Counting Cars, The New Show On The History Channel, Starring Danny Koker

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English: Vector image of the Las Vegas sign. Português: Imagems vectorial da placa de Las Vegas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You get over girls faster than you get over cars.”

I don’t know why it took so long for the History Channel to give The Count, of Palm Stars fame, his own show…I just say thank you.  It’s about time for sure.  The star is Danny Koker…check him out.

I know I am not the only television watcher who has hoped this would happen, but now it has.

What:               Counting Cars, new show on the History Channel.  Check your local cable provider dudes.

When:               Starts Tuesday, August 14th, 2012.    10/9c

Where:              Like I said, on the History Channel

The Hollywood Reporter says Hell Yeh!  Well, maybe not quite…

They weren’t first at this.  And lately rival Discovery Channel brought out Fast N Loud with Gas Monkey Garage, which starts up in a couple of weeks too.  But for guys like me that eat, drink sleep and breath cars it really is about time for this one.

The Count has been well-known in Las Vegas for quite a while.

His family owned a local TV Station and he hosted his own show, which is where he got The Count moniker.  Count Cool Rider.  Very cool.

And of course his own Kustom car and motorcycle place, Count’s Kustoms in Vegas.  Putting out some of the best bent metal in the country.  Customizing cars and bikes and famous for both.  If you have a hot rod or hot bike and want to customize it, or if you dream about hot rods and hot bikes, you gotta make your starting destination the Count and his website here.

Even better….during your next trip to Vegas, take time away from the Casino and the Strip to venture out and explore some real Vegas sights like this shop.  You will enjoy it and might just spend some of that money you won at the crap table or in that poker tournament.

Then Palm Stars.

Then his own VAMP’D Bar & Grill, and of course continuing to sing and front his band along the way, Danny “Count” Koker just continues to shine.  Or, when you are in Vegas maybe you can catch him fronting his own Zito 77 band.  Check em out here

And the VAMPD website will give you all you need to know about the music, the food, the drinks, the hot chicks.  HERE

I know bro.  I still gotta make it back to Vegas and buy you a drink.

You’re on Twitter??  Follow Danny @DannyCountKoker

And get some new Ink from The Count’s Tattoo Company at the beautiful Rio Casino!  Still m favorite place to play poker even when the WSOP isn’t in town.  Twitter the Ink folks  @CountsTattoo and check em out in the Masquerade Village at the Rio.

Danny is a frigging business machine…..

Roger Goldammer: Motorcycle Builder

Roger Goldammer, Motorcycle Builder.

I’m not sure what happened to Goldammer.  From 2004 thru 2008 Goldammer lived at the very top of the motorcycle builders world.

He won three World Championships in a row.

He set world speed records on Bonneville riding his own creations.

Goldammer was known for his “futuristic” creations meaning that no one else was building bikes that could compete with his.

Goldammer’s Biker Build-off creation went up against the infamous Matt Hotch.  He won the speed contest and took home the trophy.

I really liked his bikes which showed the strength of influence from early boardtrack racers.

This gallery of pics off Goldammer’s bikes includes my favorite—“Trouble”, which won the 2005 builder-judged AMD Bike Show.

Goldammer’s bikes won nearly every type of trophy and championship possible.

How many builders win design contests, futuristic designs, builder judged Build-offs”, television build-offs, Las Vegas and AMD Bike Fest Championships, set Bonneville land-speed records…and on and on.

Denver’s Choppers in Las Vegas—Mondo

Well, actually Denver’s Choppers is in Henderson, Nevada.


1010 Stephanie Place, A1 * Henderson, NV 89014



Map & driving instructions are here.

Denver Mullins is gone now, much much too soon.

But Mondo is still there and still building wicked sick choppers old school style.  Plus they sell their revolutionary springer front ends.  Where would the chopper world be without them??

Mondo has been designing and building his choppers with Denver’s Choppers since 1967!!  That’s almost 45 years of motorcycle building.  Wonder is Mondo knows how many bikes he has built?

On the website there is a great David Mann painting of two of Mondos bikes that were actually build 30 years apart!

Mondo truly is the Godfather of Choppers.  And new builders are still learning from him.

