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Note:  This post has become huge and I will probably split it up into (1) the original post about their opening season win and (2) a post about each game.  I’ll think about it as I want folks to be able to easily find the info they are looking for.

I am an alumnus of California State University Sacramento a.k.a. Sac State or CSUS.

I attended from 1968-73 and Grad school from 1980-83.  It was a good school and I had a great time.  What can I say about being a college student in the 1960s??  It was an amazing time to be young and free.

The football team, the Sac State Hornets,  was not as great as the 1960s were.  Not even as good as the University was.  In fact, they were not even “good”.

Sac State was a  Division III school (the history is here)  at the time.  Later the school moved to  Division II, but their lack of success in Division II made it seem as if they were still playing in Division III.  The only thing that changed was the fans anticipation of better days for Sac State football.

In DivisionI III schools  cannot offer athletic scholarships so the student athletes were not among the best in the area.  But even with that, they played  against other Division III schools who played under the same rules.  Sac State MAYBE won 2 or 3 games a year at the time.

In 1996 Sac State moved to Division I.  It’s Division I-AA, but still it is within Division I.

How hard it must have been for folks to make the decision to move up to NCAA Division I when you struggled winning games against NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division II teams.  Now the school can give scholarships to students, so they can attract better athletes and build teams.

Now Sac State plays against other  teams within the Big Sky Conference Division I-AA, and a few games each year against some very good Division I teams.  They regularly get their ass kicked by the Division I teams outside their conference.  Heck, often even by the Division I-AA teams within their conference.

This year the Hornet’s opening game was against a Division I team outside of the Big Sky Conference, the Oregon State University Beavers on Saturday, September 3rd.  The Beavers are in the Pac-12 Conference  with teams like the Cal Bears in Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Colorado, Stanford and other big-time schools.

Sac State football has a Facebook page here.

Check their page at here.

And you can follow the football team @SacHornetsFB

October 14th:  Sac State is adding a weekly football show!  Check it out HERE.

The Oregon State Beavers were a 23 point favorite in this game against the Sac State Hornets.  The game was played at Oregon State in Riser Stadium at Corvallis, Oregon so the Beavers had home field advantage.

The Sac State Hornets just owned the Beavers in this game with a 15 point lead in the 3rd quarter.  The Beavers rallied in the 4th quarter and the game went into overtime.  The Beavers scored a touchdown in OT and made the point after, taking a 7 point lead.

Then the Hornets scored a touchdown and were one point behind.  Most coaches and teams would have kicked the extra point and taken the game into a 2nd OT.

Sac State left the offense on the field and called a pass to the same wide receiver who had scored the touchdown.  Scary stuff, miss the play and you lose a game after having a 15 point lead.  Make the play and you win.

The quarterback, Jeff Fleming,  throws a bullet into the far corner of the end zone and the Sac State receiver, Brandyn Reed, hauls in the football.  Sac State converts the 2 pointer and shock Oregon State.

Sac State wins the first game of the season by a score of 29-28, beating a Pac-12 team for the first time in…..well, in FOREVER!   Jeff Fleming gets named Player of The Week for the Big Sky Conference and named National offensive Player of The Week.  Congratulations Jeff!!

The Hornets have received national attention for this win and are now ranked 12th in the nation in The Sports Network Division I-AA/Football Championship Subdivision Top 25.

Sac State, of course, is still celebrating and their website has a great write-up about their fantastic win.  On the other hand, the Beavers still have their football website showing that they “will” play against the Hornets.  Nothing about the game itself at all yet.  Someday I suppose.

All of this makes me wish I was 17 years old and starting college again.  Check out the Sac State athletics department video here.  After watching the short video, you may want to apply for admission too.

Or maybe it is time to buy season tickets (here) ??  Only $50, call 916-278-2222 and have some fun.

The Hornets don’t play in Sacramento until September 24th against Montana.  Until then Sac State plays on the road versus Southern Utah and Weber State.  Tough schedule (here) to start the season with three road games.

Great job California State University Sacramento (Sac State) football team!  Nice win.

