Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

My new favorite television show features the Liberty Vintage motorcycle shop in Philadelphia.

The show is called Philly Throttle and it’s on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights.

Why do I like it?

It’s on the Discovery Channel and comes across fairly real. I still mostly eyeball Discovery, the History Channel, sports and news.  I like real shit and when a show purported to be real seems like it’s not (a few other motorcycle shows etc) they become my “unfavorites”

I don’t Facebook but here it is.


Check out Philly Throttle, you might like it.




Counting Cars, The New Show On The History Channel, Starring Danny Koker

English: Vector image of the Las Vegas sign. P...

English: Vector image of the Las Vegas sign. Português: Imagems vectorial da placa de Las Vegas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You get over girls faster than you get over cars.”

I don’t know why it took so long for the History Channel to give The Count, of Palm Stars fame, his own show…I just say thank you.  It’s about time for sure.  The star is Danny Koker…check him out.

I know I am not the only television watcher who has hoped this would happen, but now it has.

What:               Counting Cars, new show on the History Channel.  Check your local cable provider dudes.

When:               Starts Tuesday, August 14th, 2012.    10/9c

Where:              Like I said, on the History Channel

The Hollywood Reporter says Hell Yeh!  Well, maybe not quite…

They weren’t first at this.  And lately rival Discovery Channel brought out Fast N Loud with Gas Monkey Garage, which starts up in a couple of weeks too.  But for guys like me that eat, drink sleep and breath cars it really is about time for this one.

The Count has been well-known in Las Vegas for quite a while.

His family owned a local TV Station and he hosted his own show, which is where he got The Count moniker.  Count Cool Rider.  Very cool.

And of course his own Kustom car and motorcycle place, Count’s Kustoms in Vegas.  Putting out some of the best bent metal in the country.  Customizing cars and bikes and famous for both.  If you have a hot rod or hot bike and want to customize it, or if you dream about hot rods and hot bikes, you gotta make your starting destination the Count and his website here.

Even better….during your next trip to Vegas, take time away from the Casino and the Strip to venture out and explore some real Vegas sights like this shop.  You will enjoy it and might just spend some of that money you won at the crap table or in that poker tournament.

Then Palm Stars.

Then his own VAMP’D Bar & Grill, and of course continuing to sing and front his band along the way, Danny “Count” Koker just continues to shine.  Or, when you are in Vegas maybe you can catch him fronting his own Zito 77 band.  Check em out here

And the VAMPD website will give you all you need to know about the music, the food, the drinks, the hot chicks.  HERE

I know bro.  I still gotta make it back to Vegas and buy you a drink.

You’re on Twitter??  Follow Danny @DannyCountKoker

And get some new Ink from The Count’s Tattoo Company at the beautiful Rio Casino!  Still m favorite place to play poker even when the WSOP isn’t in town.  Twitter the Ink folks  @CountsTattoo and check em out in the Masquerade Village at the Rio.

Danny is a frigging business machine…..

Motorcycle Build-Off: Orange County Choppers vs Paul Junior Designs vs Jesse James West Coast Choppers

Television gives us a new motorcycle build-off to end 2011:

Who?      Orange County Choppers (OCC) with Paul Teutul Senior, Paul Junior Designs (PJD) with Paul Teutul Junior and West Coast Choppers with Jesse James.

When?    Monday and Tuesday, December 5th & 6th  9 pm both nights

Where?   Discovery Channel

December 5th the three will build their individual bikes and you can vote for your favorite.

December 6th will be a live show in Las Vegas and the winning bike will be revealed.

This event is on the Discovery Channel and the American Chopper series,  which didn’t invent motorcycle shows but certainly helped make them famous and set off the biker build-off events and shows of various stripes with the help of the King and the Mayor, Jesse James who did invent bike building television.

The Teutul’s got locked into building theme bikes, some really good-looking theme bikes for like the last twelve years.  But the show became all about Senior getting red in the face screaming at Junior.  That’s all the show really was until Senior fired Junior.  He seems to forget that he fired his own son (again) and says that Paul junior “left” or “got laid off”  or “forgot to come back to work”, but he fired Junior.

