May Day—Call To Action On May 1st, 2012

We have a Call To Action on May 1, 2012.

May Day!


May Day Meetings:

Wednesdays 6:00pm

at 33 West 14th St Saturdays 1:00pm

at Judson Church, 239 Thompson St in NYC


at 1:00pm

at 55 Washington Square South NYC

The meeting minutes to date have been posted online


What is #M1GS Occupy May 1st?

In most European countries, May 1st is traditionally a ‘Workers’ day – a day of Labor Solidarity, and a public holiday. In Los

Angeles, it’s a day to celebrate and march in support of im/migrant rights. In protest against the corruption of the worldwide

marketplace, which has led to illegal foreclosures, mass unemployment, low wages, high taxes and a penalization of all those who do

not own the ‘99%’ of the world’s resources, and in solidarity with the im/migrant movements of May 1st, OLA decided to declare

May 1st, 2012 a People’s General Strike. Instead of calling upon unionized Labor to make a specific demand (illegal under Taft-

Hartley), OLA is calling upon the people of Los Angeles and the United States of America to take this day away from school and the

workplace, so that their absence makes their displeasure with this corrupt system be known.”