Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

My new favorite television show features the Liberty Vintage motorcycle shop in Philadelphia.

The show is called Philly Throttle and it’s on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights.

Why do I like it?

It’s on the Discovery Channel and comes across fairly real. I still mostly eyeball Discovery, the History Channel, sports and news.  I like real shit and when a show purported to be real seems like it’s not (a few other motorcycle shows etc) they become my “unfavorites”

I don’t Facebook but here it is.


Check out Philly Throttle, you might like it.




Occupy Your Own Front Lawn


Occupy Your Own Front Lawn

War on Error  has a great idea:

put a tent on your own front lawn and then we can start seeing hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of our own front lawns….Occupied!!! 

Thank you Daily Kos   @dailykos it’s excellent.

What would Mayors and Police Departments and City Councils and Bureaucrats do?

Will they start raiding my own front lawn? Throwing tear gas canisters into my pup tent?  Whack my dog with a baton?  Pull my grandmother out of her sleeping bag?  Turn over my cookstove?  Tear down my sign?

You don’t even have to sleep in your tent (some people can’t).

Holidays come, throw a string of lights on it & put on your Santa suit!

Hell, in some cities they probably would, but it’s not like they can say there is a curfew.  Or the property owner did not give you permission?

The more I think on this and write about it the more I like it and want to see it done.

Imagine how this could garner news.  We can get quite creative, actually.

We can each make an Occupy Statement on our front lawns if we have one.  Imagine the kids in the neighborhoods asking:

“Mom, why does that lady (whoever) on the corner have a tent in her yard?  And what does Occupy Wall Street mean?

My television viewing habits

are basically (well totally) man stuff and include

History Channel

Discovery Channel

  • American chopper & variants
  • Sons of Guns
  • One Man Army (sometimes)
  • Dual Survival
  • Deadliest Catch (if I hafta)
  • Biker Build-off
  • Myth Busters
  • Dirty Jobs (kinda tired of it)

Check the PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow here.  Nice!!

NFL & NBA, tho imma pissed at both and tired of millionaire lockouts.  But if the season started today, i am watching.  i think.  mebbe?

Plus other sports like the Olympics, boxing even mixed martial arts (but I like traditional heavyweight boxing.  Problem is there just aren’t any since Tysons brain fucking exploded.)

The news, tho I tire quickly of the same story over & over & over and the dimwitted “hosts” (cuz they sure ain’t ‘news’ people.

The Wii.

Whiskey…o, wait.  that’s not a tv show.  it should be though.  but no tequila.  gives me hallucinations.

You can see i don’t channel surf much.  wanna buy a remote control?