And after a year during which Paul Senior and OCC prevented Junior from being able to build a motorcycle, the Discovery Channel eventually promoted a Sr vs Jr build-off which Junior won handily and the Discovery Channel pretty much ignored.  Seems they had all their chips riding on Senior.

So now we have a three-way build-off.  Sounds interesting because PJD then builds some nice bikes and we have Jesse James….a real bike builder, in the mix.

I’m not sure what OCC is building.  They seem to spend most of their time on the show bad-mouthing Junior.  How long can you do that and what does it have to do with building quality bikes?

Jesse will bad-mouth them both, but he really is a bad boy.  Junior isn’t but doesn’t try to be.  Senior tries to be but it doesn’t fit.

My guess??  It will be PJD vs Jesse with OCC there for some color and trouble-making.

The winner?  Could go either way, but I think PJD could sneak a win here as the underdoggie.

We will be back here for the December 5th show and the December 6th unveiling in my 2nd home, Las Vegas.

I wish they would let the History Channel’s Danny ‘Count’ Koker join in on this building frenzy/fun.  That would make for a show.

Jesse James and West Coast Choppers

When it comes to bikes how can you not be a Jesse James fan?  For fabrication skills alone both Tuetuls should be scared cuz JJ will not take a back seat.  He planned from the start to fabricate every single piece of metal and frame by himself.  And that means manual machines.  No pretty-boy machinery in this shop.

Check out his photos from the build HERE   Nice bike.  I sure miss the old Monster Garage days.

A Frisco machine in all its’ glory.  Do you know the Frisco bikes?  Check out this article.  It explains how geography often determines a bike building style.  Car building too but thi is about bikes.

And definitely view the interview with Trevelen.  Besides being a bike-building genius the man know and lives his history.  Right on bbrother T.

And so it is that the old Frisco bikes became the West Coast choppers style all the way.

Paul Teutul Jr and PJD

Paulie was always much more skilled than Senior gave him credit for on the show.  I guess partly because it was a storyline in the show or partly because of Sr’s screwed up behavior.  But he learned to design and build some nice machines.  And even better ones at PJD as early as it still is.

Check his photos from the build HERE

Paul Sr and OCC

Nice show, getting old after a decade even with the split.  Lots of talented peeps here though but the “theme” focus limits their growth.  Must be hard to work at OCC.  Where else can you get the opportunity to build a lot of bikes, get on TV, make tons of money and get a rep of your own.  And it tastes so good you can’t leave even though you hate to go to work each day?

Check the OCC Build pics HERE

December 5th:

Jesse James is bringing out the big guns for tonights show

Have you been watching this all fucking day long American Chopper marathon?

I have been in and out all day, but each time I make it in the TV room the Teutul’s are still on.  That’s what more than a decade of TV shows will do.  plus how it would screw with your head.

I will watch tonight and tomorrow though, because I want to see the bikes…

Two nice bikes and one…whata-ya-call-it.  I like the OCC wuteva but it’s not a motorcycle.

So it’s between PJD and JJ.

JJ may be even a little crazier now but there were some funny ass moments.

I follow Jesse on Twitter but somehow I missed the video parody on Jr.  Too funny.

I like PJDs bike a lot.  The look is amazing  and there is only one thing I don’t care much for—the wood in the wheels.  I get it and it fits the theme.  To me it almost looks more like an old wood boat but that’s just me.

Jesse’s bike is sweet.  I would love to ride it.  And that red is amazingly deep.


December 7th:

In case you missed it

the winning bike was by Paul Jr Designs (PJD).  I didn’t watch the entire show last night had some other stuff going on but I did pick the winner after seeing all three machines.  check the link above.
All three were good builds but all were so different from design perspective all the way to technical build that it is almost ahmeful to pick one over the other.
I have to hand it to the OCC crew for coming up with something like their Track machine.  Amazing, didn’t think they had this in them.
And it is great to see the Mayor Jesse James building motorcycles again.  This is where he belongs and he built one sweet machine.  Plus he has grown up enough he admitted his ego got in the way a bit.  If he had realized this a bit earlier he might have won.
And nice job Paul Jr and the crew for another Discovery Channel Build-off win.
Now maybe we can stop these contrived Sr vs Jr bullshit buildoffs.  If Sr can’t admit what his son can do (win?) then take him off television.  His shit got old 4 years ago.
Good job to the metal boys and engine tuners on each team!!!

Here is an article from Inside TV.  Big TV ratings for the show especially last night (Part 2) so we can probably expect more of these contrivances.  It’s the 2nd highest rated episode EVER in the 10+ year history of the show.  So…

The article has some good full-size photos for you.

American Guns

American Guns.

This is a TV cable show that hasn’t even started yet.  It starts October 10th on the Discovery Channel.

Problem is–I already hate it.  Just from the commercials.

It seems like a rip-off of my favorite show (or nearly favorite), Sons of Guns.  At least they could have named it something dissimilar.

A cable show about a family that runs a gunsmithing shop and makes guns.  And then shoots the guns and blows shit up.

Nah….that’s not a rip-off.

As soon as some show gets big-time followers and has loads of peeps watching it, everyone wants a rip-off show.

This time it’s the Discovery channel ripping off a Discovery Channel show.


OK I watched it
Still think it is a ripoff of Sons of Guns.

Don’t think I will watch again.

December 4th:

I am glad that Sons of Guns is back for another season.

I hope they cancle American Guns fast.  I just don’t like it.

February 17th:

They had a marathon a few days ago.  I tried to watch it.

I like the guns.  I don’t like the show.  I try to put up with it because they show a lot of “regular” guns vs Sons of Guns which mostly shows custom weapons that I would never get a chance to buy.  Or shoot.

But the firearms that Red Jacket manufactures and sells are different.  Like that great combat 1911.  I can buy one of those!!

And I still like Sons of Guns better.

Paul Junior Designs: Gears of War 3 Chopper (It’s a Trike)

Gears of War (series)

Image via Wikipedia

Actually Paul Jr. Designs (PJD) has been building a trike, with 3 wheels, not a chopper, for Gears of War 3.

I see people saying that it is an American Chopper bike, technically true as PJD and Orange County Choppers (OCC)  are now part of the Discovery Channel’s American Chopper series, but hell dudes, give Paul Jr and his company some credit.

Especially for the Gears of War 3 build as well as the Cadillac CTS-V build and Cadillac build-off between Paul Sr/OCC & Paul Jr/PJD.  The designs and builds are just that good that they deserve to stand on their own.  It is always important to a new company to get that level of cred.

And it is a bad, bad trike.

I am really not a gamer.

Epic Games puts out the Gears of War series of video games and #3 in that series is hugely popular.

It is getting harder for me to watch the American Chopper TV series.  First, there are other options on Monday night, especially with the NFL back.  Second, the whole Sr/Jr thing has just worn me down to the point it’s not as good as it used to be.  So, I watch but I am not really a fan.

That said, here is a little video about the Gears of War trike.  I do really like this build because it looks so unfucking real.  I was getting tired of OCC’s “theme bikes”, they all began to look so much alike and I tend to like custom choppers that are street driveable.  Which makes many of the bikes from the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off series much better to me.

But this post is about the trike, so let’s get back to it.

The trike was unveiled at the 2011 Comic-Con convention.  check this out as Paulie, Jr. drives it in past the crowd.  The bike/trike is unfucking-believable!  Check the reactions of the crowd.

Here is the trike and Paulie walking thru the details.  I love the rims and tires and the crash bars on each side.

Paul says “This bike is massive”, and so it is.  This clip has a few segments of the prior one but stands on its own.

American Chopper Aftershow:  If you haven’t seen them yet there are Aftershow segments posted on the Discovery Channel website with the staff discussing events on the show (and sometimes things we don’t see on the show) and answering questions from the fans.  Check the Aftershow out here.

A Paul Jr YouTube channel is here.

And for you Gears of War 3 freaks here is the Band of Brothers intro.

While you are at it, did you see the SciFi movie Tron?