Next time you are in Las Vegas stop in Mondo’s shop  say hi, &check out his bikes.

Mondo had a sweet chopper they built for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-off series when he went head to head with Indian Larry.  Two legends, maybe the two best chopper builders EVER.  Indian Larry won that one with his amazing chain frame cycle, but Mondo built one sweet looking machine.

Unfortunately Indian Larry is no longer with us.  Say a prayer for Denver Mullins and Indian Larry.

Counts Kustoms part III

Ill, just ill.  Thanks Danny @DannyCountKoker

This is a great little youTube

Wicked paint jobs

There are some real artists out there and the internet allows you to see their work that otherwise you might miss.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a hot rod, a motorcycle or a helmet, these are just some wicked paint jobs.

First up is Rock & Roll painting.  Don’t think I could wear one of the helmets, a bit over the top.  The cars though are supreme and the trucks and bikes are sweet.  Ck their tins and tanks too.

Crazy Horse paints sticks mostly to choppers and hot rods.  Nice!!  I love Las Vegas…..

















A  youTube with nice paint

9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Run in Las Vegas

Thanks to Red Rock Harley @redrockharley

UPDATE August 29:  It’s time to register now if you intend to ride.

Update September 2nd:  Still a few spots left, update is here.

Update September 6th:  The 9/11 Remembrance & Unity page is hereIgniting the Spirit of Unity

Register now.  Remember, the ride is Saturday 9/10.  Sunday is invitation only.

There are 9/11 rides and other remembrances nationwide.  The Vegas ride will be great, but join in the tenth year remembrance somewhere.

Here is a good list of biker rallies nationwide including a ton of 9/11 rides.  Just scroll down the list to the date and an area near you.  It is time for all of us to remember and say our prayer.

A Decade of Remembrance – Motorcycle Memorial Run
09/10/2011 –
During the weekend of September 10-11th, Red Rock Harley- Davidson will be
sponsoring an event hosted by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, the Marine
Corps League Detachment 186, and the Marine Riders of Las Vegas. It will include
a series of events to honor those who have fallen as a result of the worst
terrorist attack in American history.The weekend events in Las Vegas will be integrated with the east coast events
in NY, DC, and PA. Planning has commenced for a Car Show and Opening Ceremonies
on September 9th, a Motorcycle Memorial Run, a 91.1k bicycle ride, Horses for
Heroes Family event, and a 9.11kRun/Walk on September 10th, with a Fallen Heroes
Procession on September 11th, followed by ceremonies on the Las Vegas Strip.Motorcycle Memorial Run participants can also register directly at Red Rock Harley-Davidson, exclusive sponsor of the Memorial
Motorcycle Run event. You can also register online at A portion of the proceeds
will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, Fueled by the Fallen, Universal
Solutions 9/11 Fund, and designated Honor Guards.

Rent a motorcycle in Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas??

Think about renting a bike from Las Vegas Harley Davidson.

Or if you are looking for accessories or Harley clothing check out their site.  These are real nice people.

Thanks @LasVegasHarley for the shirts and the service!!  Great job.

Las Vegas Bike Fest, September 29 to October 2 2011

Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada, United St...

Image via Wikipedia

Living in or visiting Las Vegas??

Ride or just love motorcycles??

Get ready for the 2011 Las Vegas Bike Fest!!

When:  September 29 to October 2, 2011

** poker run 10k in prizes

** poker walk

** bike buildoff

** music

** wet T shirt contest

**  bikes bikes bikes (and choppers!!!)

Register online at the website or download the form & mail it in.  Just a $25 registration fee.  Nice!!

There are a few poker runs, poker walks and poker tournaments with $100,000 in prizes sponsored by Count’s Kustoms.

Check out Count’s Kustoms here and Danny Count Koker at this link.  Thanks Danny @dannycountkoker and @countskustoms  Way to go brother!  And of course there are Slot Tourneys.  It is Vegas baby!!

Just flying in?  Rent a bike from Eagle Rider or Las Vegas Harley-Davidson or Red Rock Harley-Davidson and join the fun.  Or just bring yourself and walk in look at the bikes, check the vendor tasbles & watch all of the people.

