Cadillac CTS-V Station Wagon Vs 911 Turbo in 1/4 Mile

OK class!  Pop quiz.  One question.

Who wins the 1/4 mile?

Cadillac station wagon with automatic tranny or the Porsche 911 Twin-Turbo?  Hint the Caddy has more HP but the Porsche weighs less and has a stick shift.

What’s your guess?  Well, don’t blink, cuz it’s over in 3.5 seconds.


More about this beast from Motor Trend.

Thanks @MotorTrend

I drive a CTS.  I love it.  Looks good, fast and powerful, luxury everywhere and it’s a caddy.  It’s a fine car, but when I heard station wagon??  It was just a big huh??  Now I want one.  I want to take some kid to school and slam his head back against the headrest.  Sit still sucka!!  Quit ya whining.

Update September 23rd:

You can enter to win a CTS-V here.

Sr vs Jr—Vote & Bid: The Cadillac CTS motorcycles and The Final Numbers

Vote!!  Sr or Jr?

and then bid to win the bike and help the charity and help Cure Duchenne.

UPDATE:  The voting and the auction has ended.

Who won??

Aside from Daddy’s constant bad mouthing of his son which confuses the hell out of me…….

Both were nice bikes just one of them was way way nicer.

Update late August:

But why would a father be so insane as to not only bad mouth his own son on national television, but to misrepresent what he says and does.  Such as, he fired Paul Jr.  Everyone heard him and we saw it on TV and in reruns.  Then Paul Sr starts saying ON TV that Jr quit.  WTF dude??  And saying that Paul Jr will build the Cadillac bike “out of his ass”.  Well if the winning bike was built out of Jr’s ass, where was OCC‘s bike built.  Someone on Facebook posted that the vote was 95% Jr to 5% Sr, but last I saw it was like 2-1.

Enough of that, because I kind of like Sr although he tires me greatly.  That bi-polar shit gets old fast.  I’m just glad he is not my father.  But Paul Sr got pwned by Paul Jr and this guy says Discovery Channel shut the vote down to save embarrassment of their ‘star’ on the American Chopper series.  he says the vote was 96% Paul Jr when they shut the voting down and I do know the Discovery Channel has NEVER issued the results of the voting.   I dunno…

My vote?  Paul Jr, easy choice, and thx @whereispauljr.  I own a Cadillac CTS and PJD’s bike captures it perfectlySr’s bike is nice, but Jr kicked his ass.

I am lousy at hints…..

Update September 19th:

Tonight on American Chopper they finally let the cat out of the bag on the Cadillac bike builds.

It seems like we were bidding on which bike we thought should win at least a year ago.

Tonight Mikey brought his Apple laptop into PJD, brought up the Discovery Channel website and announced the winner of the public vote on which Caddillac bike won…..Sr or Jr (??)

Without any drama, the PJD (Jr’s) bike was the winner.

The vote was something like 244,000 to 9,000.

No, I’m serious.  No joke.  That was the final vote rounded down a bit.

So now I know why Discovery took the whole thing off their site and OCC (Sr) hasn’t said a word about it for months.

It is really kind of humiliating.  I mean, Jr’s bike was the best but that kind of ass whooping really has more to do with how the public is viewing Sr and his behavior toward Jr and Mikey especially the whole firing shit.

Today the Discovery Channel website put the vote & bid page backup including their final vote results, a little higher  than the numbers Mikey shared on the show.

Anyway, congratulations @whereispauljr & PJD folks, and nice build OCC staff.  It was a nice bike.  They were both nice bikes and I am glad to see that a good sum of money was raised for Cure Duchenne

Update September 23rd:

You can enter to win a CTS-V here.

The iPod Nano–gen 4 & 5 vs gen 6 and The iPod Touch

A photograph of the touch-sensitive "clic...

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If you saw my earlier post on what happened on my street last week you know my iPod was stolen.

I loved that gen 4 Nano.  Blue and engraved on the back “Lee’s Cadillac“.  Looked like this ‘cept the color.

iSkin Duo Case (Frost Clear)

I now bought a gen 6 Nano.  It cost basically the same as I paid for the first one.  $100 or so.  But the kicker is that my 4th gen player is selling for $300!!!

I had an iPod Touch and liked it a lot.  But the dam thing just didn’t like the water.  I said “sink or swim buddy”.  Damned if it didn’t go ahead and sink!!!

Apple 8GB Refurbished iPod nano 6th Generation (Green)

I like the old one.  This one is like 2 inches square.  So small.  incredibly so.  Thx @apple for such great products!!

Update September 19th:

So, I have had my iPod Nano for a few months now and wanted to give you an update on my experience so far.

I installed the iPod in my Cadillac CTS, replacing the stolen Gen 4 Nano that .  The Caddy, as you probably know, was one of the first cars to be iPod ready for both sound and data and allowing the steering wheel mounted controls to take over the iPod buttons and switches,

Once it installed with their special cable, you can completely control the iPod and never have to touch it again.  In fact you store it in a little cubby beneath the flip-up divider between the front seats and never even see it except when you pull it out to sync it and add some new songs.

