2012 Apple Hill Time in Northern California

Downtown Placerville

Downtown Placerville (Photo credit: www78)

It’s still real warm in northern California, deep into September, but in the morning you can smell it.  Yes, you can smell apples in their crates inside of the barn.

No….I don’t live in a barn.  But I live in California and each year I love to visit Apple Hill near Placerville, also known as Hangtown, in Northern California.

You got to go and if not, you got to take a virtual trip and check it out.  It looks good, it smells good and it tastes damn good!!!

So check out the Association site and see what’s new for 2012.  Grab ourself a map & a guide if you need one.

What’s good there?  Well apples, of course.  Apples, apple pie, apple fritters, candy appled apples, apple juice & cide.

My favorite?  apple cider donuts.  Yum.

Plus BBQ lunches at some farms, train rides and fishing for the kids.  The smells and tastes.  A day out of the city.  Christmas tree tours, winery tours.  Pick ’em yourself farms.  Teaching the kids where their food comes from.

Petting zoos.

Filling up the car or truck with goodies to take home.  And even more goodies to give to famil, friends, neighbors.  Put in the freezzer.

The Blossom Trail Run at the other end of the season, usuall in April so mark your calendar.

And the Apple Hill Harvest Run, race day this ear is November 4th and the course is 8.5 beautiful miles and includes the Harvest Day 3.5 mile Run/Walk.  Check the links for info and to register.

But back to apple goodness…I am more about eating my way thru Apple Hill.  I don’t even do the wine drinking thru Apple Hill any more, so I eat.

And I look forward to it each and every year.

The West Coast Brewfest 2012

The West Coast is the place that started it all when it comes down to the micro-brew revolution.

Small batches of quality beers of many types: ales, lager, light beer, dark beer, flavored beers, hoppy beers.  You want it your way??  Well someone out there makes it just like that.

Whether it is a small restaurant/grill or a pub there are places across the country brewing beer like never before.

And it all started in California.  In fact, it all started in Northern California right?

And “the West Coast Brewers Festival was the first Brew Fest dedicated to celebrating the significance of the West Coast in the development of the Micro Brew industry.”

What             West Coast Brewers Festival

Where            Miller Park in Sacramento

When             Saturday, May 19, 2012    1pm to 5pm

What brews??  Check out the BIG list of brews here

And the winning brews from the craft competition  are here

This is the 13th Annual BrewFest, so join 3,000 of your closest friends as we celebrate brewing with food, fun and beer down along the Sacramento.

As always, the West Coast Brew Fest is a ticketless beer tasting event. For one low price, you get entrance to the event, a special tasting cup, a wristband and a wide variety of craft brews to sample. There is never a need to buy more tokens or tickets.

Over 120 different brews to try!!

Limited time VIP Tickets here….bigger cups!  Get in to the event 1 hour early!! So, no lines for the first hour of tasting!!!  And FREE lunch!!!!  A free T-shirt and other cool SWAG!!!!!

How much?        General admission on-site:   $40.00

Pre-pay                                 $35.00 buy early at:

  3. •EXTREME PIZZA (On Exposition, Near Costco)

Designated drivers & youth 16-20    $5.00    free sodas

Under 16 free  Must be 21 to taste the brews.  Under 21 drinking will be asked to leave.

Food is extra, except for VIP tickets

Be a volunteerApply here

Music & Food:



  1. ✦Bob Woods Band (Rockabilly)
  2. ✦Jenny Mojo Trio (Grateful Dead Style)
  3. ✦The Pyronauts (Surf Music)
  4. ✦SFK’s Rock Revue (Classic Rock)




  1. ✦G-Dubbs BBQ
  2. ✦Xochimilco Mexican Food
  3. ✦Dave’s Dawgs
  4. ✦Philly Cheese Steak
  5. ✦Kim’s Teriyaki

Need more information??



EMAIL: westcoastbrewfest@yahoo.com

Find out more here

Have fun.  Have a designated driver.  No minors can drink.

