Hoka Hey, 2013—Wolakota

Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hoka Hey!    Let’s ride!

Wolakota translates as Walk in Peace.

Hoka Hey is a motorcycle challenge   7,000 miles of pure adrenaline.

The toughest ride and the toughest riders for sure.

When:    June 23, 2013

Where:   From the heart of the Seneca Nation  Irving, New York

To be recognized as a Hoka Hey challenger riders ae required to complete the entire 7,000 miles.

Apply HERE.  Entry fee is $1,000

What to see what Hoka Hey is all about??  check out the stories from 2010 and 2011.

The 2011 Milwaukee Rally Thru September 5th, Largest Motorcycle Rally in the Midwest

If you are not already at the 2011 Milwaukee Rally,  this is a great place to celebrate your Labor Day.  Ride your bike, show it off, check out all the others plus food, drink, chicks and….

This is the largest motorcycle rally and event in the Midwest so I know there will be a ton of good folks and bikes there.

If you still need tickets you have to check the Rally Info Tent at the dealerships during the Rally to see if any have
become available.  The 2011 VIP package and the Bingo Casino run are sold out!!

You can find the Saturday and Sunday events here (even the rest of Friday for us late-comers).

And don’t forget to check out the Harley-Davidson Museum.

And download your free Wisconsin biker guide and map here.

The most comprehensive biker guide and map available for the state of Wisconsin

In each map you will find: Wisconsin Rustic Roads, current road construction
information, featured Wisconsin destinations, biker friendly bars and
establishments, Wisconsin lodging, hotel and casino information, plus our highly
sought after motorcycle events list.

Sign up for the email updates and newsletter and get your name in early for the 2012 Milwaukee Rally.

If you are in the Midwest it is definitely the place to be.

If you are at the Rally or intending to go….ride hard be safe and have fun!

Counts Kustoms part III

Ill, just ill.  Thanks Danny @DannyCountKoker

This is a great little youTube

Henderson motorcycles

I am a history nut and a motorcycle nut so I should know this stuff.

“The Streamline was fast – capable of a genuine 100 mph (160 km/h), and advanced for its time, with such features as leading-link forks and an illuminated speedometer built into the fuel tank.

The Streamline model was produced from 1929 until 1931, and sold for $435”

Check the Henderson info here at Wikipedia plus pics.

Here is the Streamline.  Wild for it’s time in 1929.


A photo of a 1927 Henderson and close-up of one of their motors.

I wish I had the opportunity to ride one of these old time cycles.  What a thrill!!

Rent a motorcycle in Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas??

Think about renting a bike from Las Vegas Harley Davidson.

Or if you are looking for accessories or Harley clothing check out their site.  These are real nice people.

Thanks @LasVegasHarley for the shirts and the service!!  Great job.

Las Vegas Bike Fest, September 29 to October 2 2011

Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada, United St...

Image via Wikipedia

Living in or visiting Las Vegas??

Ride or just love motorcycles??

Get ready for the 2011 Las Vegas Bike Fest!!

When:  September 29 to October 2, 2011

** poker run 10k in prizes

** poker walk

** bike buildoff

** music

** wet T shirt contest

**  bikes bikes bikes (and choppers!!!)

Register online at the website or download the form & mail it in.  Just a $25 registration fee.  Nice!!

There are a few poker runs, poker walks and poker tournaments with $100,000 in prizes sponsored by Count’s Kustoms.

Check out Count’s Kustoms here and Danny Count Koker at this link.  Thanks Danny @dannycountkoker and @countskustoms  Way to go brother!  And of course there are Slot Tourneys.  It is Vegas baby!!

Just flying in?  Rent a bike from Eagle Rider or Las Vegas Harley-Davidson or Red Rock Harley-Davidson and join the fun.  Or just bring yourself and walk in look at the bikes, check the vendor tasbles & watch all of the people.

Get your e-mail updates on the Bike Fest here.

The Bike Fest & Poker Run will raise money to benefit the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

The Poker Tournament will be held on Saturday, October 1st starting at 5 p.m. at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.

If I go where do I stay?

Of course, Las Vegas is filled with hotels rooms you can choose from  The Bike Fest peeps have some special arrangements for rooms at the Headquarters Hotel the Golden Nugget as well as at the Four Queens, the Fitz Hotel, the Golden Gate, the Plaza hotel, and the Vegas Hotel.  Nice rates downtown in the action.  Check them out here

What entertainment will be there?

Among others:In addition to ZZ Top they will have  the Ultimate Van Halen, Nurse Ratchet, The Crashers, Left of Centre, the Voodoo Cowboys, the Curves, Chris Bell and…..info on the entertainment can be found here.