Update September 7th:  The Sacramento Bee has a nice article (here) about the methodology of the coaching staff and their work at keeping the players desire to celebrate in check.  The win is important, but let the fans lose themselves in celebration while the players focus on the game this weekend.

Update September 10th:  Well, it has been one week since Sac State’s win over Oregon State.

Today the Hornets play in Utah against The Southern Utah Thunderbirds in Cedar City.

I don’t remember ever anticipating a Sac State football game the way I have anticipated this one.

The Sacramento Bee has a great article today about the Sac State receivers, calling them a “triple threat” and showcasing their individual talents.

The key to the Hornets season will be the health of the QB, Jeff Fleming.  He has not been able to put together a full season in his college career due to injuries.  When he is healthy he is excellent and his three good receivers need him to remain healthy.  Which means Fleming’s offensive line needs to pull together and protect the brother.

The key to this game may be the defense.  You have to give it up to the Oregon State offense and their 15 point 4th quarter, but the Hornet’s defense seemed to really struggle at the end of that game.  They cannot struggle today.

Good luck Sac State Hornets.  Play well and keep to the game plasn and good things can happen.

September 10th CSUS vs SUU Score:  Southern Utah wins 35-14.

Nice win for SUU after losing their first game of the season.  Pathetic performance by Sac State.

Winning your first 2 road games to start the season is a tough one when your team is realisticly middle of the pack.

September 17th CSUS travels to Stewart Stadium  and plays the Weber State Wildcats

Weber State has started their season with a 0-2 record, losing to both the University of Wyoming and Utah State University on the road.  Neither team is in the Big Sky Conference.

On September 17th the Wildcats return home to Elizabeth Dee Shaw Stewart Stadium and host the CSUS Hornets who are 1-1.  Weber State is in Utah and their stadium sits above the city of Ogden.

So it is back to Utah for the Hornets who are on their 3rd an final season starting road trip.

This is a night game with an 8 pm MST kick-off.  No television coverage for this one in Sacramento, so we have to be content with radio.  (931 and 950 on your AM dial (my old radio days on the CSUS station did that entry!) starting at 5:05 pm.  Enjoy.

Final score:

CSUS never led as they lost to Weber State by a score of 49-17.  Weber State amassed 522 yards of total offense and scored in nearly every fashion in a 49-17 win over No. 20 Sacramento State, Saturday evening at Elizabeth Dee Shaw Stewart Stadium.

Sac State falls to 1-2 and  the Hornets will return to Sacramento for their first home game in the 2011 campaign against the Montana Grizzlies.

Game 4 vs the Montana Grizzlies:

Sac State is out to win their first ever game vs Montana in sixteen games.  Yes, the Hornets are zip-16 in games against the Grizzlies.

“The game against the Grizzlies is a chance for the Hornets to get back to .500 on the season and head into their game with the Montana State Bobcats on a high note. The game is free of charge to all Sac State students with a valid OneCard and kickoff is at 6:05 p.m.”

The Montana game is scheduled for September 24th with a 6:05 start time.

Hornet fans can tune in to Classic 93.1 FM and KAHI 950 AM in the foothills to hear the radio call of Jason Ross, Steve McElroy and Danny Sullivan. Live audio streaming is also available via and on the iHeart Radio application for mobile devices. The broadcast will begin at 5:45 p.m.

The game can be viewed for free on Fans must create a username and password prior to watching a Big Sky event.

You can find individual game-by-game summaries and stats at this link.

StubHub shows no tickets left for any of the Sac State home games.

The Sac State site shows a number of ways to get tickets from the $50 general admission season pass for all home games to 50-yard line seats if you make a $100 donation to the Stinger Athletic Association Reserve (SAAR), or chair-back seats in Section 213 with a $500 donation.

Here is the field seating chart for your enjoyment!

September 24th:

Today the Hornets hope to bounce back from two road losses and win their home opener.

No TV (of course) so set your radio dial to FM KAHI 950 in the foothills or Classic AM 93.1.

This game can be viewed for free on Fans must create a username and password prior to watching a Big Sky event.

“Live audio streaming is also available via and on the iHeart Radio application for mobile devices. The broadcast will begin at 5:45 p.m.”