The small size works well for the Cadillac installation.  The Gen 4 Nano fit, but not as well as the new Gen 6.

Of course the steering wheel controls work the same and the Bose sound is the same since I made no changes to the sound system.

I am happy with the Nano, but I still like my iPod Touch better.  I use it for most applications outside the car and I like  the functionality and apps.  Kind of like an iPhone without the phone.  🙂  And, of course I use my Droid smartphone as a MP3 player if that’s all I have.

Syncing the Apple products is just so much easier.  Trouble-free and simple.  In fact, that’s my standard complaint about Apple.  They make things so simple to use it is like a 6th grader designed them.  It’s good but it’s strange.

I feel comfortable recommending the Nano for installation in a car and with the accessories like the arm band holder I imagine the small size would be better appreciated in non-car applications like jogging, travel etc.

But all things considered I would say buy the iPod Touch if you are looking for a player.  The  applications that you can install and the ability to use it as an e-reader (mini-Kindle), video machine, game machine etc, make it the easier choice.  Unless it is a price decision.  Then you are better off looking for some generic MP3 player.  There are many good ones.

Interested in how Apple came up with the Gen 6 Nano design?

Click this link and you can read a good article on the process that took Apple from the design of the Gen 4/5, which was stolen from my car, to the Gen 6 Nano that I bought as a replacement.  It also discusses the iPod Shuffle, which I have not used.

My motor vehicles

I saw a blog today where the dude listed his cars, had photos and discussed their +’s & -‘s.

Somewhere I have pics of each (old timey printed photos from negatives). Do u kids even know what those r??

So until i find them and fry my scanner FZZZZZT getting them converted to digital, the list below will have to suffice.

late 50s Plymouth 2 door
friends of my mom gave me this car when their oldest son went in the Air Force and off to Libya. They bought it new and it was like 1970 when I got it. It had a pushbutton transmission which was cool cool cool. But it had electrical gremlins which created an untraceable short which drained the battery. Lots of pushing. Someone had also poured hot oil all over it. Untouchable stains. They repainted but it still leaked thru.

1962 Volkwagon Bug
How could you go to college in late 60s/early 70s without a Bug?? Loved that car. went thru 2 engines. Eventually traded it for the Cutlass.

early 60s English Ford 2 door
I bought this from the guy across the street in like 1975. Never saw another. Like he told me “when you can start it up it just runs and runs. Of course starting it was often a problem. Unless you pushed it. Traded it for a 10 speed bike and a horn from a big horn sheep.

1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass 2 door (can you see i like coupes??)
I bought this in 1979. big special order 403ci V8, HD brakes and trasmission. Yellow hard top with tan interior and bench seat. Great car, hot looking, chick magnet. I owned it for like 23 years and eventually donated it for the tax deduction.

2002 Nissan Maxima. Tannish/brownish/goldish color. they called it sandstone think.
Sweet ride. Never had a problem. Traded it in for the Acura.

2004 Acura TL. Might have been my favorite if my Caddy wasn’t listening.
I wanted the white one but they gave me a discount on the dark gray. I came to love that color and the car took a zillion trips (as did the others) to Tahoe, Monterey, Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco environs etc.

2008 Cadillac CTS. I traded in the Acura.
Big 304hp DI V6. The CTS is all creases and angles. From the front (or in your rearview) it looks like a big ole caddy. but it’s actually a mid-size car. I love it and I’m glad i bought it.

Next car:
Hard to say but I still want the Porsche Cayman and love the ride of the E Class Merc. But I love trucks….just not the mileage part. And bad ass bikes……just not the crashing part.

we shall see. what have you driven? favorite? photos??

The Cadillac CTS-V Station Wagon, A Red Hot Wagon

Never wanted a wagon but this Cadillac CTS-V Wagon is a hottie and gots an excellent review.

Scare the heck outta your wife and kids while you smoke that new (or old) Camaro at the light.  550 horses in EVERY GEAR??

my god…..the kids would be in the back just screaming and the wife would be plastered against the seat with that look of fear in her eyes!

Check the post and see this monster race the Porsche 911 Twin-Turbo in the 1/4 mile here.

And watch the Top Gear series on the Discovery Channel when the Cadillac CTS-V wagon races a Ferrari on a quarter mile track.

I drive a Cadillac CTS and love it.  Even in the non-V setup the 306hp direct injection engine has a ton of power and torque to boot.  The V models?  It’s like a fucking jet under your foot.  Believe me.

Better yet, go test drive your choice of the Cadillac CTS-V series.

The salesmen must be used to peeps speeding…..just a tad??

Here is the Hennessey dyno test on the CTS-V wagon.

And check out the new Cadillac Ciel concept.  it will be produced and is just beautiful.

Be safe and have fun .

Update September 23rd:

You can enter to win a CTS-V here.