Dine Downtown in Sacramento

Sacramento‘s premier downtown restaurant event is coming:

Dine Downtown in Sacramento.

Participating restaurants have a special Dine Downtown menu (ask for it when you eat at a downtown Sacramento restaurant with special prices.

When?          For ten days (January 9th through the 18th),

Price??         Capital City chefs will be creating special three-course prix-fixe

                       dinner menus for only $30 per person.

Where???     Participating restaurants include multi-award-winning The Firehouse

Restaurant, deVere’s Irish Pub, The Broiler Steakhouse, Dawson‘s at

The Hyatt, and the beautiful and historic Pilothouse at the Delta


You can even find more events and festivals held in Northern California during January thru March.  Go here for a great list.

New Sacramento International Airport Terminal: Art & Restaurants, Grand Opening & Public Tours

a side view of the Capital of California

Image via Wikipedia

Sacramento International Airport will open its brand new terminal on October 6, 2011.  This is a $1 Billion (with a “B”) expansion at the Airport and is greatly needed.

This terminal replaces the original terminal build when this airport opened  many years ago.  A few years back a new terminal was added and now the airport is back at (over) capacity so this addition will fill the current need and add space for future needs as well.

So what restaurants will be in the new terminal?

Sacramento made an excellent choice in moving away from the traditional fast food chain restaurants that dominate airports.

Travelers can eat their fill at some very good local restaurants that won the right to open in the new terminal.

Click the restaurants names if you want to see menu info, etc    The restaurants that will open  include:

Here is a view of Sacramento looking from the Sacramento River east through Old Sacramento and downtown with Midtown and East Sacramento a bit further still.

Flying into Sacramento with a little time to look around?  Or are you visiting Sacramento?

Check out my post for some Sacramento sites you won’t want to miss.

What about the art in the new airport terminal?

Public art is always such a dicey thing.  Especially in such a huge space as a large airport terminal.  The art has to be bigger than real life in order to catch the eye of the traveler especially since people in the airport are often rushing from one area to another.

This link has some teaser photos of a large artwork that has been installed in the new terminal.  Yes, it is a red rabbit.  The rabbit is 56 feet long (remember the ‘huge terminal’ thingie??) and titled Leap.  Thanks @SacBee.

<<<The Cornejo Rojo

There are a dozen new pieces of art in the airport terminal and nine of the pieces are by Northern California artists.  It is always important to use local artists for a project like our new Sacramento International Airport terminal.

Update September 19th:

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission has put together a nice area on their website  with information on the art in the new Terminal and the important artists who created the works.  Click the link above for the full list of artists plus bios and descriptions of each of the pieces of art.

The artists with works in the new Terminal B are:

Joann Moment

“Moment’s  18’ x 12’ mosaic floor in the airport’s transfer level depicts an imaginary  world of water and air that is engaging, uplifting, and serves as an easy  meeting place or directional marker for air travelers. Titled, A Fragment of the Universe, the artwork accomplishes  this by connecting circular forms that evoke the night sky, outer space, the  surface of water and the playful interaction of crop circles and planetary  forms.”

Camille Utterbuck & Michelle Higg

“Utterback’s artwork, Active Ecosystem (SMF), is inspired by the rich agricultural activity and natural beauty of the Sacramento area, and more generally, the cycles of growth, movement, and decay present in all thriving ecosystems—agricultural or otherwise. Visiting Sacramento for the first time, the artist was struck by the richness and visual presence of the soil in the landscape and the multiple layers of green flourishing all around her. ”

Ned Kahn

“For the Sacramento Airport, (Kahn’s)  artwork titled Airside will line the sides of the APM bridge with an array of small wind vanes that  will respond to the turbulence of the passing trains as well as the natural  wind. The passing trains will flip the vanes from one side to another depending  on the train’s direction. In the interval between trains, the natural wind  currents will take control of the artwork.”

