Custom Built Motorcycles

This post is a DRAFT until I say so.  Why?  Cuz I said so.

Custom built motorcycles.

Who doesn’t love custom motorcycles.  Choppers, Cafe Racers, Drag Racers, Bobbers, E-VOs, Rats.  I love ’em all.  I wish I owned one of each!  And I wish I could build my very own custom chopper.

That was my plan when I retired.  Build a bike like I want and save the money that labor costs.  A sweet cafe racer or chopper.

Then I got sick and injured and haven’t gotten back to a healthy spot that would allow me to build my dream.  But I still have the dream.

If you have the $35,000 to $100,000 that custom bikes cost…sweet!

HERE is a great list of custom motorcycle builders across the U.S.  It’s a great list of some really top-tier builders.  You will recognize a lot of the shop names on the Custom Cut List.  The list was posted to Twitter by @TheBarHopper1

If you want to build a motorcycle check out this list of Things to Consider from the good folks at and @ToddHalterman.


The Dirtbag Challenge

Each year in San Francisco, California enthusiasts are given $1,000 and three months to build their original Rat Bike.

This was a 2nd Place winner from a prior years contest.  I like it a lot.

Dirt Bag Challenge 2Nd Place

Check out this video from 2009.

They have a facebook page here.

When:  August 14th, 2011

Where:  Revere Ave in the Hunter’s Point District  (remember OJ Simpson?  ‘swhere he grew up)

Hunter’s Point/Bayview pics & directions are here.

Starts:  9:00 a.m. be prepared to ride your Rat at least 100 miles.  Bike don’t make it, yer outs.

Party:  2:00 p.m.

2010 article with info from a spectator is interesting.

Be a real dirtbag and go check it out.

Update:  check their Facebook page for results and member comments.  Peeps were kickin it and seems a good time was had by all.


Denver’s Choppers in Las Vegas—Mondo

Well, actually Denver’s Choppers is in Henderson, Nevada.


1010 Stephanie Place, A1 * Henderson, NV 89014



Map & driving instructions are here.

Denver Mullins is gone now, much much too soon.

But Mondo is still there and still building wicked sick choppers old school style.  Plus they sell their revolutionary springer front ends.  Where would the chopper world be without them??

Mondo has been designing and building his choppers with Denver’s Choppers since 1967!!  That’s almost 45 years of motorcycle building.  Wonder is Mondo knows how many bikes he has built?

On the website there is a great David Mann painting of two of Mondos bikes that were actually build 30 years apart!

Mondo truly is the Godfather of Choppers.  And new builders are still learning from him.

Next time you are in Las Vegas stop in Mondo’s shop  say hi, &check out his bikes.

Mondo had a sweet chopper they built for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-off series when he went head to head with Indian Larry.  Two legends, maybe the two best chopper builders EVER.  Indian Larry won that one with his amazing chain frame cycle, but Mondo built one sweet looking machine.

Unfortunately Indian Larry is no longer with us.  Say a prayer for Denver Mullins and Indian Larry.

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

Alleged photo of Crazy Horse of the Black Hill...

Image via Wikipedia

10,000 miles thru all lower 48 states and north into Canada!!!!!

What a wild idea and what fucking a ride.

You only have to travel the entire 10K if you are competing for prizes & awards.  The rest of us can join in for a mile or a few thousand.

Ha Ha @me.

August 19 update:  Riders and organizers start the longest push of the Challenge.  They will ride 2,100 miles until their next stop.

A Facebook page tracking at least most of the arrivals is here.

August 24th Update:  We have finishers in the 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge!

August 27 Update:  More finishers in the 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge!!

Named finishers are:

5 – Karl Netherland
16 – Marc Story
50 – Robert Crawford
55 – Michael McGuire
175 – Frank Kelly
264 – Terry Meyer
341 – Robert Carlo
600 – Shaun VanBeber
601 – Michael Fox
604 – James Huffman
639 – Scott Jenkins
654 – James Howatson
668 – Thomas Kinsey
682 – Brent Witters
683 – Dennis Kelly
703 – William Barclay
605 – Mark James
649 – Kelly Withers
676 – Stan Kistler
677 – Debra Langley
685 – Wendy Battles
Posted by Hoka Hey Challenge
2011 at 5:48  PM

Sign up for the official Hoka Hey Challenge newsletter here.

The 2011 ride started August 5th in Arizona.  It may take them a couple days to finish the ride, ya think??

Check the website above for 2011 details plus a great interactive map for tracking the progress and lots of pics & stories from the 2010 run.

I’ll tell ya… butt hurts and my kidneys are taking a beating just thinking about it.

Ride safe and have fun guys.  Wish I was there.

