2012 Gorilla Challenge in Sacramento

The 2012 Sacramento Gorilla Challenge is scheduled for Saturday, September 22nd.

This is the 2nd Annual Gorilla Challenge in Sacramento.

Hundreds of teams squared off in August 2011 and had tons of fun as they worked their way thru the challenge.

Gorilla Challenge is a race that will test your power with hidden clues around town, put your body to the test with crazy obstacles, and give you a reason to be a Gorilla by supporting local charities.

Twitterize them @TweetingGorilla

We’re an Amazing Race/Fear Factor style event, quickly becoming the largest outdoor pursuit experience in the nation sending hundreds of Gorillas around their city looking for clues with excitement for a chance to win awesome prizes and compete in a zany costume contest. ”

Facebook   http://gorillachallenge.com/

So have a basic idea of what the Gorilla Challenge is?  Moosh Fear Factor with The Amazing Race.  Put together your team.  Your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors or a bunch of kooky strangers.

Put your costumes together.

Go to the website and sign your team up then get ready or even practice following clues from one spot to the next around Sacramento.

Sign up:             Sign your team up HERE

Questions?        Here are the answers

More info           Contact them here

Where else do they have this Gorilla crap?  All over!

Your team can win money for coming in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

And you can win more money for great costumes.

And even more money for leading the way in the Food Drive Challenge!!!

So have fun go bananas and win money too??  Wow!!

You have a few months so get your team together and start your planning NOW.


2012 Sacramento Music Festival

The Tower Bridge, built in 1935, a popular lan...

The Tower Bridge, built in 1935, a popular landmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 2012 Sacramento Music Festival is all brand-new and shiny like a new penny.

2011 was the last year of the Sacramento Jazz Festival & Jubilee.

This is the 39th Annual Festival in Sacramento.  The organizers are looking to get back on a track of growth for Festival attendees and music participants.

Attendance has been dropping the last few years and organizers and the city want to have more than 700,000 people attend this years Festival!

So what is in a name change??

Well for a music festival like the old Jaz Jubilee it signals a change in the styles of music and types of musical acts who will be showcased.

No longer is the focus on old-time traditional jubilee jazz.

Sure, that form of music will be heard.  It is traditional jazz after all and important to the development of that genre.

But this year it will be joined with reggae, American roots music, country, modern jazz, gospel and more.

The changes are key to broadening the types and numbers of music lovers who attend the four-day Music Festival.

When:             May 25th to 28th, 2012

The Festival begins at 10am each day with the last set starting at 10:30pm each day except

Monday when the last set is 2:30pm.

The Parade kicks off the Festival in Old Sacramento at 10am on Saturday May 26th

What:             Sacramento Jazz Festival

Where:           Sacramento, California

24 venues from Old Sacramento to the Sacramento Convention Center

Who:              Who will be playing at the 2012 Festival?

Acts including Johnny “Guitar” Knox, the Zydecats, Sista Monica Parker, Big Sandy & His Fly                   -Rite Boys, Jazz ‘N’ Samba, Mariachi Los Gasllos, 101st Army Dixieland Jazz Band  Uptown Lowdown   Buster Blue   Big Sam’s Funky Nation  Saint Gabriel’s Celestial Brass Band  and MORE here

Solo act Deadstring Brother makes Sacramento Music Fest debut

Prices:            You can buy adult passes, senior passes & youth passes for all four days or just for one day.

From $10 for a Senior pass on Memorial Day to $110 for a four-day Adult pass and everything in-

between.  Check out the prices and buy your tickets HERE  And you can ride shuttle buses to all

venues for just $5 for the entire weekend.  Kids 12 and under are free.

Food:  Besdes great restaurants in Old Sacramento and downtown a lot of favorite food vendors return to the festival this year including the number one seller grilled oysters, grilled sausages (the number two favorite), Cajun & Filipino food, Tri-tip, nuts & freshly picked cherries, root beer floats, Bloody Marys and more.

Schedule of events each day can be found HERE

Hotels:            For out of town visitors these hotel packages are excellent!

Do you need more information?  Check em out HERE

or Twitter    @SacMusicFest

or Facebook  SacMusicFest.com


The Festival kicked off in Old Sacramento this morning!

The opening came at 10 a.m., when Boy Scout Troop 107, from Citrus Heights, walked as honor guard onto a shortened Old Sacramento parade route this year.

