A Book Review: Street Sleepers, The Art of The Deceptively Fast Car

This is a review of a book I read recently titled Street Sleepers; The Art of The Deceptively Fast Car.

The author is Tommy Lee Byrd.

I haven’t written a book review since like 8th grade.  I wish I had been able to write a report on this book way back then.  I would have enjoyed Jr High School.  Maybe.

I met up with Byrd when I bumped into his website/blog titled Byrd PhotographyClick the title to read the blog.  I recommend it highly.

Byrd’s blog is (as titled) a photography blog, but it is about another one of my passions:  hot rods, drag rods and other fast cars.  Most of the photography is focused on cars and the storytelling, the writing to go with the photos, is excellent.  I enjoy reading his posts almost as much as I like looking at the great pictures.

Same thing with the book.  The pictures of the hot rods, street rods and drag racers are always good and sometimes amazing.  And the writing is easy to follow (even the more technical stuff) and really supports the story that the photographs are telling.

I am not associated in any way with Byrd, his book, the company that printed the book, Amazon (where  I bought the book) or anyone else.  I’m just a hot rod nut that enjoys the website and bought the book.

If you like cars you will enjoy the book.  It’s a coffee table book in size & shap, printed on 8.5 x 11 stock and the quality paper helps the photographs really pop.

As I said, I purchased the book at Amazon.  You can check it out there.  You can check other dealers too.  Not sure about Kindle, I should take a look.  It is only $16.47, so it shouldn’t break your bank.

Or you could check your local library and if they don’t have the book yet, tell them to pick it up.  or you could be nice.  Buy a copy & donate it to your favorite library.

You can read every word cover to cover or read the sections that most interest you and skim over others.  The photographs you will enjoy, and if you are like me you will come back to some of them again and again.

If youy have a car you are modding,  or that you want to mod, this book can help you keep the assets hidden.

If you just like looking at cars or have a big interest in race cars, this is a perfect book and I promise you will enjoy it no matter what kind of car nut, or even car pro, you might be.

I don’t think Byrd is on Twitter, but he does have a MySpace page and a few other social networks.  You can check em out.

Besides the vehicles you would expect to see in a book about sleepers:  Camaros, Vettes, Chevettes & Chevelles, older Fords such as Fairlanes, some trucks and Pontiacs, I really enjoyed the cars that I did not expect to find.

Like what you say??  Like some old 60s & 70s station wagons, some 4×4 trucks, some 4 door sedans, an Eagle Talon, a Maverick and a ’77 Buick LeSabre among others.  These cars would shake me on the street or at the track when they break their tires loose and jam.

But it all comes back to the photographs.  Byrd is definitely a photography pro, an artist with the camera.