Game time is 6:05 pm here on the west coast.  A win will be good here as they have some difficult games against the top ranked teams in the conference and road games after this.  Their schedule gets a little more forgiving with 5 of their last 6 at home.

Read the Sacramento Bee article here.

Halftime:  Windy in Sacramento tonight as a storm is being pushed in with rain tomorrow.

12,751 fans in the stadium tonight.

Montana is ranked #10 in the country and comes to Sacramento after winning their last 2 games impressively.

Sac State stands 0-16 against Montana.

Sac State leads the Grizzlies 21-14 after missing a field goal of about 25 yards to end the half.

I was screaming “kick the field goal” when Sac State choose to go for it with 4th and 2 yards in the first quarter when they led 7-0.  They received a penalty as time ran out.  Then they chose to go for it again!!  Now 4th and 7 yards.  They failed to convert.  Montana scored a TD and the score was 7-7.

The sound died on the Big Sky stream about 25 minutes ago so I will reboot and see what’s what for the 2nd half.

CSUS RB Bryan Hilliard is just a machine with strong  rushing and 1 TD.  QB Fleming has a gun for an arm but he sure is thin.

Montana does not seem to have a passing game, but are a ball control rushing team and the QB may be the best rusher of the lot.  That’s good cuz he has thrown two INTs.  Excellent offensive line helps the rushing production a lot.

Second half:

Sac State with like their 5th foul (I think) stalls some very good defensive plays.  They miss yet another FG but do score another TD early in the 3rd as Fleming rushes for his 2nd score.  Fleming has had big runs in this game.

Fleming goes out injured but the backup RB McCowan rushes for a big TD, his first of the year.  He just exploded thru the hole and it’s 35-14 in favor of Sac State.

Hilliard with a sprained ankle but being taped and  should return.

Sac State with another PF, a late hit on the sidelines with a 21 point lead putting Montana deep in the Hornets side.

Montana QB rushes for a TD, score now 35-21 Sac State.  So the PF hurts the Hornets a lot here with a quick score by the Grizzlies.  The Hornets 7th penalty, the Grizzlies with 4.

Another turnover gives Montana the ball deep in Sac State territory.  However the wind (thank you gods of the Delta breeze) pushed the ball to the left.  The ref was calling it good until the last second.

4th Quarter:

Sac State takes a 14 point lead into the final 15 minutes.  362 total yards for the Hornets.

Sac State WR Brandon Reed somehow catches a pass deep in the end zone off the skull of a Montana’s defender, 42-21 Hornets.  and…the TV cameras missed  it, somehow following the CSUS RB who did not have the ball.

The Montana QB throws another interception and then tackles the Hornet that brought down the pass.  8:30 to play.

Sac State is tasting their very first victory against the Grizzlies.  but Montana does not give up.  They are an excellent team and always well coached, having been in the playoffs 17 years in a row.

Bryan Hilliard powers forward on another good run giving him over 100 yard, but reinjuring his ankle it seems.

After miscues Sacramento is 4th and 21 yards.  Almost funny as the QB rushes for a few yards and the Grizzlies take over.  Joe Montana’s son Nick comes in at QB for Montana.

So it is Montana throwing for Montana, almost an INT. 5:20 to go.

And the Hornets take the victory with a final score of 42-28.

September 24th:

The Sacramento Bee reports that “The Sacramento  State quarterback (Jeff Fleming) made big plays with his right arm and his feet to will the  Hornets downfield throughout Saturday night’s home opener against Montana”  He had a lot of help in last nights win, but Fleming certainly made the big play exactly when his team needed it.

Read more in the Bee article.

The Sac State website is just awash in celebrations over their win last night.  It must really feel good for the school finally beating the Montana Grizzlies.  This was the only Big Sky conference team that the Sac State Hornets had failed to beat since joining the conference.

The teams first met in 1993.

At this link you will find 33 excellent photos full of Sac State vs Montana game action.

The Conference website covers all the action on September 24th, including the Hornet’s game.

The next game:

Sac State goes back on the road next week against the Montana State Bobcats.  I don’t think they have ever won there.  I’m not sure they have ever beat Montana State. Well, I guess they have but I don’t remember it.

This is homecoming for the Bobcats and teams are always sky-high for their homecoming game.

Montana State is 3-1 this season and they are unbeaten in 2 home games so far.  So Sac State goes on their 3rd road game this season while the Bobcats host their 3rd home game.  Just not an easy schedule for the Hornets, but it is time that they win a road game.  They certainly have incentive.

The game will start at 1:05 Pacific Time and you can watch it streaming for free on Fans must create a username and password prior to watching a Big Sky event.  It works well but has had audio probs in some games.  I think the usual radio stations will be broadcasting as well.

The Hornets hope they are on the right course after an up & down start to their football season.  The Sac State Hornets now stand at 2-2 on the young season with two wins against top quality teams and two blow-out losses.

If the Hornets want a good season they will need to shake off this shaky start and do it soon because the next game two games are road games.  The first is against the team at the top of the Conference standings, the Montana State Bobcats, and the following week the Hornets will play Northern Colorado.  Losses would put the CSUS season in some serious jeopardy.

September 27th:

The Sacramento Bee carries an article today covering a few CSUS football topics.

The game against Montana was the 16th time Senior RB Hilliard has rushed for 100+ yards.  Sac State helped Hilliard amass big yardage and 1 TD last Saturday, plus QB Fleming rushed for 2 TDs.  The Hornets had a good ground game which helped them control the clock when needed and convert on 3rd and 4th downs besides scoring the touchdowns.

Against Montana State that rushing game may find the going a bit more difficult.   Not only is this the 4th road game in the first 5 games for CSUS, but it is the Montana State homecoming game.  The Montana State Bobcats are the class of the Big Sky Conference and last week beat the defending champions, Eastern Washington and are very tight against the run.

September 30th:

The Bee reports that Hornets defender Ryan McMahon is looking to stop speedy Montana State.  Last week the safety played quite a game, but as they say…that was last week, against a rushing team.  This week he must defend against a team ranked #4 nationwide in the subdivision poll.

McMahon transferred to Sac State from USC, and says “Stick to your receiver because – in the previous game, if you don’t do that – you’ll be picked apart, especially (by) a team like Montana State,” he said.

October 1stL

Today is game dayWill the Montana State game be as shootout like 2010 was?  Read the article at the link, listen to the game or watch it at the streaming link above and we will see you at halftime with the score.


Montana State 17, Sac State 14

I have not watched the entire 1st half, but the Hornets missed an easy FG (maybe from the 13 yard line) to end the half.  That was after they had a TD called back on fouls called on both teams (I think).  And the Bobcats scorte a TD earlier on a 65 yard pass.  ugly.  Both teams are playing poor football and I think the winner will be the team that fouls the least in the 2nd half.  CSUS is definitely still in the game.

Montana State scores a TD to start the 2nd half, and seems to be taking control of this game.

Another Bobcat TD run makes it 31-14Montana State  just into the 4th quarter, and this is getting hard to watch as the Sac State defense has gone missing, and Montana State has shown why they are the class of this conference.

Now an interception by MSU and I have to look at something else for awhile.  Hard to call it done, but it certainly looks like it.

Sac State scores a TD, now 31-21 MSU as they try to grind the clock with 7:40 to go. The Bobcats taking penalties on 3rd down, good ball control football.

Sac State gets the ball in MSU territory and a score here could make this a better game, even if the Bobcats win.

Penalties everywhere but few cdalled.  Sac State fumbles just 2 yard from the goal and the Bobcats recover. And a false start on MSU.  And a pass for a 1st down.  Just about over unless CSUS can catch some magic here.

2:30 left in the game, the Hornets will have to try to even their record again next week at Northern Colorado.

Montana State has played an excellent 2nd half in their 31-21 win over CSUS.

October 2nd:

This SacBee article points out key CSUS team mistakes that led to the MSU loss.

Sac State news has released an article detailing the Montana State game.  Congratulations to the Bobcats for a good game.

Next week:  CSUS vs Northern Colorado Bears

Northern Colorado is at the bottom of the conference with a 0-5 record, but you cannot take them for granted and this will be  yet another road game for the Hornets.

October 7th:

So, another college football game tomorrow.  Makes me feel like I was back in college (oh, so many years ago).  Todays link takes you to a Sac State football release as the team heads to Norther Colorado for an opportunity to even their record at 3-3 against the cellat-dwelling Bears.  The Bears have yet to win a game this year, but they will not remain in that spot all year.  And the Hornets do not want to be the team that the Bears notch their first win against.

Start time 12:35 Pacific

Video: (sign up for your free pass early if you don’t already have one)

Radio: Classic 93.1 FM


A little colder in Greeley, Colorado than in California and they expect rain tomorrow.  so….wind, cold and rain.  Sounds like football weather!!  Good luck Hornets.

October 8th:

CSUS QB Fleming scores a TD early in the 1st quarter, leads 7-0.  Neither team doing a good job of holding onto the ball.

Weather brutal for the California kids in Greeley, Colorado.  37 degrees, wind & rain with some little snow flurries.

There are only 12 fans in the far bleachers.  Yes, just 12.

First half ends with the Hornets leading 7-0.

Deep in the 3rd quarter Sac State with the ball, just grinding things out looking to extend this 7-0 lead.  Hilliard gets stuffed and Sac State has a 4th and 10 decision to make.  They will go for it.

The Hornets have not thrown a pass in this game.

They do throw a pass, but a penalty on the Hornets as the receiver pushes off on the DB.  Another 4th down for CSUS.   Sac State picks up a loose ball and scores and now lead 14-0.

3rd quarter ends.

Big Sky TV keeps going in & out.  I guess the camers don’t care for today’s weather either.

.So far the Hornets have less than 200 total yards while the Bears are under 50.

Oh my…..

Such a poor game for both teams, but Sac State should even their record at 3-3 as now 4 minutes remain.

Sac State evens their record at 3-3 with a 14-0 win.

This is the Hornets first shutout win since September 10, 1994 against San Francisco State.

The Northern Colorado Bears suffer another defeat and are now 0-6.

October 9th:

The  cold, the wind, the rain, the snow flurries….honestly, the poor play by both teams.

Not a good game, but a good win for the Hornets.  CSUS evened both their overall record (3-3) and their record in the Big Sky Conference (2-2).  But they never threw a pass during this game.

“Sacramento State becomes the first team in NCAA Div. I-AA/FCS history to not attempt a pass in a game. Previously, six teams had one pass attempt, most recently in 1998. There have been several teams that have not completed a pass.”

The Sacramento Bee article noted “Quarterback Jeff Fleming was content to hand it off or tuck it and run, and it  had nothing to do with the absence of two of his top receivers, Brandyn Reed and  Chase Deadder, who were out with injuries.”

“Fleming’s one pass attempt came late in the third quarter when he hit John  Hendershott in the end zone for an 18-yard touchdown, but the play was nullified  by a pass-interference call.”

Next week is a bye for Sac State and a week off after a road win should do them good.  Then they come back to Sacramento for home games for most of the remaining season.  So take a week off, see you down the road.

Next Game  October 22nd vs Eastern Washington

October 16th:

Sac State returns to Hornet stadium this coming Saturday.  Buy your tickets.  Take you friends & family.  The weather will be beautiful in Sacramento with a spring-like October evening.

This is the Sac State Homecoming so come and enjoy!   Let’s fill up the stadium and cheer the team on to success.  Check the link for the Sac State article.

“Hornets, come home!

All Sacramento State students, alumni, faculty, staff, Sacramento residents – in short, everybody – are invited to the University’s homecoming celebration and football game Saturday, Oct. 22.

The Hornets will take on the Eastern Washington Eagles at 6:05 p.m., but the celebration begins at 3 p.m. with tailgating in the Alumni Center parking lot.”

October 22nd:

Today is homecoming!  And that means football and today the Hornets take on Eastern Washington who comes off a victory against Northern Colorado.

The article at the link above explains that CSUS will need the defensive efforts of their leading tackler Safety Ryan McMahon to cool off the Eastern Washington offense.

McMahon transfered to CSUS from USC and has put up some excellent numbers for the Hornets this season with 56 tackles and 33 solo stops.  More at the link.

Tonight’s game has a start time of 6:05 pm.

Try the usual outlets for Sac State:

Video: (sign up for your free pass early if you don’t already have one)

Radio: Classic 93.1 FM


I have watcvhed a few games on Big Sky TV.  There have been issues with the video (picture goes in & out) but it works and there are other conference games not just CSUS so check it out.

Radio is always nice for sports (I think) if you can create a picture in your brain.

But the weather is nice and the cost at Sac State is fair (especially for you students and alumni) so…..see you at the game!!

I can take my phone and tablet and post from my seat.  Cool!!!

CSUS Hornets vs Eastern Washington

Homecoming is packed!  14-13 Hornets with a 32 yard FG attempt which is pushed to the right.  Sac States kicking this year just sucks.  So we go to Halftime with a 14-13 lead by Sac State and the halftime show coming to you.

3Q, Hornets move 73 yards downfield and a long pass to WR Brandyn Reed goes in for a TD.  20-13 Hornets.

First play after the Hornets kick and CSUS picks off an EWU pass.  RB Saffron with his pink socks (breast cancer awareness) today has a nice strong run on first down.Hornets are showing their depth today with players I have not seen on the field and contributing against Eastern Washington.

1:40 left in the 3rd, CSUS in the lead 28-13.

Well, my fault.  I am ill and went to sleep at start of 4th quarter with CSUS winning comfortably.  I wake up 2.5 hours later to find out Eastern University won in OT by a score of 42-35.   Oh my god…

I don’t know what to say.  25 nice photos at the link above.

This link takes you to a bit of video from the Hornets vs Eastern Washington University.

October 23rd:

Well, well, well…Sac State really did lose that game after having a lead and momentum.  I’m glad I did not watch the last Quarter.  I would have been screaming at the screen.  It is such a not-useful activity!!  A Sacramento Bee article detailing the game is at the link.

It explains that CSUS could have won but missed a FG as time expired.  I don’t think the Sac State kicker has made a FG at all this season.  I think he is 0 for 6 tries (??)  I will have to look it up.  he missed two tries in this game.

I am sure the team could find half a dozen guys (and gals) in Sacramento who could make one of those 6 kicks this year.  One successful kick would mean one win.  One win means a winning season. OK, I quit & will leave the guy alone.  For now.

Sac State is now 6th in the conference.  The Hornets record drops to 3-4, 2-3 in conference play.

3 of the final 4 games are at home.

The next game is October 29th against the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks here in Sacramento.

This is a hard loss for me so the players and staff must be having a real tough Sunday.

October 29th:

I didn’t have a chance to watch this one but the Hornets lost by one point against Northern Arizona.

The Lumberjacks won 27-26.

I’m sure thisd isn’t quite the season the Hornets expected to have.  They are now 2-4 in the Big Sky Conference, pretty much their normal spot.  They are 3-5 overall and have 3 games left.

Next week is against one of the best in the conference, Portland State.  Besides being against a tough opponent it is a road game.   Ugh…

More tomorrow.

October 31st:

So, the Sacramento Bee article from October 30th called the October 29th loss “another heartbreaker” and it must have been that to players and fans alike.  One point.  A game the team really needed to win.  Their 2nd loss at home after last weeks debacle.

What more can I say except this:  I am glad that I missed it.  I kept wondering how the team was doing and expecting they were having a good game.

As a viewer the problems the Hornets have had this season seem to be attributable to two primary areas of football:

  1. defense, especially against the run
  2. kicking, especially Field Goal kicking

October 29th:  “Sac State could not stop Northern Arizona’s Zach Bauman, who ran for a career-high 246  yards and two touchdowns Saturday night as the Lumberjacks held on for a 27-26  victory in front of an announced crowd of 6,119 at Hornet  Stadium.

Some defensive issues against the run.  A career rushing game for a bottom tier team.

“…for the second time, the Lumberjacks (3-5, 2-4) blocked Jason Diniz’s extra-point attempt,,,”

And in this game, not just field goal kicking.  But point-after kicking.

