There may not be much that you can do to help the victims of Sandy, but as this photograph shows even the smallest of things can become huge when shared with others who need it. Just a little power to charge your phone can become a lifesaver when needed.

1946 Ford Convertible

This beautiful black Ford is from Rod & Custom Magaszine.

I love this hot rod for a number of reasons.

It is a beautiful restoration, front to back and wait until you check out the interior!

My Grandfather owned a 1944 Ford hard top.  Not as sweet as this, but I sure loved that car.  He called it “a fohty foh fohd” in his bit of a southern accent.  He had moved to California as a child before 1900 and really had no accent, but when he talked about his ’44 it came with accent and all.  Grandpa’s was a 2 door Coupe Deluxe.  Would make a real nice hot rod!

Here is that hot interior I promised you, beginning with the steering wheel & dash.

The last shot is the sweet engine compartment.

Kiwi Indian Motorcycles, The Bikes and The Company

Looks like the Kiwi Indians company has been around for a while (1953ish ?) and their pictured Indian replicas, restorations and new bikes look sweet.  I love the old Indians.  Heck, who doesn’t??  Those Kiwis made some nice bikes back in the day.

Besides the old Chiefs, Burt Munro introduced the world to really fast Indians.  Dude set land-speed records that lived forever.  Although Burt was a Kiwi through and through, he ran on American built Indians, even when he set his last record which was on a 47 year old bike.  I think one record might still be at the top of the list (??)  If you missed the documentary on Burt’s record-setting run and the Hollywood film  on the entire story around Burt’s first Salt Flat run and his racing career, I recommend that you rent or buy both.

The film is The World’s Fastest Indian and stared Anthony Hopkins.  Excellent!  I don’t remember the name of the PBS documentary but it was excellent as well and introduced me to the Munro story like 20 years ago.

Before that I just knew the name from reading about Bonneville.  I thought Indians were USA bikes, like Harley’s.  A documentary can teach you a lot, or teach me anyway…..

Does anyone own one of these new Kiwis?  Or has someone gone eyeball to headlight with one?

I rode a homemade replica with a S&S Indian motor once.  Made me think “Hey, you could have fun building one or two in retirement”, then I started hearing that S&S Indian engines might not be of the usual high S&S quality (??) but I don’t know first hand.

The old Indians needed some ongoing TLC, kind of like old Jags or old VWs.  Treat em right and they run for 100 years.  Well, with a few rebuilds thrown in.

Kiwi Retro Chief





Kiwi Board Track

Kiwi 1950s Replica

Most of the motors used by Kiwi are home-grown, which is the right way given the Indian history.

The company also  shows that  they use S&S motors (they call them S&S Indian motors) in some of their bikes.  That’s the part I did not know.

These pictures show some real beauties often historically accurate.  And award-winning, including 2nd place in the Production Class of World Championships at the 2011 Sturgis Rally.  So they are obviously nice bikes.

Check out their website for info on their bikes, motors and parts like their Springer Front Ends which they call Leaf Springs.  Indians invented the springers and they became standard parts for a large chunk of the bikes built even now.  The company builds & sells their Indians and they sell parts for the home builder.

I love this racer.

They sell Bobbers and modern Indians as well.  Maybe the few I have seen and thought were either top-grade restorations or S&S based replicas were actually Kiwis.  New Zealand certainly has a strong history with the Indian beginning with Burt Munro and the other Indian drivers of his time.

In the US and interested in a Kiwi Indian Motorcycle?

Try these guys at AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building.  They’re in Riverside, California.

And Indians for sale are here.  Lots of nice 1940’s Indians.

I’m still thinking of building one, even tho I can’t ride a bike anymore.  Well, at least for now.

Trish Carney Photoworks–Wild Lives

ok, the last of my new favorite blog sites.  Again, thanks to Walter Kitundu’s Bird Light Wind, I found Trish Carney’s Photoworks and her beautiful Wild Lives photos.  Stunning, just stunning.

These are so stunning I find myself asking the air “is that real??” and my answer is “oh, yes it is real”.  Great eye Trish.  You have shared many amazing photos like this one of the grizzly and her cub.

“Snow.  Wind.  Cold.  Bear.  Undisturbed.”

Yellowstone.  Nuff said.

John Wall’s Natural California, photography & blog

In a past post about a Native American blog site I shared that I do not read many blogs anymore.  However, I love nature photography and landscape & wildlive photography.

Thanks to Walter Kitundu’s Bird Light Wind, I have added John Wall’s Natural California.  There are many photographers who are actually artists with a camera and Mr Walls certainly qualifies.

Check out his blog site and many photographs.  Sweet!!

Owls in Golden Gate Park, photography & blog

When I was growing up we had aunts and uncles living in San Francisco and spent a lot of time in the park as our favorite aunt lived on 19th Avenue, nearby the southern side of Golden Gate, in the Sunset area (a beautiful part of town).

I was NEVER lucky enough to get to see a family of owls there.

This link  blesses us with a ton of photos of the family of owls, plus some related photos of squirrels etc.  But the story & the blog writings are just as good as the pictures.

Here is the link to Kitundu’s homepage as the site is continually updated.  I try to visit often.  I recommend subscribing to this blog and receiving the email updates when there is a new post.  The photos are stunning and the writing is superb.

His photos of the African animals on his trip back to Tanzania are just incredible.  Zebras, big cats, hippos, giraffes and Maasai….beautiful!

Thank you Walter Kitundu and your Bird Light Wind blog & photography.  Most excellent!!

More Vintage Harleys

I wish I could see these up close and personal!!













o wait….this one ain’t a Harley??  Harley & Vettes…..what could be better??

Vintage Harley-Davidson Board-Track Racer

wow.  nice bike great story.



The Original Sixteen to One gold mine

Lots of gold mines in California even now, but the Original Sixteen to One mine is different.  And when you drive into the area from Nevada City in Nevada County California, it is like being transported back to the 1850’s.  Even the people in town look 1850’s. (actually 1896 when the mine was started) but the miners REALLY do.  Nice hard-working folks in Alleghany California which is in Sierra County.

Check it out—the photo below is of the last working mule at the mine, and a miner.  This photo was taken in 1950 (yes, nineteen-fifty).

This mine even sells shares and usually makes a profit selling the gold and silver ore. They even have a nice museum and will do some limited tours if you schedule ahead.

Gold in the Hills!!!

If you go, have fun!  and don’t forget to come back to 2011.

They also have some very skilled craftsmen who make jewelry.

My nice ring doesn’t have as much gold nuggets as this one but it is the same 16k.

Stories From Home: A Great Blog With Photos & Stories From California And Other Places

Devil's Postpile National Monument, Reds Meado...

Image via Wikipedia

I found a new blog that I just love.  The name of the blog is Stories From Home

This is a true artist with a camera.  The stories that go with the photos are good as well.

It was the photos of Yosemite that hooked me, but as I looked around I found myself clicking thru the various Tags and viewing beautiful photographs of places I have never seen and may never get the opportunity to visit.

The Yosemite photographs are just stunning and bring back so many good memories.  You already know that I selected Yosemite as the one place in California that I recommend visitors cannot miss.  Even though I had a full list of places for you to visit if you dream about California.  And, of course, The Devils Postpile National Monument.

Nice nice nice!!!  Take a look and subscribe if you like the work.

Check out his blog and photography here: