Sacramento Turn Verein Octoberfest Celebration, October 7th & 8th

Looking for the Bockbierfest in April 2012?  It’s here .  Otherwise read on…

Like beer?  Like bratwurst?  Those have always been two of my favorite things although I stay away from alcohol now, have for a long time.

Still, a nice cold beer once in a while is a good thing, especially with a flavorful sausage and onions and peppers!

So, now it is Octoberfest time (or in German, Oktoberfest).  The annual German celebration each fall.

In Sacramento we have a ton of Octoberfest celebrations.  As I said in a earlier post, we even have big ones in September including the giant one at Cal Expo, the California State Fairgrounds.

But the REAL Octoberfest is hosted by Sacramento’s Turn Verein.

It is Sacramento’s German Club and they own a beautiful old building in East Sacramento right down the street from my old Junior High School, Sutter Middle School.

When is the Oktoberfest?

October 7th, 6 pm to midnight

& October 8th, 3 pm to midnight

Where is the Turn Verein?

3349 J Street


Click here for a map.

Live Polka and Octoberfest bands, dancing plus beer & food.

What is Turn Verein? 

Click here for a list of history pages about the Turn Verein (Turner Hall or Turnhalle) and about Germans in Sacramento.  Interesting stuff if you are a history nut like me.

The basics:  Germans began arriving in 1854 and the Turn Verein was established quickly.  They celebrated their 150 year anniversary in 2004 with a big party.  The building is open to the public and available for rent for your party, wedding, etc.  It is a beauty of a building, brick, 2 story and nearly 100 years old, built in 1925.

Here is a great photo slide show.

The Turn Verein has a Facebook page in German.

And some Yelp reviews are here for you including a few folks that attended the Octoberfest and the Turn Verein’s Bockbierfest.