20th Annual California Hot Rod Reunion October 21st to 23rd, 2011

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The 20th Hot Rod Reunion in California is almost here!

Presented by the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) this event was envisioned as a one-time event twenty years ago.  Now it is a very famous hot rod event in its 20th year, and getting bigger and better each year.

The NHRA Motorsports Museum has a website about the Reunion here.

Where is the reunion?

Bakersfield, California

Auto Club Famoso Raceway

When is the reunion?

October 21-23, 2011

You can purchase your tickets here.  You can buy a 3 day” quarter-mile” package for $130.00.  Are you an AAA member?  Discount!!

The regular 3 day credential is $65.00

The one day admission is $25.00

October 7th:

Hot Rod Magazine has a reminder letting us know that “Kate Everard will be on site representing Hot Rod Deluxe and signing prints of her Hot Rod Deluxe cover on Friday 10/21 from 11am-4pm and Saturday 10/22 from 10am-4pm.” and points out that you can find more information at the official Hot Rod Reunion site HERE.

The Hot Rod Reunion photo gallery is up and beautiful.  Check it out at the link and look for your car and your own photo!

Here are two of my faavorites….parked right next to each other!!  How did that happen boys?

Give A Little Love To The Hot Rods

I gotta lot of love for the first hot rod builders.  Always lusted for a hot rod since I was a little dude in the 50s and continued that love affair up to today.

Check out the hot rods and custom build projects from the guys at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff  in Escondido, California.

I love old pickup trucks too.  It’s (mostly) a guy thing.  This project is a beauty.

I would love to own this Mercury convertible.  Hell, I would pay good money just to ride in it!!

And check out this 1932 Ford Deuce….a true hot rod!!  Reminds me of the rods I used to see as a kid.  So many of them were chopped up 20 year old Fords.

Where to find Hot Rods & Custom Stuff:

2324 Auto Park Way | Escondido, California 92029 1-800-Hot-Rod-5  (1-800-468-7635)

Randy Clark has 40,000 sq feet in his shop and 30 employees to bring his creations to life.

Here is an interview with Randy and a TON of great pics of his shops hot rods.  Check it out.

They build ot rods in Australia too!  What did you think they drove?  Kangaroos??

Check out the Hot Rod Hi-Way website.

This 34 Ford “Airhog: started out like this and ended up the red & white beauty below.


Make your ride a hot rod and you will have tons of fun.  Gimme a ride brother!!

1946 Ford Convertible

This beautiful black Ford is from Rod & Custom Magaszine.

I love this hot rod for a number of reasons.

It is a beautiful restoration, front to back and wait until you check out the interior!

My Grandfather owned a 1944 Ford hard top.  Not as sweet as this, but I sure loved that car.  He called it “a fohty foh fohd” in his bit of a southern accent.  He had moved to California as a child before 1900 and really had no accent, but when he talked about his ’44 it came with accent and all.  Grandpa’s was a 2 door Coupe Deluxe.  Would make a real nice hot rod!

Here is that hot interior I promised you, beginning with the steering wheel & dash.

The last shot is the sweet engine compartment.

Wicked paint jobs

There are some real artists out there and the internet allows you to see their work that otherwise you might miss.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a hot rod, a motorcycle or a helmet, these are just some wicked paint jobs.

First up is Rock & Roll painting.  Don’t think I could wear one of the helmets, a bit over the top.  The cars though are supreme and the trucks and bikes are sweet.  Ck their tins and tanks too.

Crazy Horse paints sticks mostly to choppers and hot rods.  Nice!!  I love Las Vegas…..

















A  youTube with nice paint