.

This is the 39th Annual Festival in Sacramento.  The organizers are looking to get back on a track of growth for Festival attendees and music participants.

Attendance has been dropping the last few years and organizers and the city want to have more than 700,000 people attend this years Festival!

So what is in a name change??

Well for a music festival like the old Jaz Jubilee it signals a change in the styles of music and types of musical acts who will be showcased.

No longer is the focus on old-time traditional jubilee jazz.

Sure, that form of music will be heard.  It is traditional jazz after all and important to the development of that genre.

But this year it will be joined with reggae, American roots music, country, modern jazz, gospel and more.

The changes are key to broadening the types and numbers of music lovers who attend the four-day Music Festival.

When:             May 25th to 28th, 2012

The Festival begins at 10am each day with the last set starting at 10:30pm each day except

Monday when the last set is 2:30pm.

The Parade kicks off the Festival in Old Sacramento at 10am on Saturday May 26th

What:             Sacramento Jazz Festival

Where:           Sacramento, California

24 venues from Old Sacramento to the Sacramento Convention Center

Who:              Who will be playing at the 2012 Festival?

Acts including Johnny “Guitar” Knox, the Zydecats, Sista Monica Parker, Big Sandy & His Fly                   -Rite Boys, Jazz ‘N’ Samba, Mariachi Los Gasllos, 101st Army Dixieland Jazz Band  Uptown Lowdown   Buster Blue   Big Sam’s Funky Nation  Saint Gabriel’s Celestial Brass Band  and MORE here

Solo act Deadstring Brother makes Sacramento Music Fest debut

Prices:            You can buy adult passes, senior passes & youth passes for all four days or just for one day.

From $10 for a Senior pass on Memorial Day to $110 for a four-day Adult pass and everything in-

between.  Check out the prices and buy your tickets HERE  And you can ride shuttle buses to all

venues for just $5 for the entire weekend.  Kids 12 and under are free.

Food:  Besdes great restaurants in Old Sacramento and downtown a lot of favorite food vendors return to the festival this year including the number one seller grilled oysters, grilled sausages (the number two favorite), Cajun & Filipino food, Tri-tip, nuts & freshly picked cherries, root beer floats, Bloody Marys and more.

Schedule of events each day can be found HERE

Hotels:            For out of town visitors these hotel packages are excellent!

Do you need more information?  Check em out HERE

or Twitter    @SacMusicFest

or Facebook


The Festival kicked off in Old Sacramento this morning!

The opening came at 10 a.m., when Boy Scout Troop 107, from Citrus Heights, walked as honor guard onto a shortened Old Sacramento parade route this year.

The parade was moved from its traditional Friday noon time to accommodate more families, festival organizers said.”


2012 Summer Music Festival Seaon

The 2012 Summer Music Festival Season is almost upon us!!!

Are you ready?  Do you know where you will be going?  And who you will be listening to?? Do you even care this summer???

LOVE the summer music season…usually!  This year maybe not so much.

Summer outdoor music festivals offer plentiful listening opportunities, fresh air and a chance to catch up with festival-only friends.

You know, festival-only friends. They are like childhood summer camp friends, but with more facial hair.

The idea of being able to camp and share an experience, and a living environment – you end up creating these friendships that are very intense,” said Dan DeWayne, co-founder of the 16-year-old California WorldFest in Grass Valley. “You spend more time (with festival friends) than with your best friend.”

A festival friendship “is very leveling,” DeWayne added. “No one cares what you do with your outside life – what car you drive or what you do for a living.”

At festivals, musical affinity and/or discovering new acts matter more.”

Friday Night Concerts in Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento

English: The Sacramento skyline, as seen from ...

Image via Wikipedia

The lineup for the free Friday night concerts in Cesar Chavez Park downtown Sacramento has been announced.

When:               May 4 through July 27

Time:                5 pm to 9 pm

Where:             Cesar Chavez Park, across from City Hall at 9th & I Streets

The Friday Night Concerts in the Park series kick-off on May 4 is headlined by Arden Park Roots. Returning from last year are headliners Nickel Slots, Mumbo Gumbo,The Nibblers and The Brodys.”

Free all-ages concerts in the park!! Here are your headliners:

May 4: Arden Park Roots

May 11: Middle Class Rut

May 18: Nickel Slots

May 25: Zugh

June 1: Oleander

June 8: Mumbo Gumbo

June 15: Relic 45

June 29: The Nibblers

July 6: Full Blown Stone

July 13: Another Damn Disapointment

July 20:Walking Spanish

Read more here and mark your calendars!!!

Motorcycle Build-Off: Orange County Choppers vs Paul Junior Designs vs Jesse James West Coast Choppers

Television gives us a new motorcycle build-off to end 2011:

Who?      Orange County Choppers (OCC) with Paul Teutul Senior, Paul Junior Designs (PJD) with Paul Teutul Junior and West Coast Choppers with Jesse James.

When?    Monday and Tuesday, December 5th & 6th  9 pm both nights

Where?   Discovery Channel

December 5th the three will build their individual bikes and you can vote for your favorite.

December 6th will be a live show in Las Vegas and the winning bike will be revealed.

This event is on the Discovery Channel and the American Chopper series,  which didn’t invent motorcycle shows but certainly helped make them famous and set off the biker build-off events and shows of various stripes with the help of the King and the Mayor, Jesse James who did invent bike building television.

The Teutul’s got locked into building theme bikes, some really good-looking theme bikes for like the last twelve years.  But the show became all about Senior getting red in the face screaming at Junior.  That’s all the show really was until Senior fired Junior.  He seems to forget that he fired his own son (again) and says that Paul junior “left” or “got laid off”  or “forgot to come back to work”, but he fired Junior.

And after a year during which Paul Senior and OCC prevented Junior from being able to build a motorcycle, the Discovery Channel eventually promoted a Sr vs Jr build-off which Junior won handily and the Discovery Channel pretty much ignored.  Seems they had all their chips riding on Senior.

So now we have a three-way build-off.  Sounds interesting because PJD then builds some nice bikes and we have Jesse James….a real bike builder, in the mix.

I’m not sure what OCC is building.  They seem to spend most of their time on the show bad-mouthing Junior.  How long can you do that and what does it have to do with building quality bikes?

Jesse will bad-mouth them both, but he really is a bad boy.  Junior isn’t but doesn’t try to be.  Senior tries to be but it doesn’t fit.

My guess??  It will be PJD vs Jesse with OCC there for some color and trouble-making.

The winner?  Could go either way, but I think PJD could sneak a win here as the underdoggie.

We will be back here for the December 5th show and the December 6th unveiling in my 2nd home, Las Vegas.

I wish they would let the History Channel’s Danny ‘Count’ Koker join in on this building frenzy/fun.  That would make for a show.

Jesse James and West Coast Choppers

When it comes to bikes how can you not be a Jesse James fan?  For fabrication skills alone both Tuetuls should be scared cuz JJ will not take a back seat.  He planned from the start to fabricate every single piece of metal and frame by himself.  And that means manual machines.  No pretty-boy machinery in this shop.

Check out his photos from the build HERE   Nice bike.  I sure miss the old Monster Garage days.

A Frisco machine in all its’ glory.  Do you know the Frisco bikes?  Check out this article.  It explains how geography often determines a bike building style.  Car building too but thi is about bikes.

And definitely view the interview with Trevelen.  Besides being a bike-building genius the man know and lives his history.  Right on bbrother T.

And so it is that the old Frisco bikes became the West Coast choppers style all the way.

Paul Teutul Jr and PJD

Paulie was always much more skilled than Senior gave him credit for on the show.  I guess partly because it was a storyline in the show or partly because of Sr’s screwed up behavior.  But he learned to design and build some nice machines.  And even better ones at PJD as early as it still is.