The parade was moved from its traditional Friday noon time to accommodate more families, festival organizers said.”


The 2012 Pacific Rim Festival in Sacramento

I love our Annual Pacific Rim Festival and suddenly it is time for the 2012 Fest!

When the Festival started 20 years ago it was basically Chinese and Japanese music, food and goodies for sale.  Now we have added Filipino, Vietnamese, Hmong, Laotian, Hawaiian, Samoan….and everyone in between!  More than 15 Asian Cultures are represented.

Food, music, art and culture.

What more could you ask for??  Oh, and the weather should be a picture perfect 85 degrees.

When:             Sunday, May 20th

What Time:    10am to 5pm

Where:           Old Sacramento along the river & the Westfeld Shopping Plaza downtown

HERE is a map of the different entertainment stages and who is where when

And look at all the 2012 vendors HERE–more than 100 this year

And the food, and Taiko Dan.

Look for food styles from the Philippines (Lumpia Hut), Chinese buns from the Chairman Truck, Hawaiian eats (Aloha Diner), and the Vietnamese food truck called HIYAA! Inc., and much more.

The easiest way to get to Old Sacramento is to park and take Light Rail downtown.  HERE are driving instructions and all the Rail info.

And of course, speaking of rail…while you are in Old Sacramento how can you pass up the State Railroad Museum and the start of the years train rides down the river to Miller Park?

Plus the Underground Tours below Old Sacramento, all the great restaurants.   All in Sacramento!

Plus you can walk across the Tower Bridge into West Sacramento and put in some time at the Brew Fest at Raley’s Field.

May 21st:

Did you go??  Well, here are 64 photos from SacBee photographers showing people who attended the 2012 Pacific Rim event having so much fun!!!

The West Coast Brewfest 2012

The West Coast is the place that started it all when it comes down to the micro-brew revolution.

Small batches of quality beers of many types: ales, lager, light beer, dark beer, flavored beers, hoppy beers.  You want it your way??  Well someone out there makes it just like that.

Whether it is a small restaurant/grill or a pub there are places across the country brewing beer like never before.

And it all started in California.  In fact, it all started in Northern California right?

And “the West Coast Brewers Festival was the first Brew Fest dedicated to celebrating the significance of the West Coast in the development of the Micro Brew industry.”

What             West Coast Brewers Festival

Where            Miller Park in Sacramento

When             Saturday, May 19, 2012    1pm to 5pm

What brews??  Check out the BIG list of brews here

And the winning brews from the craft competition  are here

This is the 13th Annual BrewFest, so join 3,000 of your closest friends as we celebrate brewing with food, fun and beer down along the Sacramento.

As always, the West Coast Brew Fest is a ticketless beer tasting event. For one low price, you get entrance to the event, a special tasting cup, a wristband and a wide variety of craft brews to sample. There is never a need to buy more tokens or tickets.

Over 120 different brews to try!!

Limited time VIP Tickets here….bigger cups!  Get in to the event 1 hour early!! So, no lines for the first hour of tasting!!!  And FREE lunch!!!!  A free T-shirt and other cool SWAG!!!!!

How much?        General admission on-site:   $40.00

Pre-pay                                 $35.00 buy early at:

  3. •EXTREME PIZZA (On Exposition, Near Costco)

Designated drivers & youth 16-20    $5.00    free sodas

Under 16 free  Must be 21 to taste the brews.  Under 21 drinking will be asked to leave.

Food is extra, except for VIP tickets

Be a volunteerApply here

Music & Food:



  1. ✦Bob Woods Band (Rockabilly)
  2. ✦Jenny Mojo Trio (Grateful Dead Style)
  3. ✦The Pyronauts (Surf Music)
  4. ✦SFK’s Rock Revue (Classic Rock)




  1. ✦G-Dubbs BBQ
  2. ✦Xochimilco Mexican Food
  3. ✦Dave’s Dawgs
  4. ✦Philly Cheese Steak
  5. ✦Kim’s Teriyaki

Need more information??



EMAIL: westcoastbrewfest@yahoo.com

Find out more here

Have fun.  Have a designated driver.  No minors can drink.

Outdoor Dining In The Sacramento Region


Springtime brings many things:  warmer weather, flowers and plants as well as the gardening & cleanup that goes along with those things, kids looking forward to summer break (those who get one), the concert season, tomato season in Sacramento, NBA basketball championships (sorry Sacramento) & March Madness, allergies (achoo) vacation planning…..so many other things.