Marcia Stuermer

Migration, by Marcia Stuermer is a backlit  ceiling installation measuring 16’ x 52’ intended to be an evocative,  archetypal depiction of the timeless notion of travel. Stuermer chose to use  the imagery of sandhill cranes inspired by the fact that the Sacramento Central  Valley is located in the middle of the Pacific Flyway zone where these  migratory birds have travelled their twice yearly route between Alaska and  Pantagonia for centuries. ”

Suzanne Adan

“Suzanne Adan’s 12’ x 18’ glass mosaic floor is titled, Flying Colors. The primary element in  the composition is a circular pattern of birds and tulles (or cattails) that  can be viewed from any angle. These birds and tulles, as well as tree limbs and  other images, are juxtaposed with letters of the alphabet and various linear  shapes to create a pictorial narrative. The colors, shapes, textures, and  details are woven together to form a whimsical landscape designed to appeal to  youthful imaginations and engage the viewer in a playful and humorous way before  boarding his/her flight.”

Lynn Criswell

“(Criswell’s) artwork is located in the transfer level of the  airport’s ticket hall. It is defined by a yellow-green terrazzo rectangle  measuring 18’ x 30’ and directly over-head by 21 suspended emerald green  birdcages. Twenty-one silhouettes of  various indigenous Northern Californian birds will be water jet cut in 3/8”  brushed aluminum rectangles, inset into the floor, and filled with black  terrazzo. Each suspended cage is hung directly over a bird silhouette.”

Living Lenses:  Po Shu Wang & Louise Bertelsen

“Shaped  like a French horn, the sculpture titled “Your Words are Music to Their Ears” by Living Lenses (Louise Bertelsen and Po Shu  Wang) stands approximately 10 feet high and is made of stainless steel.  A small shelf jutting out of the sculpture  holds a computer. Passengers will be allowed to use the computer to send  messages. When a message is sent, the text is converted to music that emanates  from the sculpture. Part free Wi-Fi terminal and part musical instrument, the  artwork allows web-serving passengers to entertain close by passengers with an  instant literary-based musical composition.”

Gregory Kondos

“Gregory Kondos’ 8’x12’, oil on canvas painting is titled Sutter’s Gold. The primary element in  the composition is the American River running vertically through rolling hills in  the heart of California Gold Rush landscape. The painting is inspired by the  discovery of gold in 1848 and its historical significance to the Sacramento region.”

Note:  Gregory Kondos is one of the most famous Sacramento artists, and we have a lot of them.

Kondos has a gallery (called the Gregory Kondos Gallery) on the campus of the Sacramento City College across from Land Park in Sacramento, 3835 Freeport Blvd.  Check the site at the link or call them 916.558.2559.  Open M-F, noon to 4 pm.

Mildred Howard

“The  notion of home has been an ongoing investigation  and interest of Howard’s for decades and resulted in large sculptural  installations throughout the country including at the Crocker Art Museum, the  Di Rosa Preserve, and the Tacoma Museum of Glass, among others. She  further explores this idea in her work at the airport—a 17’ glass house. Howard  frequently explores how home is defined within the context of a place. ”

Donald Lipski

“Donald  Lipski’s sculpture or “grand chandelier” in the form of a Valley Oak tree is  situated at the crossroads of the axis lines of the terminal, giving it high  visibility form the moment one disembarks the Automated People Mover. It will  be a presence from the security area, a dramatic central focus in the food  court area, and a way-finding center point, as it can be seen peeking beneath  the arch of the entryways from the length of each arm of the concourse.”

Christian Moeller

“Christian Moeller’s  work, The Baggage Handlers, depicts the faces of four airport operation  workers. The artwork recognizes these workers as part of the largely invisible  manual labor force at work within the machine-like reality of air cargo and  travel. Despite the increasingly complex computerized nature of air travel, the  operation workers serve as a reminder that some tasks are still thus far beyond  mechanization. Rendered from photographs of the subjects, Moeller created their  portraits for the bit-wall using wood. The artwork consists of two 75’ x 12’  panels, set flush against the stone wall in the airport ticket hall.”

Lawrence Argent

“With the mindset of integrating art into the architecture and utilizing  the unique open/transparent aspect of the airport with the green space to the  south, (Argent) will bring the outside in with a sculpture titled, Leap. A rabbit appears to have leapt  through the glass from the green space on the south side of the terminal and is  diving into a suitcase that appears to have a liquid vortex opening on the top  which is situated on the floor of baggage claim. The rabbit is 56 feet long and  19 feet tall.”

The Cornejo Rojo

Jaume Plensa

“This  sculpture by Jaume Plensa, a portrait of a young woman, will be located in an  area called the “south lawn” of the new terminal. Jets of water are  pouring out of the girls face from carefully placed locations which are based  on the ancient Chinese tradition of acupuncture. Acupuncture has been  practiced in China since 2 BCE and is based on the tradition of Daoism, with a  belief that all parts of the universe are interconnected.”

This is the biggest public arts project in Sacramento history.  Nice job Sacramento!

Open House for the community:

There will be an Open House/Community Day even t on October 2nd prior to the actual opening day on October 6th.  Check it out on EventBrite here  You can register for one of the events and I’ll see you there!!

Community Day will be a “free, family friendly event where you can be the first to experience the newest gateway to Northern California and the World – the state-of-the-art Central Terminal B at Sacramento International Airport”.

Update September 18th:

As we get closer to the grand opening of the new airport terminal, Sacramento Press has a great article about how the terminal was designed and constructed for ease of use by passengers and visitors.  There are also quite a few nice photographs just to tease you before you can see the real thing!!

“An intuitive travel experience is one of the main goals of Sacramento International Airport’s new Terminal B, according to airport officials.”

The new terminal is actually two buildings and they are connected by two trains to move peoplequickly  to the right spots within the terminal.

One thing the article explains is how the seating was designed within the terminal.  Most of us try to find a single seat or somewhere to sit with an empty seat next to us instead of “sitting next to strangers”, so they broke up the arrangement of the seating into groups of two chairs instead of rows of 10 or 20 plastic “buckets”. And some single seats (rockers, yeh!) right in front of the windows.   Sounds good to me.

Now if they could convince the airlines that we want planes designed the same way!!!

Check the article here.  And the seats are pictured below.

September 16th:

Business leaders praise the new Airport Terminal  the Sacramento Bee reports after the businessmen and woman got “a sneak preview of the new Sacramento International Airport terminal Thursday  night” (September 15th).

The Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization held their annual party in the soon to open terminal.

Update September19th:  Upcoming Events at Terminal B

There are a number of events scheduled as we move to the Grand Opening of the new Sacramento International Airpot’s Terminal B, scheduled for October 6th as well as a few events after the new Termninal B has opened.

Saturday, October 1st:  Experience B Celebration

“Join (us) for an evening of celebration, under one awe-inspiring roof:
-First-look tours of the stunning new Central Terminal B.
-Exceptional Northern California wines and farm-to-fork fare.
-Live music, dancing, and entertainment at every turn.
-Art docents will provide tours throughout.

Participants can visit the restaurants and shops in the new terminal and
preview the public art collection.

You can buy tickets by September 23rd at this link.

Sunday, October 2nd:  Preview B, Community Preview Day

*****Are you going to Community day??  Check in at the “Red Rabbit”

Get a grand opening tour of the new Central Terminal B at Sacramento International Airport before it opens
-Be among the first to get a taste of the new terminal’s enticing shopping, dining, and services. Keep an eye out for local favorites!
-Enjoy shopping at this one-time opportunity to explore the terminal without a boarding pass
-Preview the new, eye-catching public art collection featured throughout the new terminal
-Art docents will provide tours throughout

You can reserve your FREE tickets at this link.

Saturday, October 8th:  Airport Art Teacher Tour (Reserve by October 1st)

Tours are tailored to the age of students and can be connected to particular areas of study or curriculum.  Additionally, a presentation or field trip activity can serve as a springboard for writing, poetry, and art activities.

To acquaint you with the artworks on the tour, a free field trip to the airport for teachers is planned for Saturday, October 8 at 1pm. To secure a reservation, please email Dixie Laws  by October 1, 2011.

For more information on Art in Public Places services to teachers, please contact Dixie Laws at (916) 386-8240  or dixie@dixielaws.com.

Saturday, November 12th:  Airpost Art Public Tour (reserve by November 9th)

A tour for the public of most of the new art at the airport is scheduled for Saturday, November 12 from 1pm-2:30pm. Art in Public Places tour guides will conduct the tour. Cost is $8.50 per person for adults over 16, children are free. The tour will meet at the new Terminal B at the airport.

To make a reservation for the tour, contact Dixie Laws, (916) 386-8240 dixie@dixielaws.com by November 9.  The group size is limited, so make your reservation early.

September 24th:

Besides presenting travlers and visitors with some great art and food from great local restaurants, we hope our new Airport Terminal will spark economic growth by pumping millions of dollars into the local economy.

The airport will start with some $950 in debt due to the slumping economy and the cost ill be shouldered in the manner airports usually raise funds to pay for expansion–ticket surcharges, some pennies attached to meals, as well as grants and leases for new parking, store concessions, etc.

The Sacramento Bee reports today that “the next five years will be critical”…..and “The airport has set aside tens of millions of dollars in reserve accounts. If  needed, the airport could cut annual operating expenses more, possibly by  privatizing some work, (county airports director Hardy) Acree said”

October 1st:

The new terminal may confuse folks at first, so here is a User’s Guide with photos.

And this link takes you to a great interactive graphic inside the new terminal.

October 2nd:

Will the beautiful new terminal create better impressions of Sacramento for visitors??

October 3rd:

Photos from the reception parties from Sacramento Metropolitan Arts  Twitter @SacMetroArts

October 6th:

Today is opening day for the new Sacramento International Airport Terminal B.

“Today marks a new dawn, literally, for the future of Sacramento,” Assemblyman  Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento, said. “We’re taking this entire region into a new  age.”

The Grand Opening with photos in Sacramento Press
“More than 1,000 people attended a party Saturday that included Cirque du Soleil performers dancing with hoops, walking on stilts and performing acrobatics from 40-foot-long ribbons hanging from the rafters to celebrate the grand opening of the new Terminal B of the Sacramento International Airport.”

October 18th:

The new airport terminal has been open for awhile now.  Have you seen it??

Well, there are more tours & parties and opportunities for you to check it out and enjoy yourself.

The November 12th public tour is already at capacity so the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Comission has another big event scheduled:

Airport Art Public Tour: December 3, 2011

“A tour for the public of most of the new art at the airport is scheduled for Saturday, December 3 from 1pm-2:30pm. Art in Public Places tour guides will conduct the tour. Cost is $8.50 per person for adults over 16, children are free. The tour will meet at the new Terminal B at the airport.”

The price is certainly fair, so to make a reservation go contact Dixie Laws, (916) 386-8240  or dixie@dixielaws.com by November 25.  The group size is limited, so make your reservation early.

For more info plus other exciting art activities in Sacramento, go to the above link.

Remember:  October is Artober here in Sacramento.

October 21st:

Here’s a link to an interactive guide to the new Terminal B and the Concourse.

The new Airport Terminal is “bigger and grander than anything our relatively humble airport has offered  travelers before.”

In the article above a reporter tests the new terminal to determine how convenient it is for the traveler.  Check it out.

November 8th:

Sacramento had hoped for one good/great hotel at the Sacramento International Airport, to replace the one very aging Westin hotel which closed in 2008.  Now it seems that we may get TWO hotels!

A very surprising development and incredibly good for the airport and for the City/County as far as tax base.  Read about it at the link.

June 20th:

Red Rabbit sculpture wins award.  

Lawrence Argent’s “Leap” sculpture – the centerpiece sculpture at the Sacramento International Airportbest known as the “Red Rabbit” – has garnered a national award.

The work was selected as one of 50 winning works among a pool of 500 by the national arts advocacy group American’s for the Arts Public Art Network.”

This is an arward that recognizes art in public spaces nationwide.

Read more here