Well, now there is a Tron Light Cycle and apparently it is street legal.  “More science than fiction”.

Parker Brothers Choppers:

Sons of Anarchy Theme Song

Sons of Anarchy

Image via Wikipedia

The theme song from the Sons of Anarchy television show on the FX Channel is The Dream We Left Behind by the Los Angeles based band Pedestrian, written by Primal Scream.

Of course, it depends on what you mean by “theme song”.  The song with the show’s opening sequence?

They use a ton of music on SOA and it seems like different people believe different songs are the “theme” music for the show.  Then it depends on what season you may be watching.

I’m not a huge Sons of Anarchy fan.  I watch it sometimes, but it just seems like a soap opera in a quasi-biker setting.

But I love to see the bikes.  Just show me the bikes.  Well, plus a lot of the music.  And the chicks.  Even Katey Sagal.  She was even hot on Married With Children, but not as hot as the daughter.

But, this post is about the Sons of Anarchy theme song(s), so here is This Life, a song many call the theme for the show with the lyrics.  The song is by Curtis Stigers and the Forest Rangers.

Here is a link to download The King Is Gone EP which includes This Life (Celtic Remix)

And here is the FX Channel’s promo for season 4 of SOA with Dani California  (a lot of people just call this song California) byThe Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Here is a link to download Dani California from iTunes.

This music list is from Wikipedia:

“Three EP soundtracks have been released by 20th Century Fox Records, on iTunes, featuring songs from each series. The first five-song EP, entitled Sons of Anarchy: North Country – EP, was released on September 8, 2009 and featured the full version of the Emmy Award nominated[32] theme song “This Life“.[33] A second five-song EP, entitled Sons of Anarchy: Shelter – EP, was released on November 24, 2009 while a third six-song EP, entitled Sons of Anarchy: The King is Gone, was released on November 23, 2010.

Other notable songs featured in the series include Bobby’s Elvis covers, a cover version of “Son of a Preacher Man” by Katey Sagal, “Hard Row” by the Black Keys which is featured in Pilot episode (the music of the Black Keys often features in the series), along with a sample of “Plenty Strong and Plenty Wrong” by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster on the radio in the pilot episode, “Can’t Get Used to Losing You” by Andy Williams, a cover of “Forever Young” by Audra Mae,”Burn This Town” by Battleme, “Comin Home” by Murder by Death, “Hell” by The Upsidedown, “Power Player” by Clutch, “Railroad Cancellation” by Don Caballero, “Dolphin Center” by The Donkeys, “Stop” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “Hands in the Sky” by Straylight Run, “People, Turn Around” by Delta Spirit, and the blues song “John the Revelator” by Stigers & The Forest Rangers. The trailer for the 2009 season featured “Son’s Gonna Rise” by Citizen Cope. Several Monster Magnet songs are used: “Monolithic” (from Monolithic Baby!) are used in season one, while “Radiation Day” and “Slut Machine” (both also from Monolithic Baby!) and “Freeze and Pixelate” (from 4-Way Diablo) are used in season two, and “100 Million Miles” (from Mastermind) appears late into season three. “Lot Lizard” by the band The Glasspack is used in season 2. Another notable song is a cover of Alice Cooper‘s “I’m Eighteen” by a teenage band at the end of the episode “Giving Back“. In 2011, “Dani California” by the band Red Hot Chili Peppers was used as a promo song for season 4.”

Intrerested in SOA, but missed an episode?

Or just started watching and want to “catch up” on your SOA knowledge?

Or did you watch every show like a goddamn religion but you have forgotten some little details because your brain has slipped a fucking cog???

Well you are in luck because Rippin’ Kitten posts a real good weekly recap of each episode and who did what to what MFer, etc.  Check her site out here and make sure you subscribe or catch the RSS feed or do what you do.

And follow the Kitten on Twitter @rippinkitten.  Or do that old MySpace thingie here.

She can help you fx your SOA addiction.


The American Chopper Orange County Chopper Mercedes-Daimler AMG Motorcycle

Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange County Choppers and ...