And one of my favorites each year.  outdoor dining!

When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s Sacramento actually had an ordinance prohibiting sidewalk seating.  All we had was restaurants like the Firehouse that had enclosed patios.

We had to go to San Francisco to actually enjoy sidewalk dining, and it was such a treat.  Almost a taboo!  People fought real hard to get the city to approve sidewalk dining.

Now we have so many choices, from simple fare to fine dining.  Lunchtime and dinner and late night dining as well.

Downtown, midtown, East Sacramento and all regions in the city and the county as well as surrounding area like West Sacramento, Folsom, Elk Grove, Roseville, down the Sacramento River, up the American River.  Who does not have at least one restaurant with sidewalk dining?

There are so many outdoor dining spots it i hard to pick your favorite.  If the choice is favorite place to eat outside my is…still the Firehouse.

If the choice is limited to sidewalk eatingit is a little more difficult to choose for some reason.

Well we can choose an alley-walk rather than a sidewalk and pick Old Soul 1716 L Street, rear alley.

If the choice is a real sidewalk I would pick Three Sisters on J Street with their wonderful dining area with a bit of a wall next to the sidewalk or  33rd Street Bistro on Folsom Boulevard.  I enjoy both of these places, they have different styles of food but both try hard to provide good service and quality food.

What other places outdoors?

Well, check out the recent article in the Sacramento Bee for a lot of selections, all good.  It got me thinking about the subject, made me quite hungry and led to this post.

They list some places that I enjoy like

Mulvaneys, 1215 19th Street

Restaurant Thir13en, 1300 H Street

Juno’s Kitchen & Deli, 3675 J Street

Paesano’s 1806 Capitol Avenue

Zocalo, right down the street at 1801 Capitol Avenue

and many more that I still must try out.

What other places?  Leave me comments here or Tweet me @zenDR and tell me about your favorite joints, where and why.

Public Workshop For New Sacramento Arena

The City of Sacramento is planning a workshop for the public focused on the new Sacramento Arena .

City staffers plan to discuss the proposed arena site in the downtown railyard,integrating the arena with the planned intermodal transit hub and linking the project to historic features of the railyard.”

When:            Thursday, April 12th

Time:              5:30 to 8 pm

Where:           First Floor of the Sacramento City Hall

915 I Street, downtown Sacramento

I haven’t called it the Kings arena because the Kings owners seem so unwilling to be part of the process.  I believe the Kings will be, but the owners will either be replaced (sell) or go into a lease agreement kicking, screaming and crying like little babies.


So what about the Maloof‘s??  Will they be at the workshop?


No.  The Maloof’s have been called to the NBA Board of Governors meeting where one of the topics of discussion will be the Maloofs refusal to pay their fair share of the arena pre-development costs.  David Stern came up with the money out of his own pocket.

Note:  Stern’s pocket contains money that all the other owners have given as their ‘Governor’ or owner dues, so it isn’t really Stern’s money.  It is the owners money.

So…to review:  The Sacramento owners refused to pay the pre-development costs.  Stern used money from the other owners to pay the bill.  The Maloof’s now have to meet with Stern and all the other owners to “discuss” this issue.

The City “public” (the fans, the non-fans and folks that just like City workshops) will be at a workshop about te arena tat the Maloof’s are trying to hide from.


Friday Night Concerts in Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento

English: The Sacramento skyline, as seen from ...

Image via Wikipedia

The lineup for the free Friday night concerts in Cesar Chavez Park downtown Sacramento has been announced.

When:               May 4 through July 27

Time:                5 pm to 9 pm

Where:             Cesar Chavez Park, across from City Hall at 9th & I Streets

The Friday Night Concerts in the Park series kick-off on May 4 is headlined by Arden Park Roots. Returning from last year are headliners Nickel Slots, Mumbo Gumbo,The Nibblers and The Brodys.”

Free all-ages concerts in the park!! Here are your headliners:

May 4: Arden Park Roots

May 11: Middle Class Rut

May 18: Nickel Slots

May 25: Zugh

June 1: Oleander

June 8: Mumbo Gumbo

June 15: Relic 45

June 29: The Nibblers

July 6: Full Blown Stone

July 13: Another Damn Disapointment

July 20:Walking Spanish

Read more here and mark your calendars!!!

