My television viewing habits

are basically (well totally) man stuff and include

History Channel

Discovery Channel

  • American chopper & variants
  • Sons of Guns
  • One Man Army (sometimes)
  • Dual Survival
  • Deadliest Catch (if I hafta)
  • Biker Build-off
  • Myth Busters
  • Dirty Jobs (kinda tired of it)

Check the PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow here.  Nice!!

NFL & NBA, tho imma pissed at both and tired of millionaire lockouts.  But if the season started today, i am watching.  i think.  mebbe?

Plus other sports like the Olympics, boxing even mixed martial arts (but I like traditional heavyweight boxing.  Problem is there just aren’t any since Tysons brain fucking exploded.)

The news, tho I tire quickly of the same story over & over & over and the dimwitted “hosts” (cuz they sure ain’t ‘news’ people.

The Wii.

Whiskey…o, wait.  that’s not a tv show.  it should be though.  but no tequila.  gives me hallucinations.

You can see i don’t channel surf much.  wanna buy a remote control?



Dual Survival

At first I thought this show was stupid.  But I have come to enjoy it.

This is where I learned that when Hippos poop they spin their tail and it’s like the **** literally hits the fan  It actually flies UP in the tree

So, pretty good TV show that actually teaches you crap!!


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