Merlino’s Orange Freeze

Just isn’t summer in Sacramento without a Merlino‘s freeze.  I like the orange the best, but lemon and the strawberry are good too.  I like to buy it by the gallon!!!

It’s hard to describe Merlino’s but it is so cold it will freeze your brain!!

Once my girlfriends father was in the hospital and just had to have a Merlino’s.  We rushed one right over to him, hiding it from prying nurses…and now, anytime I wind up in the hospital all I want is an orange freeze.  They are like medicine on a hot day.

The original Merlino’s was an old orange painted stand across the street from what was the State Fair grounds before it moved to its current site at CalExpo (the California Exposition).

If you talk to peeps who grew up in Sacramento before the fair moved, they always have stories of going across the street to Merlino’s for a freeze.  The best part of summers in SacTown for a kid in the 50s & 60s.

The company has changed hands but is still here and still cranking out freezes in a number of locations including the one in East Sacramento at 32nd Street & Folsom Blvd, hidden away in a Mr Pickles sandwich shop.  Pretty good sandwiches, GREAT orange freezes.

Here is a map for the 32nd & Folsom Blvd site.

You can even order online & save yourself a little time!!  Here is the menu for you.

If you visit SacTown stop by Mr Pickles and say “a large orange freeze please.  Couple of bucks for some pure happiness.  You might even see the dancing Pickle.

I want one….or two…now.

The original spot with a semi-new stand.  Not Merlino’s anymore, but still pretty good even their hot dogs.

This photo says Hagen‘s on the cup but it looks like Merlino’s.  When Merlino’s was sold about a decade ago, the Hagen’s bought the Carmichael shop.

The taste seems to be the same as the freeze in the cup that says Merlino’s over at Mr Pickles.

Cheers!!! (and bring me one…..gallon!)