Hoka Hey is Lakhota and tho a lot of folks say it means the infamous “It’s a good day to die” my friend says it means more along the lines of “Let’s go”.  It is said to have been the phrase Crazy Horse used as the Lakhota rode into battle.

So saddle up your chopper & Hoka Hey.

If you are riding or you will meet up with these riders message me at twitter @zenDr or leave a comment here.

And thanks @lasvegasharley for pointing me in the right direction.  Again.

September 17th:  The 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge is officially declared over!!

“Rider #660, Aristotle Liceralde arrived at the finish line at Ramsay’s Harley-Davidson in Sydney, NS (Nova Scotia) at 5:35p.m. Atlantic Time – just 43 days after leaving Mesa, AZ.”

I join the Hoka Hey folks in saying congratulations to Aristotle and all of the 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge finishers & participants.  They should all be very proud of their accomplishments.

October 9, 2011:

The 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge  posted their awards and recognitions today for “World’s Top Riders competing in a 14,000 mile cross country event. The course took them through 48 states and 2 Canadian Provinces and ended in Cape Breton, Canada. ”  Amazing!!!

Beyond the challenge of this race, “This year, the Hoka Hey went high tech and utilized GPS tracking devices to monitor the riders to insure compliance with the prescribed route of navigation. All finishers complied with the route but the top riders had to submit to polygraph exams for further scrutiny into their compliance of the many rules. ”

What a tough tough race.  Read the remainder at the link above.

Make your plans now for the 2012 Hoka Hey.  Ride hard and have fun.

Photo of bike builder Indian Larry

If you are a fan of the Biker Build-off series, or just a big chopper fan, check out the photo of the late great Indian Larry often touted as the greatest chopper builder of all-time.

Just don’t click “next” too many times.  Then you can avoid seeing the blues guitarist Johnny Winter.  Never an attractive guy, even compared to his brother Edgar, this photo will frighten your children and give you a reason to down that bottle of Jack….today!!

Choppers again

Although the chopper posts may not have a ton of fans, I like em.  So there.

Wayne makes bikes at his Wicked Willy’s shop in North Carolina.








This black chopper at Chopper City has been sold.  Did you buy it for me?  I am such a beggar.





ummmmm…’s a Honda??  whoa jimmy.







This chop is actually named Wicked.  Another bike that was sold.  Dam!!!  85 k too












So that’s it at least for now.  But if you keep coming back I will keep posting.  Subscriptions are appreciated as are (real) comments.

C ya

More Chopper Sites

To start:  here is an excellent write-up on the history of motorcycles.   It should be required reading for any rider or anyone who thinks they want to ride a bike.

it is also a good site for all of you dirt bike aficionados.  They also have a lot of scooter information (motorized and not).

History is important to all of us that live today.  Without the brothers who came before us we would not have the freedom to ride that we enjoy now.

Take some time to learn the history because it is your history.

All American Cycles is not only a registered HD dealer but they have custom bikes of all types including this hot chopper.  Chop chop…..








Bones Choppers has pics of many really nice choppers.  I like their philosophy:  “If it doesn’t make it faster, you don’t need it”

Chica’s Black Magic cycle is for sale.







Just 45k.  Buy 2 and donate the extra to ME!!

I have an entire post about Chica and his bikes here.  For my money, Chica designs and builds the best custom bikes around.  I just wish I could afford one.

Hawgzotic is another great Canadian builder.  Nice red Hawg.

Chopper Biz

I cannot count high enough to list all of the kustom (or even custom) bike shops that exist.  Some of the sites I have seen on the web include:  lots of photos in their chopper section

Screamin Demon shows some wicked choppers including Jack Daniels







If you watch the Biker Build-off series you know Indian Larry and his story.  Sweet choppers.  This is the Love Zombie







You have heard of East Los Angeles (East L.A.)??  This is East Los Choppers baby.  And this is the Grasshopper








And Amen Motorcycles brings us this wicked sick bike.  I love this thing








Last up is BigDickCustom….cuz I jus like the name

p.s.  is there a bike in this pic??







way to go you Dick!

Counts Kustoms part III

Ill, just ill.  Thanks Danny @DannyCountKoker

This is a great little youTube

Wicked paint jobs

There are some real artists out there and the internet allows you to see their work that otherwise you might miss.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a hot rod, a motorcycle or a helmet, these are just some wicked paint jobs.

First up is Rock & Roll painting.  Don’t think I could wear one of the helmets, a bit over the top.  The cars though are supreme and the trucks and bikes are sweet.  Ck their tins and tanks too.

Crazy Horse paints sticks mostly to choppers and hot rods.  Nice!!  I love Las Vegas…..

















A  youTube with nice paint