The Tron Light Cycle

Daft Punk performing in 2007

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While you are at it, after the Paul Junior Designs (PJD) Gears of War 3 trike, did you see the SciFi movie Tron?

Well, now there is a Tron Light Cycle and apparently it is street legal.  “More science than fiction”.

Parker Brothers Choppers: (Parker Brothers being Marc and Shannon, not the game company)

“Still, we have to give kudos to the brothers for producing a faithful  interpretation that can be yours for $55,000. Daft Punk soundtrack, ability to  fly, and bike “invisible” switch sold separately.”

The version in the video runs on a 96 volt battery and the guys say that from the looks of it a “used golf cart would leave it in the dust”.

However the brothers claim a 100 mph and 100 mile range on a 3 hour charge.  And now you can win it online.  Check the details here.  Make a video telling folks why you should have the cycle, and it could belong to you!!

And the Parker Brothers Choppers website is here.

More Motorcycle Blogs & Sites

You know I love choppers (actually most bikes) and hot rods, well here are a few more blogs & websites for you to check out.

The World Of Motorcycles

Vintage motorcycles, sport & racing motorcycles and custom motorcycles.  In addition to a ton of photos of great bikes, they have good writing.  Check out the history of Harley-Davidson .  It’s a great & detailed article and includes links to Harley racing sites and restoration sites.  Nice!

“The site also contains reference links to vintage British, Italian, and American parts suppliers, restorers, vintage motorcycle collectors, owner’s clubs, after-market manufacturers, vintage bike shows, auctions, reference books, and historical motorcycle websites.”

This is a 1913 Excelsior motorcycle from The World Of Motorcycles.

Darwin Motorcycles

Darwin partners with some world-class companies to build their Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers.  You can find them on Twitter @brassballcycles.

This is the Digger Black Elite.
Brass Balls Digger Black Elite


Bike EXIF describes their site:  “This site offers a dose of the coolest motorcycles, several days a week. That  means custom motorcycles, classic motorcycles, cafe racers, racing motorcycles  and style icons. I’m passionate about design, photography and classic  motorcycles, and Bike EXIF is a way to combine all three—and connect with other  people who share the same interests.”

I really like this site and I follow them on Twitter @BikeEXIF.  They offer daily updates by e-mail (sign up on their site) and they have a Facbook page.  Very connected!  And they love Moto-Guzzi‘s.  Check this one out.

Art In Motion

These folks build custom bikes & trikes and have a full-service shop in Florida.

This is their 1st Place 3 Wheeler from a Rat’s Hole event in 2008.

Asphalt & Rubber

A & R was founded in 2008 and has quickly become a leading voice covering news of the motorcycle industry including the business end of designing and building motorcycles.  They are becoming deeply involved in the budding electric motorcycle industry.  It is predicted that within 20 years the majority of bikes being built will be electric.  What a shocking change that will be.

Interested in the future of electric motorcycles?  One place to check out is Brammo   They are on Twitter @BrammoSays and @BrammoForum  I’m a motor head but they have some great looking bikes with surprisingly good specs.

I’m not a huge MotoGP fan but these Ducati’s are sweet.

V-Force Customs

Do you watch American Chopper on the Discovery Channel  You know these guys from Orange County Choppers.  Vinnie and Cody went with Paul Jr after the family meltdown and build bikes at Paul Jr Designs.

Vinnie always made me laugh when he was working at OCC and he is a master technician and mechanic.  He was instrumental, along with Rick Petko, in building those great custom theme bikes.  Cody joined OCC at like the age of 16 and they treated him like the youngest son including giving him a nice bike that Cody & Paul  Senior designed and built (NoteI was wrong.  Cody is now suing OCC & Paul Sr for a number of reasons including the fact that he never was physically given the bike he built.  Sr “gave” the kid the bike on the TV show but apprently took it back or changed his mind or just never followed thru???  Hard to tell with Sr, but Cody didn’t get the bike so he is now suing as of February 2012) plus sending him to motorcycle mechanics school and taking him down to Daytona for Bike Week when he was still a teen.  What a ride for a kid.

Vinnie and Cody also build bikes under their own brand, V-Force Customs.  You often see Vinnie now wearing V-Force hats on the American Chopper show.

This is their V-Force Deuce.  Sweet bike.

Motorcycle, Chopper and Hot Rods Blogs

Some new chopper & motorcycle blogs that I found and like a lot include:

From the United Kingdom we have ………….6.9%………….

This is a nice mostly motorcycle blog.  The guy keeps it simple.  It’s about his bikes, friends and interests.  That’s all.

Lots of pics and stories about his sports bikes and track racing too.