Check his photos from the build HERE

Paul Sr and OCC

Nice show, getting old after a decade even with the split.  Lots of talented peeps here though but the “theme” focus limits their growth.  Must be hard to work at OCC.  Where else can you get the opportunity to build a lot of bikes, get on TV, make tons of money and get a rep of your own.  And it tastes so good you can’t leave even though you hate to go to work each day?

Check the OCC Build pics HERE

December 5th:

Jesse James is bringing out the big guns for tonights show

Have you been watching this all fucking day long American Chopper marathon?

I have been in and out all day, but each time I make it in the TV room the Teutul’s are still on.  That’s what more than a decade of TV shows will do.  plus how it would screw with your head.

I will watch tonight and tomorrow though, because I want to see the bikes…

Two nice bikes and one…whata-ya-call-it.  I like the OCC wuteva but it’s not a motorcycle.

So it’s between PJD and JJ.

JJ may be even a little crazier now but there were some funny ass moments.

I follow Jesse on Twitter but somehow I missed the video parody on Jr.  Too funny.

I like PJDs bike a lot.  The look is amazing  and there is only one thing I don’t care much for—the wood in the wheels.  I get it and it fits the theme.  To me it almost looks more like an old wood boat but that’s just me.

Jesse’s bike is sweet.  I would love to ride it.  And that red is amazingly deep.


December 7th:

In case you missed it

the winning bike was by Paul Jr Designs (PJD).  I didn’t watch the entire show last night had some other stuff going on but I did pick the winner after seeing all three machines.  check the link above.
All three were good builds but all were so different from design perspective all the way to technical build that it is almost ahmeful to pick one over the other.
I have to hand it to the OCC crew for coming up with something like their Track machine.  Amazing, didn’t think they had this in them.
And it is great to see the Mayor Jesse James building motorcycles again.  This is where he belongs and he built one sweet machine.  Plus he has grown up enough he admitted his ego got in the way a bit.  If he had realized this a bit earlier he might have won.
And nice job Paul Jr and the crew for another Discovery Channel Build-off win.
Now maybe we can stop these contrived Sr vs Jr bullshit buildoffs.  If Sr can’t admit what his son can do (win?) then take him off television.  His shit got old 4 years ago.
Good job to the metal boys and engine tuners on each team!!!

Here is an article from Inside TV.  Big TV ratings for the show especially last night (Part 2) so we can probably expect more of these contrivances.  It’s the 2nd highest rated episode EVER in the 10+ year history of the show.  So…

The article has some good full-size photos for you.

Music In Sacramento, November 12th Thru November 15th, 2011

Lots of music in Sacramento

November 12th thru November 15th

Sacramento Area Concerts & Music Events

  • Running thru January 2012:  Bingo the Winning Musical at The Cosmopolitan Cabaret at 10th & K Streets, 7:30 pm—$32 to $48
  • Sunday, November 13th:  B.B. King at the Sacramento Community Center Theater, 8 pm—$39 to $99
  • Sunday, November 13th:  Peter Noone at the Thunder Valley Casino, 8 pm—$20 to $30
  • Sacramento Youth Symphony Fall Concert at Rosemont High School 9594 Kiefer Blvd, 3 pm—$15 to $20
  • Tuesday, November 15th:  An Evening with Vikki Lewis at the Cosmopolitan Cabaret, 7:30 pm—$50 to $75
  • Tuesday, November 15th:  Lucinda Williams and Buick 6 at The Crest Theater, 8 pm—$34 to $49

The Local Music Scene

Saturday, November 12th:

  • Ten Mile Tide at Marilyn’s, 9 pm
  • Fascination 80’s New Wave Dance Party at The Ironsides, 9 pm
  • Ricky and Del Connection-Crash Thimblestat at The Fox and Goose, 9 pm
  • Wonderland at Mix Downtown, 9 pm
  • Country Music & Line Dancing with DJs on 3 Floors at Faces, $5 before 10 pm and $10 after
  • DJ Peeti-V at The Park Ultra Lounge, 9 pm
  • Crazy Ballhead-Zoo Human Project-Blaqueiste at The Distillery, 10 pm
  • Sista Monica at The Torch Club, 9 pm
  • Briertone-Picture Atlantic-Cold Eskimo at The Naked Lounge Downtown, 8 pm, $8
  • DJ Whores at The Golden Bear, 8 pm, No Cover
  • DJ Chris Harnett at District 30, 9 pm
  • Decades at The Power House Pub, 10 pm, $20
  • DJ Larry Rodriquez at The Press Club, 9 pm, $5
  • Steelin Dan at 7 pm $15 and Zuhg at 10:30 $10 at Harlowes
  • Mahtie Bush at The Blue Lamp, 9 pm
  • X-GVNR & Brian Hawk at The Townhouse Lounge, 9 pm, $5
  • Black Veil Brides-Falling in Reverse-Aiden-Drive at The Ace of Spades, 7 pm

Sunday, November 13th:

  • Dragalicious Show and DJ Hits at Faces, 9 pm, $5
  • Blues Jam, 5 pm and Bone MacDonald, 9 pm at The Torch Club
  • Powerhouse of Blues with Lydia Pense at Power House Pub, 3 pm
  • Rich Robinson of Black Crowes at Harlowes, 8:30 pm, $15
  • Industry Night at The Golden Bear, 9 pm
  • Songwriters Showcase at The Blue Lamp, 6 pm
  • Bless the Fall-The Word Alive-motionless in White-Chunk! No at The Ace of Spades, 6:30 pm
  • Sunday Night Soul Party with DJ Larry and DJ Hailey at The Press Club, 8 pm

Have fun and drive safe!!!

voodooDr Receives The “Versatile Blogger” Award And Passes It On To Some Great Sites

Wow.  Imagine my surprise.  I had a new linkback and comment notice this morning.  Went to look at it, half expecting something that has nothing to really do with my blog or someone trying to link to me and sell something or some porn site.  Get way too many of those.

But this was different.

My blog had received an award!  Really, I said?  Still half disbelieving….kind of my normal first response I must admit.

So I almost just deleted the comment but instead clicked on the guys link.  And lo & behold it is a real award thingie called the Versatile Blogger Award.  As I read thru Seans post I began to realize this was a real award that he was offering to me.  Seans blog is called Censorship in America and I have enjoyed reading his posts as he promotes intellectual freedom.  Such an important issue especially with growing threats to the internet and freedom of speech in public.

All I have to do is comply with 7 simple rules and then post the award opn my site.  OK, I think I can manage to do this.

The rules

1.  Thank the person who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post. (see above)

2.  Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post.

3.  List 7 things about yourself. (end of post.)

I have an older post about blogs that I read but I have to admit I have not updated it and it is always good to take time to publicly recognize and honor those folks that we value, so here are blogs/websites that I enjoy and read as often as possible:

Photography sites:  the web provides such a perfect platform for photographers that you may never otherwise hear from to allow you to share in their art.  Some sites I enjoy include:

  • Wild*Lives Trish Carney Photoworks:  Wow….such beautiful nature photographs, primarily from one of the greatest parks in the USA, Yellowstone.  Her latest post “Trading stares with bear, pleasures of place” takes you straight into the lives of these giant grizzlies and black bears.
  • John Wall’s Natural California:  I was born and raised in California and sometimes become jaded thinking I have seen it all.  But California is so diverse and John shares so much of it in his photographs of landscapes, flora and his fur & feathers.  You start looking at one picture and by the time you know it you have missed dinner and spent hours looking in awe.
  • Native Images PhotoGraphics:  My native blood craves opportunities to share the past and the future with others.  This blog satisfies that craving and stays true to the dreams of our ancestors.  Photography and words of wisdom primarily from Native Americans of California.
  • Emad Islam’s Photography Blog:  Emad is a young guy who sometimes just astonishes me with both his art and his wise words.  His latest post, I Wish I Was The Moon, includes a breattaking shot and a bit of poetry.  Perfect.
  • Bird Light Wind:  I stumbled into this blog accidentally and fell for his post on a family of Owls living in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  If you have not been to San Francisco, Golden Gate Park is stunning for it’s natural and cultural diversity.  It is a huge park on the order of NYC’s Central Park.  The photographs of the owls and the story that Walter told had me jumping at the chance to subscribe.  he also turned me on to some of the other sites that I still visit today.
  • Stories From Home, Photography, family and friends:  What more could we want than out passions, family & friends?  The latest post is about fall foliage in Acadia.  It’s still sprintime in my part of California so it always surprises me when other folks are already into the real season.