The Grand Prize:  On Saturday, October 1st you could ride away on a 2012 Harley-Davidson courtesy of the Golden Nugget.

Want to be a Bike Fest volunteer?  Register here.

You can win tickets to see ZZ Top, info and application are here.

September 24th:

The Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Party with a wet T-shirt contest will be held September 30th 6-7 pm and live music on both Friday & Saturday.  The beer tent and food are available both days with the Coors Light Girls on hand Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  The Globe of Death will have 3 shows each day.

Are you ready for this?

The party poster is at this link.  thank you Las Vegas Harley Davidson and you can Twitter them @lasvegasharley  Rock on!!!

And thank you to @familysgottoeat for this bit of good news.  The Bike Fest will continue and will not let the bad vibes from the Reno event bleed over to Las Vegas.

Have fun.  Be safe.

September 29th:

Brass Balls Cycles mad it to Nevada for Bike Fest!!  Stop by and say hello.

Rally TV is Live at Bike Fest.  Check em out and “Let the madness begin!”

The Bike Fest Party is here!!

October 3rd:

Here is a nice photo recap from the Bike Fest thanks to @familysgottoeat

Crazy Choppers

Some really nice choppers here.  I think it’s in Italian (??)

The Rocker.  Check those pipes.







And the Milkshake looks hot.







lots of nice bikes there including Dyna Skull, some bobbers and customs.





Nice Crazy Choppers, check em out.  Anyone speak Italian??

Sr vs Jr—Vote & Bid: The Cadillac CTS motorcycles and The Final Numbers

Vote!!  Sr or Jr?

and then bid to win the bike and help the charity and help Cure Duchenne.

UPDATE:  The voting and the auction has ended.

Who won??

Aside from Daddy’s constant bad mouthing of his son which confuses the hell out of me…….

Both were nice bikes just one of them was way way nicer.

Update late August:

But why would a father be so insane as to not only bad mouth his own son on national television, but to misrepresent what he says and does.  Such as, he fired Paul Jr.  Everyone heard him and we saw it on TV and in reruns.  Then Paul Sr starts saying ON TV that Jr quit.  WTF dude??  And saying that Paul Jr will build the Cadillac bike “out of his ass”.  Well if the winning bike was built out of Jr’s ass, where was OCC‘s bike built.  Someone on Facebook posted that the vote was 95% Jr to 5% Sr, but last I saw it was like 2-1.

Enough of that, because I kind of like Sr although he tires me greatly.  That bi-polar shit gets old fast.  I’m just glad he is not my father.  But Paul Sr got pwned by Paul Jr and this guy says Discovery Channel shut the vote down to save embarrassment of their ‘star’ on the American Chopper series.  he says the vote was 96% Paul Jr when they shut the voting down and I do know the Discovery Channel has NEVER issued the results of the voting.   I dunno…

My vote?  Paul Jr, easy choice, and thx @whereispauljr.  I own a Cadillac CTS and PJD’s bike captures it perfectlySr’s bike is nice, but Jr kicked his ass.

I am lousy at hints…..

Update September 19th:

Tonight on American Chopper they finally let the cat out of the bag on the Cadillac bike builds.

It seems like we were bidding on which bike we thought should win at least a year ago.

Tonight Mikey brought his Apple laptop into PJD, brought up the Discovery Channel website and announced the winner of the public vote on which Caddillac bike won…..Sr or Jr (??)

Without any drama, the PJD (Jr’s) bike was the winner.

The vote was something like 244,000 to 9,000.

No, I’m serious.  No joke.  That was the final vote rounded down a bit.

So now I know why Discovery took the whole thing off their site and OCC (Sr) hasn’t said a word about it for months.

It is really kind of humiliating.  I mean, Jr’s bike was the best but that kind of ass whooping really has more to do with how the public is viewing Sr and his behavior toward Jr and Mikey especially the whole firing shit.

Today the Discovery Channel website put the vote & bid page backup including their final vote results, a little higher  than the numbers Mikey shared on the show.

Anyway, congratulations @whereispauljr & PJD folks, and nice build OCC staff.  It was a nice bike.  They were both nice bikes and I am glad to see that a good sum of money was raised for Cure Duchenne

Update September 23rd:

You can enter to win a CTS-V here.

Supermodel learns to ride a Harley

“It’s awesome”

Motorcycles in Captain America

Captain America had a huge opening weekend earlier in the summer.

But who cares about the movie or even about the old comic book?  What we care about is the motorcycles, especially the Captain America bike!

And of course, Captain America drives a Harley-Davidson

In this video Harley-Davidson shares the proces that went into designing the bike for Captain America the movie..

Nice.  Thx @mybestnews and @youtube