Two PAT’s were blocked.  In one game.  Against a lower tier team.

I think CSUS belongs where they are in the standings and we got a bit over excited early on.

They still have games this year and the coaches and players have to get it together to fight thru these games and come out with a couple of wins.

They can get a 500 season here.  Hell, with some luck they could get a winning season.  But it will be tough.

And they have to get it together in 2 areas of football.

Defense, especially against the run.

Kicking.  Now PATs in addition to FG’s.  I don’t expect him to be perfect but he needs to get on the practice field and kick 100 PATs and 50FGs EVERY DAY until the end of lthe season.  Period.

Read more at the link above.

I’m out for this week, see ya in November.

November 4th:

Joined the game at Big Sky TV about 3:40 pm PT.

The Portland State Vikings took a 29-20 lead on a chip shot FG, over the Sac State Hornets and a big passing game so far.

It is the 4th Quarter so not much time for the Hornets to do anything here.  CSUS stalls early in this possession, almost throwing an interception on the 1st down.

The Vikings have a good football team, while Sac State really does not.

Sac State loses the game 29-20 with an intercepted pass to end it all.  This loss is not as surprising as the one last week.   CSUS had beaten the Vikings three games in a row until this one.

November 12th:

The CSUS Hornets meet the Idaho State.  So far the Hornets are passing and running and look like a new team offensively.  It is very early.  QB Fleming is out for the game with concussion symptoms.

The Hornets split the QB duties between Saffron and Edwards.


Sac State 8 Idaho State 6

And the Idaho State band is just kickin it out at mid-field.

They are really tight!

But still no sound for a while, so they might only be marching tight  🙂

So far it’s all about special teams:  2 FGs for Idaho State Bengals but two fake punts??

Sac State has made a 2 point PAT giving them the lead.

A very poor game on both sides of the ball and for both teams.  Fortunately I missed most of it.

And I will have to miss most of the 2nd half.

Whoa….my god. Stanford is losing BIG???

A QB change, Edwards to start the 2nd Half for Sac State.

What a wierd game.  I have to turn this off and get back to it later.   so disappointing for both teams.

Sac State played MUCH better in the 2nd half.

No, they sucked but Idaho State sucked worse. What a styrange football game.I was in & out all game, kind of like these two teams.  Sometimes I was right there and other times I disappeared for long stretches of time!

The Hornets won 24-9.  Three FGs for the Bengals, that’s all.  Which is ok if the game was a stellar defensive effort.  It wasn’t.

A win for the Hornets is important at this point and eventually peeps will just remember the “W”.

Current record:

Overall Pct. Conf Pct. Streak Home Away Neutral
4 – 6 .400 3 – 5 .375 W1 2 – 2 2 – 4 0 – 0

Next:          November 19th at home

vs the University of California at Davis Aggies

The famous annual “Causeway” Classic.

For those who may not know, the “Yolo Causeway” is a magnificient natural bird sanctuary and former rice growing area along Highway 80 which separates Sacramento on the east and Davis on the west.

It used to be that the towns were truly separated by football.  Davis with a Division I team, Sacramento more like a high school wannabe.  Lately the Hornets have been more competitive on the gridiron.  The Aggies lost today to North Dakota commiting 3 turnovers.

UCD current standing is 3-7, so the Hornets have a chance.

The game will be at 1:05 pm as we all prepare for Thanksgiving.

November 18th:

UC Davis, the day after University police blatently pepper sprayed students directly in their faces, eyes and mouths as they sat on the ground—swept past the Sac State Hornets winning the game 23-19.

The win put the UCD Aggies at 4-7 for the season, while the Sac State Hornets also finished 4-7.

A big game for UCD RB Colton Silvieria who gained 170 yards and the go-ahead TD.

The Hornets led in this game at Halftime.

They led on two Field Goals by Jason Dinz (I know, FGs???) and a fumble recovery in the end zone.  I thought they were headed for a win today and I had to miss the 2nd half.

Good job Hornets.  Everyone was cheering for a few more wins this year, you gained some supporters for next year and that is always important.

Good game Aggies, congratulations.

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