2012 Summer Music Festival Seaon

The 2012 Summer Music Festival Season is almost upon us!!!

Are you ready?  Do you know where you will be going?  And who you will be listening to?? Do you even care this summer???

LOVE the summer music season…usually!  This year maybe not so much.

Summer outdoor music festivals offer plentiful listening opportunities, fresh air and a chance to catch up with festival-only friends.

You know, festival-only friends. They are like childhood summer camp friends, but with more facial hair.

The idea of being able to camp and share an experience, and a living environment – you end up creating these friendships that are very intense,” said Dan DeWayne, co-founder of the 16-year-old California WorldFest in Grass Valley. “You spend more time (with festival friends) than with your best friend.”

A festival friendship “is very leveling,” DeWayne added. “No one cares what you do with your outside life – what car you drive or what you do for a living.”

At festivals, musical affinity and/or discovering new acts matter more.”

Artober and the 2nd Saturday ArtWalk in Sacramento: October 8, 2011

October 8th is, indeed the 2nd Saturday of the month and in Sacramento that means it is time for our Art Walk.

And since this is October, that means that in Sacramento it is actually…..Artober!!

“It’s obvious in our theatres, murals, culinary offerings, literary readings, exhibits, local film making, and in the clubs and venues that host area musicians.”

Artober is 31 days of art & soul in Sacramento.

“Artober 2011 builds on a special promotional campaignArts.Open.October – that was launched in 2010 in response to Mayor Kevin Johnson’s call for increased visibility of the talent in Sacramento”.

October is also National Arts and Humanities Month .

2nd Saturday events during Artober include:


Oct 6 Opera at the Cathedral

Oct 7 Tower of North American Youth Film and Education Day

Oct 7 Nonprofit Resource Center Spotlight on Social Media for the Arts

Oct 9 Arts Open House at Community Center Theatre

Oct 15 Midtown Modern Arts Festival at 20th Street between J & K

And Second Saturday ArtsWalk all around the region!

Find more at the Artober link above as well as HERE.

The Second Saturday website can be found here and includes a great list of area artists and galleries with addresses and hours.

A nice map showing galleries in downtown, midtown, East Sacramento and the Oak Park areas is here.

You can contact 2nd Saturday via:  publisher@2nd-sat.com

And, if you are an artist and would like to be included in 2nd Saturday, you can submit an artists profile

by registering here.

And Permit Requirements for Second Saturday Art Walk may be found HERE.

Have fun at 2nd Saturday and enjoy all of Artober!!  You can Twitter @ARToberSac

Second Saturday is on FIRE tonight!!

This is the scene at 17th & K Streets…..

On October 13th celebrate Art Mix 125+1, 126 years of the Crocker Art Museum and the one year anniversary of the Teel Family Pavilion at the Museum, 216 O Street.  More at the link.

13th Annual Taste of Sacramento on October 14th.  Raising money for Easter Seals this year, 5:30-9:00 in a 51,000 sq foot room!  At the Sacramento Convention Center.  Check the link for tickets and more.

Also on the 14th, the Harvest Wine Tasting at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op, Alhambra Blvd and S Street.  Only $5 fro 5 pm to 7 pm.

Over the weekend of October 15th-16th we have the Midtown Modern Arts Festival.

20th Street between J & K Streets will be CLOSED for a great big block party!!

American Guns

American Guns.

This is a TV cable show that hasn’t even started yet.  It starts October 10th on the Discovery Channel.

Problem is–I already hate it.  Just from the commercials.

It seems like a rip-off of my favorite show (or nearly favorite), Sons of Guns.  At least they could have named it something dissimilar.

A cable show about a family that runs a gunsmithing shop and makes guns.  And then shoots the guns and blows shit up.

Nah….that’s not a rip-off.

As soon as some show gets big-time followers and has loads of peeps watching it, everyone wants a rip-off show.

This time it’s the Discovery channel ripping off a Discovery Channel show.


OK I watched it
Still think it is a ripoff of Sons of Guns.

Don’t think I will watch again.

December 4th:

I am glad that Sons of Guns is back for another season.

I hope they cancle American Guns fast.  I just don’t like it.

February 17th:

They had a marathon a few days ago.  I tried to watch it.

I like the guns.  I don’t like the show.  I try to put up with it because they show a lot of “regular” guns vs Sons of Guns which mostly shows custom weapons that I would never get a chance to buy.  Or shoot.

But the firearms that Red Jacket manufactures and sells are different.  Like that great combat 1911.  I can buy one of those!!

And I still like Sons of Guns better.

John Wall’s Natural California, photography & blog

In a past post about a Native American blog site I shared that I do not read many blogs anymore.  However, I love nature photography and landscape & wildlive photography.

Thanks to Walter Kitundu’s Bird Light Wind, I have added John Wall’s Natural California.  There are many photographers who are actually artists with a camera and Mr Walls certainly qualifies.

Check out his blog site and many photographs.  Sweet!!

Suiseki Japanese Rock Art

Suiseki.  The art of stone appreciation.  Rocks cut, formed and shaped by nature into beautiful and stunning works of art.

In Japanese culture very often smaller stones that represent the much larger formations that actually live as our hills and mountains.  Volcanic formations and other geological wonders all around us.

The love of my life had an uncle who made these  sculptures. They are not formed or cut, but natural rocks placed on hand-made bases which fit only one rock.

He always said the rocks called to him. He would be driving in the mountains, suddenly pull over slamming on his brakes and go scurrying down the hill, bringing back an incredible rock.

I have four of his pieces. This one below is from an artist in Japan.

More about Suiseki art here.

Suiseki is in essence the art of appreciation of stones, but may also refer to the stones or sculptures themselves.

The Mellow Monk has some good photos on his Green Tea Blog here

Stones shaped by nature.  Once you begin to see the beauty in these stones you cannot escape them..