Buy A New Droid or A New iPhone??

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Note:  This post started as me working thru my search for a smartphone to replace my elderly Motorola Droid.

I have moved the part of this posted related to the legal wranglings between Samsung and Apple to HERE.

And the portion of this post related strictly to the rumors about the upcoming Samsung Nexus Prime and the Apple iPhone 5 HERE.

This post will continue to be about just my search for a new phone and eventually I’ll include a review of that phone.  Maybe.  I think.

It quickly morphed into a post about the Samsung v Apple legal fight.

And now mostly is about rumors swirling around the Samsung Prime and the iPhone 5.  I still have not purchased a phone, the Droid took too long.

it will probably be between the 5 and the Prime and I will probably buy a new phone in October (according to the rumors maybe even October 4th.

This post though is becoming unwieldy as it is covering 3 distinct subjects.  So, when I find time maybe this weekend, I will pull out the old butcher knife and cut it up into 3 posts:  1)  what phone to buy (2) Samsung vs Apple in the courts (3) Rumors re:  iPhone 5 and Samsung Prime.

In the meantime, have fun.

I have a Motorola Droid.  I like it a lot.  I know how it works and even appreciate the phone and OS quirks although Google policies piss me off greatly.

I like the iPhone as well and have been looking forward to the iPhone 5.  Always cutting edge shit from Apple.

I went with Droid because Verizon>ATT was an easy choice.

Now Verizon is offering their usual phone discount plus fifty bucks to get a new phone.  Assuming I do that, because I always want new crap, what phone should I get?

Updated choice:  Now that Google bought Motorola Mobility this tech writer says run fast cuz the Motorola name is no more  

The fact that the Nexus name is no longer Googleized  somehow just isn’t as bad to me.

I like Google, they survive in a MS Windows world that has killed off all other competitors.  But they have policies that thwart users and even getting acceptable answers (if you can get your question to them) is nearly impossible.

Example:  I have gmail on my Droid, the account was set up when I bought the phone.  I was very ill at the time and a friend set it up for me.  I know my nic but not my password.  And my friend of course doesn’t remember, doesn’t need to.  I can reach my mail on the phone because the password loads automatically.  But I can’t access it on any other device.

So I went to the google/gmail site to work thru the password rest process.  Easy right?  Cannot do it.  No way.  I cannot do it even if I access the email account via the Droid.

And once I got someone at Google (god knows who, as they will not tell you) to look at my question about how to reset the password, the answer from Google was and is:  you cannot reset your password UNLESS you know your password.  You cannot answer any personal questions to prove you are you.  You can do NOTHING.  If you forgot your password you are shit out of luck.  Even though my phone knows the password.

And I can’t reset it on the phone because Google wants me to manually enter the password to get access to their website.

What?  I need my email password just to access the gMail/Google website?

What?  Really??  WTF???

Is there another phone I should consider?  Some Windows 7 phone?

Well known tech writer hates the iPhone but trembles at the thought of Android.

Trembling is a bit idiotic, no??

Update September 16th:

I received an email from Verizon @VerizonWireless offering $100 off on the new Bionic which lists from them at $299.  I thought cool.  I already have the ” $50 new in 2″ discount so that would make it $149, maybe I should take a look at the physical phone and pull the plus.

So I reply to the email and ask the discount question:  can I combine the two discounts?

Answer….well, it took 4 emails and 3 phone calls (which I told Verizon I did not want.  When I say email I mean EMAIL!) and after telling me ( 1)  they did not send me a $100 discount on a Bionic email  (2) they do not offer a $50 dollar “new in 2 years” discount  (3)  They do not discount “new” phones (only OLD phones?)  and a few other pieces of shit lies, they finally said (1) yes, they sent discount emails for $100 off on the Bionic  (2)  they did send me the $50 discount  (3)  no, I was not eligible for the $100 discount even though I received the offer and still have a copy ! and a lawsuit would probably support that fact and the offer, correct or not (4)  I could use the $50 discount on the Bionic, but I will never get another as they have scrapped the “new after 2 years” program (no such thing Verizon?  Even though you still offer it??)  and other blah blah blah

So, I broke down and visited an AT&T @ATT store.  Sparse, no iPhones on display.  Not the 4, not even the 3.  Can’t hold one in your hand and they seemed to be without any paper info on the phone although they did have a real nice poster (!?!).  I did like the feel and look of the Samsung Infuse.  Nice 4.5″ display, light but comfortable in the hand.  2.2 Android, not even sure if it will update to Ice Cream crap.  probably not.  The HTC Windows 7 phone seemed nice ,but not 4g?

But the Windows 7 phone led me to this:

An interesting article on the future of “smartphones”  Basically the premise is phones are now software items, not hardware.  Something that is so obviously true that I never even thought of it.  His point is that somewhere in the next 5 years or so all of us will realize it and phones will then cost $19 because the only real cost is the cost of the quality glass used for the display.  The rest is cheap plastic and a few wires.  The processors and memory are dirt cheap now.

He poses the question:  Why did Microsoft get into the phone business?  (Yes, they are an evil monster that wants to control every singles aspect of our lives.  I know that.  But really, why??)  And his answer makes so much sense:  They came to realize phones are all about the software, and they are a software company.  And software is cheap.  Have you seen the drop in Microsoft Office suites?  So cheap now that they don’t even offer the old “upgrade” price.  They just sell the newest version at the old “upgrade” price.

The updates on our phones may be a MM in size, or better glass or stronger plastic…..but really, the updates on an iPhone 4 vs iPhone 5 will be 99% software.  And the difference between the iOS and the Android phones is 99% software.

So now I am wondering how stupid I am to spend my time pondering what phone to buy and when I can get the latest “software”, and wasting your time if you read this.

October 6th:

So….the iPhone 5 became the iPhone 4S???  Are you shitting me?  After all of that drama???

So now I guess I wait for October 11th and the introduction of the Samsung Nexus Prime.

October 8th:

Jobs dies, Samsung & Google delay.  Now the Prime is scheduled for the 27th.

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Likes/Dislikes?

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A New iPhone or New Droid?