Get your e-mail updates on the Bike Fest here.

The Bike Fest & Poker Run will raise money to benefit the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

The Poker Tournament will be held on Saturday, October 1st starting at 5 p.m. at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.

If I go where do I stay?

Of course, Las Vegas is filled with hotels rooms you can choose from  The Bike Fest peeps have some special arrangements for rooms at the Headquarters Hotel the Golden Nugget as well as at the Four Queens, the Fitz Hotel, the Golden Gate, the Plaza hotel, and the Vegas Hotel.  Nice rates downtown in the action.  Check them out here

What entertainment will be there?

Among others:In addition to ZZ Top they will have  the Ultimate Van Halen, Nurse Ratchet, The Crashers, Left of Centre, the Voodoo Cowboys, the Curves, Chris Bell and… on the entertainment can be found here.

The Grand Prize:  On Saturday, October 1st you could ride away on a 2012 Harley-Davidson courtesy of the Golden Nugget.

Want to be a Bike Fest volunteer?  Register here.

You can win tickets to see ZZ Top, info and application are here.

September 24th:

The Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Party with a wet T-shirt contest will be held September 30th 6-7 pm and live music on both Friday & Saturday.  The beer tent and food are available both days with the Coors Light Girls on hand Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  The Globe of Death will have 3 shows each day.

Are you ready for this?

The party poster is at this link.  thank you Las Vegas Harley Davidson and you can Twitter them @lasvegasharley  Rock on!!!

And thank you to @familysgottoeat for this bit of good news.  The Bike Fest will continue and will not let the bad vibes from the Reno event bleed over to Las Vegas.

Have fun.  Be safe.

September 29th:

Brass Balls Cycles mad it to Nevada for Bike Fest!!  Stop by and say hello.

Rally TV is Live at Bike Fest.  Check em out and “Let the madness begin!”

The Bike Fest Party is here!!

October 3rd:

Here is a nice photo recap from the Bike Fest thanks to @familysgottoeat

Danny “Count” Koker and Counts Kustoms

If you have seen the Pawn Stars series on the History Channel you are familiar with Danny “Count” Koker and Count’s Kustoms,  a great shop in Las Vegas doing custom work on all types of vehicles.

Danny Koker used to have his own TV show in Las Vegas where he took on the “Count” , as Count “Cool” Rider, and dressed as kind of an Elvis/Dracula merge while introducing the days movie for the audience.

Now it looks like Danny may get another chance to be the ‘star’ in a TV show with all the good publicity he gets from the Pawn Stars series.  he would not be the first person who turned into a spin-off series, but he would certainly be one of the best.

Hot rods & choppers…two of my favorite things!

Check Danny’s shop here with tons of great pics.

Danny’s Facebook page is here


Thx @53deluxe, @CountsKustoms and @DannyCountKoker

You have seen him on Pawn Stars: Counts Kustoms and Danny Koker in Las Vegas

If you ever watch the Pawn Stars series on the History Channel you have seen the great work Danny Koker, @DannyCountKoker, does on vehicles Rick Harrison and his crew buy.

From wicked choppers to sweet hot rods, Danny and Count’s Kustoms does it all!

You can see his shop by clicking on this post.

Danny should have his own TV show.  Oh, wait….he already did that shit.

Danny Koker used to have his own TV show in Las Vegas where he took on the “Count” nickname and dressed as kind of an Elvis/Dracular merge while introducing the days movie for the audience.

Now it looks like Danny may get another chance to be the ‘star’ in a TV show with all the good publicity he gets from the Pawn Stars serie.  he would not be the first person who turned into a spin-off series, but he would certainly be one of the best.

Danny’s Facebook page is here.

In Las Vegas @countskustoms is the off-the-beaten-path cool place to go.

Check out the U Tube and thanks Danny Koker!!  Good to see things going so well.

Twitter @CountsKustoms and @DannyCountKoker

In Vegas check out VampdVegas, I hear Danny is doing great things with this long-time Vegas Rock n Roll bar.  Drinks, eats  live music.

Twitter @VampdVegas

go Danny go