I like this blog enough to join.  Wish I could go to the UK and ride the backroads of En gland and especially Scotland.  Meet some of my old timey Scottish bloods.

Eat The Rich UK is also a blog from the United Kingdom.  It’s solely about Hot Rods and motorcycles after 40 years of chopping up “perfectly good vehicles”.  Cool pasttime!!

Another Shitty Day in Paradise is a blog all about the authors’ shovelhead and custom bike builds after 15 years.

This one is for sale and promises to make hipsters swoon and girls weak at the knees.

I am adding Pipeburns website here just because I really love their hot drag bike!!

This is a 1969 Triumph drag bike.  It’s beautiful isn’t it??

Although I have some Scottish blood flowing in my multi-racial veins, I have always been attracted to the bikes that Irish Rich designs and builds.   I really like his Applied Machete blog too.

“Irish Rich is the owner of Shamrock Fabrication, a “no frills” custom motorcycle and fabrication shop. Rich has been involved with custom motorcycles and hot rods for over 40 years, and is a member of the Sinners, out of Southern California. Rich and his motorcycles have appeared in Street Chopper, DicE Magazine, The Horse, Easyriders, IronWorks, Bigtwin, Jesse James‘ documentary “The History Of The Chopper“, and One World Studios’ “The Harbortown Bobber“. ”

From Irish Rich’s blog:  “A great photo of the ’84 FXRDG Disc Glide. Total production for the FXRDG was 863 units, including 10 FXRSDG’s with the longer Sport front ends.”  Here is Rich’s fxrsdg

Check these sites out, you may find one or two to join or at least keep going back to.

And ride hard but be safe.

Matt Hotch and His Custom Choppers

Matt Hotch has been building custom motorcycles since he was 16 years old!

He has wowed the chopper world as a grand champion on Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-off series. As far as I am concerned, matt designs and builds the BEST bikes around. And, yes that is saying a lot, but check out his bio and check out his bikes. Amazing shit.

The Discovery Channel video is here.

Not only do the lines of his bikes flow, but he takes risks. BIG risks in his designs. He sees things the rest of us could never imagine. Not without his help anyway.  Thanks @matthotchdesign

You see his designs in action and just thing “How the hell…..”

Matt won TWO biker build-offs in a row in 2004 & 2005.  When he built his 2004 bike he was just 24 years old and a self-taught welder and metal fabricator.  Shocked the hell out of me when I saw his first bike, Chingon and listened to his design theories.

How many bike builders do you know that design and build their choppers all alone??  In a 10,000 squared foot shop?  By alone I mean he does it all except build his motor and tranny.  Everything else is his and he has no help.  Zero.  He works alone.  OK, you get it now so I’ll shut up.

It’s difficult for me to pick the Top bike builder or the Top bike in the world.  I know therre are so many bikes I have never seen and so many builders I know nothing about.  Not to mention all of the up & coming genius who are 5-10 years away from the top.  But for my money, Hotch may build the best bikes overall that are out there.  And he is as young as those “up & comers”.  Choppers or dirt bikes racers or cruisers, Matt seems to be able to envision and build them all.

You have probably seen his Vincent racer that sped on the Bonneville Salt Flats.  Hotch did not win with his Vincent, losing to the notorious Roger Goldammer, but what a hot beautiful racer this is.  Here is an interview.

Chica Custom Cycles

Chica is one of the great motorcycle buildersof our time  and has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-off series.

Chica’s Custom Cycles website is here.

Chica has a blog too, it is here.

Not only does Chica design and build some truly wicked choppers, he sells his own tins, wheels, modified frames, etc.







The shop is in it’s 15th year mof building great bikes.

Contact Info:

7522 Slater Ave., #126, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 U.S.A.
Phone: 714-842-9587           714-842-9587
 Fax: 714-842-9087

Here is Chica’s shop.







Chica is originally from southern Japan and started out as a Honda mechanic who had a passion for Harleys.  Now he builds old school choppers with modern technology.  So they ride well, easier to maintain and all the modern doo-dads.

Let’s look at bikes!!




















I really like Chica’s choppers.  Great designs, yes.  But for me it’s how the design is carried out.  And these bikes are honest choppers and they flow from front to tail.  Nothing seems out of place and nothing seems to be added just to catch your eye.

Things are on the bike for function sake.  But they look beautiful too.  Beauty and function?  That is sweet.

Check this beast out.  I need to ear up just to look at it.  Some serious pipes.














If you are in SoCal or visiting Los Angeles go check out Chica’s shop.  Say hello and score yourself a sweet bike or wheels or just a T shirt.  Have fun.