Image via Wikipedia

I like the American Chopper series about Orange County Chopper (OCC), now on the Discovery Channel.  I like  the shows variants like Sr vs Jr etc too.  So now it is OCC & PJD.  Any other letters to throw in there??  Oh.  Right.  RPD.  Rick Petko Designs.  That was a nice touch they put on Rick’s bike.

I’m not a fan of Paul Teutel Sr’s, he is an ass and the inter-family squabbling got old for me a long time ago.  But I still watch and enjoy the Orange County Chopper bikes even without Paulie Jr.

Because at least Sr has Rick Petko.  Dude’s a bike building genius.


September 19th Intervention & update:

So now it is looking like Rick Petko is tired of Sr’s fucking around with him and will quit/move over to PJD.  We will see what happens tonight because they kept teasing us last week but it did not happen.  Now is tease #2.  I used to know a girl like that.  Used to.

Anyway, OCC will really suffer if Rick leaves don’t you think?

Seems like just a quiet, competent guy that just gets the job one and doesn’t give you any trouble.  Rick could work for me any day.  And he would be happier at PJD.

Course it is always hard to tell how real these “reality” things are.  Is it off the cuff or is it scripted?

Your “sneak peek” tease is at this link.

OK, back to the original post…..

September 20th:

So from last nights show it looks like Rick was not actually “quitting”, but talked about working with Jr for a couple of weeks.

Course, if he proposes that to Sr he may find his ass on the street.

I didn’t chance to watch the whole show, so I’m not sure what actually happened…..


Sr is like many type A guys and ex-addicts.  Driven and passionate but still treats their family the way they did when they were drinking and using.  Like shit.  And so we see him fighting with all of his sons.  Mostly the show shows the SR vs Jr crap, but the middle son that runs the steel business and Sr stopped talking for like three years.  Even when the grandchildren were born, Sr would not talk to, go visit or even talk about them.

That’s some fucking screwy thinking boy.  Screwy indeed.

But the family has opportunities that they might never have had without Sr.  His personal drive, that screws up his relationships, gives him the ability to succeed in almost every business he has dipped his toe into.  Without Sr where would his boys be??

I thought that I had seen all the shows by now, but today I saw the Mercedes Daimler AMG build.

What a beautiful bike, and then at the simple unveiling the Daimler folks brought out a wooden cycle they designed and built in 1885!  Amazing.  Senior drove it and got to go a top speed 7 MPH.

The Orange County Chopper Mercedes-Daimler AMG Bike

Did you know Daimler invented and built the first motorcycle?  For some reason I was thinking it was a different company, but the Mercedes bike makes sense.  This article calls their bike the first “true” motorcycle.  I guess the ones that came before this 1885 bike were more like motorized bicycles.

Mercedes should build bikes now, especially AMG choppers.  Sweet.

Sons of Guns??? Really?????

I’ve been blogging for awhile.  About shit that interests me.  Having folks read, comment and subscribe is nice.  But really, I don’t care.  It’s just something to do and I will continue even if Mr. Zero is my only visitor.

I really like the Sons of Guns show on the Discovery Channel.

Peeps build wicked weapons, shoot things and blow stuff up.  I have been liking the idea of that since I was like 5 years old.

And I like the theme song a lot.  I find myself singing along every time it comes on.

So I wrote a post about the theme song.  I had written a different post about the show awhile back, when they built the tri-mese..

But I’m dumbfounded that the theme song post has gotten more hits than probably all of my thousand + other posts.

I guess I know good music when I hear it??

Got a song you’re trying to get published?  Lemme check it out and I’ll tell you straight up.  I can make you a star if it’s any good.  If it’s shit, don’t waste my fucking time.

I don’t much like people, as a group of screwed up humanity any way.  I’m too screwed up myself.  Individuals I like.  Maybe.  Sometimes.  Some of em.  I think.

Being a badass makes you a loner for sure.  And being a loner makes you a stupid ass.  But apparently it makes you a smartass about music.

But thank you to @sonsofguns and @tabbenoit.  Great show, great song.  And thanks @me, great wordpress post about the theme song asshole.