Cultural blogs:  My interests vary and so do the blogs that I enjoy.

  • Newspaper Rock, Where Native America Meets Pop Culture:  This could be a car crash with multiple injuries, but instead it is a true pleasure.  The latest post is on a Diane Sawyer report “A Hidden America: Children of the Plains”  can make your heart weep for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  If you missed the piece on October 14th I’m sure ABC will show it again and you can search Youtube or the ABC website for the video online.  Rob educates us with his blog and he provides us with a great “Decolonize Oakland” poster.
  • Project 2,996:  This project was started a decade ago with the goal of having one writer each write a piece about individual souls that were lost in the September 11, 2001 attach on the New York City World Trade Centers.  Over time some of the posts were lost/forgotten, links became disabled and now there are 900 stories.  We seek writers to complete the project.  Please join.

Blogging:  I know I still need help with blogging, the technical as well as the writing.

  • Life & Bits, Easy to follow blogging tips:  Reynaldo says his blog provides tips and help for “beginners” on “”.  I am not a beginner but I am always learning, and I do use but most of the help on lifenbits can assist folks on any platform self-hosted or not.  I ran into the blog when I wanted to learn about site counters and Reynaldo’s straight forward writing style helped me gain a fast understanding of a complicated subject.  I later wrote a post about counters trying to provide some measure of help to others and credied lifenbits with the little bit that I do know.
  • TheBloggoSchloggo:  I’m calling this one “blogging”.  It has it’s own little niche though.  Cultural, political but not “slanty”, funny, interesting.  Definitely check it out.  I had to add it to my list and issue another award in November (which I will do when I find a good blog).  He was nice enough to mention one of my posts which is how I found the Bloggo.

Techi:  ok, I am about 50% nerd way back to my time building clone PCs for myself and family & friends.  But as with most subject, I learn something new almost every day,

  • Adam Savage From Mythbusters:  Not a blog, but a nice site from an interesting guy.  Even if you don’t care about the show you can appreciate his site and even more you can appreciate his Tweets.  I don’t know how he finds all of the curious videos, photos and posts that he shares with folks on Twitter, but I say “Thank you Mr Savage”!
  • Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal:  I bumped into this blog and found “Scientific Facts That Are Not True”.  Excellent explanation of a tough subject about things we believe are true but it turns out that they are flase.  Science is cool!!  Dan is a Chief Meteorologist in Alabama, and thank you Dan for sharing your knowledge.

Motorcycles and Hot Rods:  I am a nut for hot rods and badass bikes.  Always have been since I was a kid and we would sit on the steps, watch cars go by and have to name them.   I wanted a ’44 Ford pickup and a ’56 Buick Roadmaster SOOOOO bad!!  In fact, I still do.

  • Deus Bali, The 2 Wheeled Bicycle:  I enjoy getting notifications about new posts on this blog and checking in to see whats up.  Not only do they write a great blog about one of my favorite subjects, they make some really nice stripped down motorcycles and have great pictures.  And now I really want one of their motorized bicycles.  They look like old 1915-ish motorcycles.  The real deal.
  • Between 2 Wheels:  Just a lot of stuff about the 2 wheeled life.  Pictures and good posts about a lot of different bikes and links to other good sites.  I like the fact that they understand and share the importance of history.  They say “Explore, experience and evolve”.  That is a bit of motorcycle zen right there.
  • Classic Velocity: a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.  That’s the way brother.  This blog is primarily about vintage vehicles.  Classics.  My favorites, most definitely.  He has some mother blogs in his “Garage” mostly about his cars, some of which he still owns.  And a store with a coffee mug and a baseball cup.  I love coffee!
  • ……..THE 6.9%er…….. :  Steve says “This Blog is about my interests, my friends, my
    bikes…..nothin’ more..nothin’ less… & nothin’ to prove”.  Nice and simple.  I like that.  Great pictures and nice stories.  Plus links to other great chopper and hot rod sites.
  • Eat The Rich, UK:  It almost looks like a 1940s motorcycle site.

Travel blogs:  I love to travel.  Who doesn’t?  But I hate to fly.  It used to be so much fun.  Comfortable, lots of space (I am 6’6″ and space on a plane is a requirement), nice employees who treated you well.  Now?  It’s just a damn bus and too many rude employees, restricted space and airlines that just don’t care about their customers.  Enough of that.

  • Flights of fancy…travel  :  Actually a travel and photography blog.  2 of my favorite things.  And Mary is a good writer too which helps tell the story of her travels and make her photos come alive.  I always look forward to her new posts and the latest, about the Taos Pueblo was a thrilling read with stunning photographs.
  • Backroad Journal:  Karen and her husband moved to a small town in New Hampshire after 30 urban years in Florida.  They live in a 1730s home with a small apple orchard and I am so jealous!!  Karen shares their local and long distance travels with humor and some really good photographs.  I wish they would adopt me and take me on their treks!!

Politics and stuff:  I was always involved in politics and even in my retirement I make my voice heard.

  • The Upside of Inertia,  when life gives you alligators you make gatorade:  Mostly the liberal sidee of things because the right is wrong.  I don’t Facebook so I like it when he says “Don’t look for me on facebook, twitter or anywhere else.”  Cool.

Note:  The Upside of Inertia is moving to a new address HERE

  • Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner  I am sticking this one under politics, but it coulda gone under music or culture or just general good stuff!  Bumped into by accident on his post about the Oakland General Strike.  Well thought out crap I tell ya.  Check this blog out if you are like me and appreciate politics, hip hop and urban culture.  That’s the way to roll Davey D!

Poker:  It’s not just a game.

  • Dr Check Raise:  OK, it’s not a blog it’s a forum.  With some bloggy aspects.  And you have to register to see anything, but the Dr doesn’t give out your name to anyone and doesn’t bug you with a ton of useless emails.   Just an opportunity to check in and learn about the world of poker.  I bumped into the Dr when I played at an online club.  Not a regular gaming site but a place where you paid a monthly fee and played all the poker you wanted for free or small money to medium money pots.  I followed him because we were both Dr’s.  I don’t play much anymore but I check in to see what the Dr is up to.

About me:

I never enjoy this.  Will I get a date with a hot chick out of this??

  1. I was born & raised in California and still live here in the Capitol, Sacramento.  It’s a good city and I can’t imagine living anywhere but California.  Except maybe in Italy.  Or Spain.
  2. My family was in California just before the gold rush and then steady on both sides of my mother’s family since 1850.  Always in or around Sacramento.  We have deep roots and a sense of history and our place in it, things that are  important to me.
  3. O worked nearly 30 years in local government.  Almost always a boss, retired as Deputy Director of a county department.
  4. Retired to take a job as the Director of a small non-profit.  I loved it and learned a lot about running a small business.
  5. After being diagnosed diabetic I took a prescribed medication that pushed me into heart failure and eventually retired from the non-profit.
  6. I developed more (!!) health problems (like dialysis 3 days a week) and am now in a wheelchair but am working hard to get out of it.  Many docs don’t believe it but I promise you I will walk again.
  7. So that I can travel and visit friends and get involved in local politics again and play poker and drive my Cadillac…..
  8. So now I bore peeps with my blog and crap.  That’s the way it is.

So now I can accept my award as The Versatile Blogger!!  Yay!!  thank you, thank you.  Speech speech….uh, no I don’t think so.