Guns and Motorcycles

Guns and Motorcycles.

They go together like….well, like guns and motorcycles.

Not all motorcycle lovers like guns, but many of us appreciate the art and craftsmanship of both products.

And, of course, there are some who take it further.

Like Sickshooter Motorcycle PartsSickshooter builds and sells parts and many have a gun theme so you can outfit your ride with items like Gun Foot Pegs.

They build their custom pegs for Harley, Honda, Yamaha and others.  They have recently reduced their prices for these pegs.

Other Sickshooter products include:  50 Caliber Shift Peg, 32 Cal Valve Stem Caps, 6 shooter Barends and more.

Check out the parts catalog here.

2012 HD V-Rod Night-rod Special

It’s not a chopper…..yet.   But it’s a nice departure for HD.

Build your own or just check out the new ones and dream a bit.

I like the V-Rod series.  Not what I expect to see in a Harley.  It is beefy like I expect, but from there it’s just a stretch for me.

I gotta say I’m digging the black on black Night-Rod action with the fat twin pipes ending in the flat silver mufflers.

None of those usual shiny parts here.  Hard ass all the way.

It’s my imagination I am sure, but I can almost hear this Harley whine instead of hiccup.

The red pinstiping and red-wall tires set the paint off nicely.  Or wickedly.  It is decidedly wicked for an off-the-rack Harley.

But I’m liking it, definitely.  Thanks @harleydavidson

Willie G Davidson talks Harley-Davidson

Thanks @folsomhd, thanks benedict campbell and THANKS to Willie g

SAME STANCE, NEW GENERATION from benedict campbell on Vimeo.

Ice cream in Sacramento: Gunther’s Ice Cream vs Vic’s Ice Cream

The Merlino’s Orange Freeze  post got me to thinking about our original ice cream places both started in the 1940s.  I love Vic’s Ice Cream but my neighborhood was close enough to Gunther’s Ice Cream that we could ride our bikes over there.

For the last few years of elementary school I walked past this shop every single day.  I don’t remember stopping back then but I am sure mom gave me some change and I got a cone.  Nice!!

Besides great ice cream the thing I still love about Gunther’s is the large neon soda jerk on top of the building.

“Juggling Joe” is amazing as he holds an ice cream scoop in one hand and a cone in the other.  Then, in that remarkable neon way, Joe flips the ice cream scoop over his head and right into the cone!!

He never misses.  Check Joe out here  great pic of Joe tossing his ice cream onto the cone in all of his great neon-ness.  This is the actual movement of Joe.  Static pic is below.

I’ll take a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of vanilla, please!

What’s cool about Gunther’s Ice Cream now?  Well the owners are Harley riders so you can’t go wrong.


Gunther’s Quality Ice Cream• 2801 Franklin Blvd. • 916.457.3339
Come in and experience Sacramento’s oldest Ice Cream Parlour, established in 1940. Homemade ice cream made on the premises. Also serving soups and sandwiches. Open 7 days a week 10 am–10 pm. This is one of Sacramento’s landmarks with the original moving neon sign of Juggling Joe. Owners are active Harley riders and have been involved with H.O.G. for over 10 years.
Vic’s Ice Cream is a great choice.  No Juggling Joe neon sign, but excellent ice cream made on site and food as well.  The owners aren’t H.O.G. members, but they are real nice folks.
When Congressman Robert Matsui was still alive he and his wife Doris (now Congresswoman Doris Matsui) often dined at this little ice cream parlor/restaurant.
     (916) 448-0892    

3199 Riverside Boulevard

I say try one flavor every day at both Gunther’s & Vic’s!!

Make sure you try Vic’s Ice Cream too.  Sacramento is fortunate that both of  these neighborhood institutions have survived and continue so strong. These businesses survive and provide kids and families with their great tasting ice cream.

More Vintage Harleys

I wish I could see these up close and personal!!













o wait….this one ain’t a Harley??  Harley & Vettes…..what could be better??

Vintage Harley-Davidson Board-Track Racer

wow.  nice bike great story.



Classic HD Drag Bike

1957 H-D Drag Bike

This ‘57 Harley Sportster became an incredible drag bike.

There is a great story about this bike and the legendary rider, Leo Payne.

The bike is named the Turnip Eater.

Click to enlarge

Turnip Eater was in competition for 20 years, even winning national championships. 

How cool is that?

Wicked Choppers

A few places for choppers parts & retrofits:

nice chopper sounds on the homepage Willy!!


Women build hot choppers too


Chopper City one of a kind


Chancellor's Chopper


Texas choppers at XS650

noid finished 1979 xs650 WICKED CHOICE CUSTOMS, Austin, Texas USA

Hot Bike magazine on the web

“Ride it like you stole it”