Daytona Bike Week 2012

Photo © by Jeff Dean

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Daytona Bike Week 2012 is almost here.

Motorcycles motorcycles motorcycles.

Motorcycle heaven.

When:           March 9th – 18th

Where:          Daytona, Florida of course

Daytona is one of the biggest, baddest, wildest bike events each year.

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Looking for a place to stay?  Here is a full list of hotels in Daytona and nearby.

And make sure you enter to win the Official 2012 Daytona Bike Week Bike!

This bike is worth $35,000 so make sure you ride it home.

Maybe because of the weather.  And the beach.  And the girls.

You often get a brief, cleansing downpour of Florida rain…and then that beautiful (humid) sunshine.

There’s a ton of bikers in Florida but the vibe is just different from Sturgis.  More accommodating to newbies and wannabes.

And more chicks.  Must be the weather.  More bikinis than in Sturgis too.

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You see every type of bike at Daytona.  Choppers, drag bikes, race bikes, vintage bikes, Rats….everything.  Japanese, Italian, British, German and of course good old American Steel

Don’t miss the Limpnickie Lot  Next-Gen motorcycle builders, and take part in Cathy’s  Help Ride on the 13th of March.

And the biggest Swap Meet I have even seen on March 16th.

Maybe you will run into some full-skirted Indian Chief, or beautiful old Henderson, or a bike I have never seen in person and am still searching for…a original Crocker.  Search under ever old palm tree out in that field.

I am a motorcycle nut and a history nut.  Do you know that between 1896 and 1953 there were like 250 American motorcycle manuafacturers?  And of those only Harley-Davidson remains.  It’s a good company and I am glad it lasted.  But I wish some of the others had made it thru.

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