Things To Do Duriung The Second Half Of September 2011

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There are many things to do during the second half of September.  Summer is still with us in many places, so enjoy yourselves.

Click the links below if you want more information, maps, etc

September 16 & 17
American River Music Festival in Coloma, California

Camping and music along the river in the original Gold Rush town of Coloma.

September 16, 17 & 18, 2011

Sohoba Inter-Tribal PowWow

The 17th Annual Inter-Tribal PowWow on the Sohoba Reservation in San Jacinto, California.

The Sohoba PowWow is focused on singing & dancing, crafts, Native American music, Native American videos, and more.

September 17, 2011
California Brewfest in Saramento, California

Taste some original brews and eat some good food, plus music.

September 17, 2011

Car and Bike Show & concert at Vallejo’s Restaurant & Cantina in Sacramento, California

Family event with $1.50 street tacos & DJ inside

Benefit for the Washington Neighborhood Center

September 17th, 2011

Oktoberfest At Cal Expo in Sacramento, California 

I thought this was only September??  Actually, Sacramento has so many Oktoberfests we even have one in September.

September 17, 2011

Old Highway 99 Festival in Sacramento, California

In the K-Mart parking lot

A community celebration in the Lawrence Park area featuring Lydia Pense and Cold Blood, Skip Murphy Band and the Tony Perez Band. There will  also be food vendors and misc. vendors including Harley Davidson. Come enjoy  music and food while gazing at the car display.

September 17, 2011

Fair Oaks Chicken Festival in Fair Oaks, California

13,000 people expected to attend.  Old Fair Oaks allows chickens and roosters to wander throughout town.  Very quaint (and wealthy) area near Sacramento.  Make sure you get your Fair Oaks Chicken Festival T-shirt.  How many peeps ya know that have one?

September 17 & 18, 2011

Rootstock Festival in Sacramento, California

At the Sacramento Horseman’s Association. A two day music festival featuring Rockabilly, Americana, Country and Western  Swing performers. Slimm Buick will DJ both days from 5 to 8pm.

September.  18, 2011
Family Day & Kite Day in San Francisco, California

September 22, 2011
Annual Honored Elders Day in Sacramento, California

The State of California celebrates Elders Day each year with Native American music & dance, crafts & art, food and presentations.

September 23, 2011

Native American Day in Sacramento, California

The California State Indian Museum hosts this event on the grounds of Sutter’s Fort.

September 23 & 24, 2011

The Clear Lake Splash-In in Lakeport, California

“Amphibians, Grummans, Republics, Cessnas, Pipers and experimental aircraft  modified with floats – see them all at the 32nd annual event, where you can also  talk with the pilots.”

September 24, 2011

Hot Rod Heaven Car Show (pre-1972) at the Pardee Resevoir, California

The Car Show includes a poker walk, music and food. Registration for the car show is $25  (includes two lunch vouchers per vehicle). There is a $8 parking fee.

September 24, 2011

A Taste of History in Sacramento, California

Local chefs recreate historic dishes plus music, dancing and more at historic Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.

September 25, 2011

Annual Capay Crush in Capay, California

Ready to get your stomp on? Come out to Capay Organic farm to tour the farm, pick grapes, stomp in a half barrel and enjoy tastings from regional wineries.  Food, music and a bonfire.

Swptember26 & 27, 2011
Festival Of Native Peoples in Cherokee, North Carolina

A large annual PowWow and festival hosted by the Cherokee peoples of North Carolina.  Food, music, dance arts & crafts and more.

September 29 to October 2nd, 2011
Bike Fest in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas hosts one of the largest Motorcycle events west of the Mississippi River each year.  Poker runs & walks, bike run and shows, music & food.

Open ALL Month

Apple Hill
Camino, California

an annual fall festival hosted by an association of 56 apple ranchers in the Sierra Nevada foothills, incluing wineries, pumpkin patches, Christmas tree farms, food, crafts and art as well as produce and farms products like honey, jams & jellies, applie pies and baked goods (mmmm, apple fritters) and other local fruit.

The Permanent9/11  Memorial
Sacramento, California
Cal Expo Grounds

A permanent structure which includes an original steel beam from the World Trade Center in New York City.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Monterey, California

The Monterey aquarium is one of the largest salt water and fresh water aquariums in the country located on the Famous Cannery Row in Monterey.  Of course within a short drive are the beautiful artists colony of Carmel-By-The-Sea, Pebble Beach, 7 Mile Drive, the Monterey Bay itself  and other beautiful California sites.

Old School Jukeboxes
Sacramento, California
and probably in your town

Sacramento is fortunate to have held on to quite a few original jukeboxes with their neon and all.  I love these old jukeboxes and if you are young enough to have missed the great non-CD/DVD/MP3 music boxes, make sure to check them out.


2011 American River Music Festival in California, September 16 & 17

The American River Music Festival is an annual, 2-day music event held on the banks of the American River in friendly little town of Coloma about one hour east of Sacramento and two hours east of the San Francisco Bay area.

Coloma is one of the original gold rush towns in California.  in fact, gold was first discovered in Coloma.  In 1848 John Marshall, who ran John Sutter’s mill in the settlement of Coloma, noticed something sparkling in the sluices in the American River.  What sparkled turned out to be gold and sparked the biggest gold rush in history.

In 2011 the American River Music Festival will run from September 16th to 17th.

How do I get tickets and how much?

  • You can get tickets online here.
  • You can buy tickets by phone:  530-622-6044
  • You can buy tickets at the Main Stage of the event beginning at 10 am

Adult tickets are $35.00 per day plus a $2 fee.  Youth(youth are 8-17) tickets are $15 per day plus the $2 fee.  Under 8 years old are free.

Tickets for 2 days are $59 for adults and $20 for youth plus the $2 fee

There are also campground tickets which include entry for the music, you can check those prices here.

You cannot enter the campground without a music ticket.  There are three campgrounds and you can find out more about them at this link.

Check-in at the campgrounds begins at 9:30 am on Friday, September 16th.

Are you adventurous??  Check out the whitewater rafting. camping AND music package!!  This ticket includes lunch at the “gorge”.  Click here for more info on this package

How do I get there?

The map is here.

OK, so what kind of music are we talking about??

.This is the schedule of musicians on the Main Stage.

Saturday, September 17, 2011 Sunday, September 18, 2011
11:00 A.M. Jill Knight Trio   11:00 A.M. Ma Muse
  12:15 P.M.       Elliot Randall and the            Deadmen   12:15 P.M. The Brothers Comatose
  1:30 P.M. Keith Greeninger with  Dayan Kai, Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald   1:30 P.M. The Band of Heathens
   3:00 P.M. Ryan Shupe and the         RubberBand   3:00 P.M. Blame Sally
  4:30 P.M. Truth and Salvage Co.    4:30 P.M. James McMurtry

They will also have shows and workshops in the campgrounds.  Check the list here.

Here are three videos where you can check out the music.

BiPolar Pizza, Hope In The Truck

Truth And Salvage Company, Call Back

Blame Sally, Bird in the Hand!

What can I bring?  What can I NOT bring?

There are lists here for what you can/cannot bring to the Main Stage concert area and into the campgrounds.

So tell me more about Coloma.

You know I am from Sacramento and that my family has been here since 1850.  Actually one relative traveled to San Francisco by ship around the Horn and tip of South America, in 1847/48 and traveled inland to Sacramento.  He returned to his home in Washington DC before gold was discovered….dammit!!

His relatives eventually made it back to California after the Civil War.  So, we have been in this area for a bit.

Coloma is an interesting site and has been preserved and restored.

The discovery of gold and the stories of James Marshall and John Sutter and the subsequent gold rush has been told in thousands of books and I could not even attempt to tell it here without boring most of you.

But, take my advice:  when you go to the American River Music Festival take some time to visit Coloma and explore the area.  Even try panning for some gold.  They say the American River still holds four times as much gold as the 49ers removed from the riverbeds.  People still find very big gold nuggets.  hard work, definitely.



Visiting Sacramento, California?

The California State Capitol building in Sacra...

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If you visit Sacramento, California we do have a number of places to check out.

California State Capitol

The capitol was built in the 1850’s once Sacramento was designated as the permanent capitol.  The building was completely restored to it’s past glory just a few years back.

Besides the building there is a museum and a beautiful state park.

California State Capitol

Sutter’s Fort

For those who forget their history, John Sutter founded Sacramento, building a fort on his Spanish Land Grant.

Nice spot for a family outing.  Don’t miss it.  The city has grown around the fort but it is still there.  It was at Sutter’s Mill that gold was discovered in 1849.  Important site for sho.  The Living History days and the Annual Honored Elder days should not be missed.

Old Sacramento

The waterfront district where Sacramento started.  Now it is a few blocks of shops, a paddlewheel river boat great restaurant & bars.  Lots of history including underground tours of the original city and the Railroad Museum.

Here is a nice article with tips for places residents should visit in Old Sacramento.  It’s good for visitors as well!!  Dives, speakeasies, hard to find sites….nice.

The Railroad Museum

Sacramento was the western starting point as our nation worked to complete the transcontinental railway which ended with the golden spike connecting the eastern and western railway routes.  The Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento houses not only trains but one of the original golden spikes!

If you have ever watched Huell Howser’s California Gold series on PBS you have probably enjoyed his show about the railroad, the museum and the golden spike.  He made two shows about Sutter’s Fort.  Sacramento is famous even in the 21st century.

Crocker Art Museum

Sacramento not only has a number of very good art galleries and our 2nd Saturday Art Walk, but we have the Crocker Art Museum.  The museum is in the original Crocker mansion.  Those California history buffs out there remember the Crocker family.  Judge Erwin served on the State Supreme Court and his brother Charles was a member of the “Big Four”.

The mansion is a significant Victorian building, beautiful on the outside and simply stunning on the inside.  The site also house a modern gallery and beautifully landscaped grounds.







Sac State

There are quite a few colleges and universities in the Sacramento area.   Sac State (CSUS) is the first and sits on the storied American River.  Beautiful grounds.

Welcome to Sac State

California State Fair

Running now (July 2011) at Cal Expo (see my prior posts for more info).

Discovery Park

Sacramento lives at the confluence of two rivers.  The two rivers come together at the site of Discovery Park. Picnics, boats, watersports etc.

The Sacramento River which is the cities connection to the San Francisco bay and beyond., running thru the Delta.  Seen any movies about the Mississippi River or the Mississippi Delta??  Chances are it was actually Sacramento.

The American River where gold was first found and later the site of huge gold mining efforts.  Still gold in them thar hills!!

Below is the old bridge crossing the Sacramento River.

Coloma:  Gold is discovered!!

Gold was discovered in 1848 by James Marshall.  Marshall ran the mill on the American River for John Sutter.  He and Sutter died poor.  Crazy huh??

Family friendly historic site.  You can even pan for gold here and take home what you find.

So that’s my city.  I hope you can visit Sacramento soon.