Some Schools Add Dinner To The Menu

In Sacramento some schools are adding dinner to their day.

“It was dinnertime.

At 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, 200 students clamored into the cafeteria at Union House Elementary in south Sacramento,forming a line in front of a mound of plastic-encased meals of sandwiches, pears and salads.”

Read more at the link above.
Why don’t schools use their range of activities to support their students, teach community gardening and healthy food choices, food service training as well as providing low and working class families with healthy meals raised, cooked and served by older (High School) students?
Why do I think schools can do better?
Yes, schools can do the bare minimum–serve lunches.  Some add breakfast.  Some schools try hard to prepare and serve good, nutritious food.  Most fail.  Miserably.
A few schools are trying to teach students and their parents to grow and serve vegetables, fruit  in community and/or home gardens.
None (that I have heard of) combine their activities in ways that work toward improving the lives of their students and the futures of their communities.
I am challenging schools and districts to build program that attack the need in a coordinated way, with methods developed with community input to track their work and determine outcomes.  What do we want?
We want food and food programs  that serve the needs of the families.  We want:
  • meals that provide qualitfood for our kids
  • gardens that support school meals with gardening activities provided by students and parents to provide food served in school meals
  • school gardens that teach students and parents where our food comes from and how to grow their own food and allows families to stretch their budgets with nutritious products
  • school and community gardens that make use of otherwise vacant or under utilized land in our cities and towns
  • school meals prepared with the support of students who get trained in food service at the school
  • at some schools develop a restaurant manned by students (and even some parents needing work skills) and supported by food grown in community & school gardens

It’s not just an opportunity to serve sandwiches, call it “dinner” and claim some federal funds for the school.

The late-afternoon meals come courtesy of the federal government’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act signed into law by President Barack Obama in December 2010. The law provides federal funding for schools to serve dinner as part of their after-school program if at least half the students at the school qualify for free or reduced-priced lunches.”

If it is not done in new ways with predetermined paths moving toward improving the health of the families in the school and the communities the school serves, then we are merely giving someone a sandwich at the end of a long day.

Maybe the kid learns something from the homework they may complete in an after-school homework club but we will have missed a great opportunity to connect the growing of food to preparation of healthy & tasty meals with developing job skills and employment opportunities for students and parents.

Without constant prodding by parents and community leaders our schools will take the easy way out.  Too often schools are focused on building programs that give them a pathway to new or enhanced funding.  They are not (on their own) all about developing programs that meet the needs of the people they serve.

And they certainly are not all about developing unique program that address community needs in new ways.

A program like this will be difficult to develop, but the rewards are more than worth it.

We need parent-leaders who push and prod the schools and the politicians to develop and support programs that help our students and their families and offer skills training that helps build the future of our neighborhoods and communities.

This Sacramento area school and a neighborhood apartment house band together to improve the community they both live in, including working to open up a new section of a community gardenbehind the apartments.  Read the full article at the link above.

It has been a year in the planning but the current “spring-like” weather has allowed the work to move foward.
The students and staff from the school have worked with the apartment house residents (many of whom are parents with kids who attend this Waldorf school) to improve the apartment house as well as getting the garden ready for planting and increasing the size of the garden by opening up the additional land.
Several organizations played a role in the undertaking inspired by Edgard Gouveia Jr., an architect and urban planner who founded the Brazil-based Oasis Games.Gouveia, who has spent the week assisting with the project, spoke to students at Sacramento Waldorf School last spring about the Oasis Games, which aim to involve people in community development projects by approaching the work as a game.”


***more to come***

2012 Sacramento Autorama

February 20th:

 *****The Autorama in pictures!!  159 snapshots of beautiful cars and people.*****

The 2012 Sacramento Autorama is being held over the President’s Day Weekend.

This is the 62nd year and Sacramento is now known as “The Kustom Capital of The World“.  This is one of the longest running indoor shows anywhere.

The show is held on the grounds of CalExpo, the site of the annual California State Fair and the Sacramento Mile motorcycle race.

1600 Exposition Blvd. Sacramento,CA 95815     Toll-Free: (877) CAL-EXPO

The Autorama features more than 450 custom cars this weekend.

Ticket Prices

$18.00 General Admission (13 years and up)     $10.00 Kids (6 – 12 years)     5 & under Free


$10.00 General. Parking at the Main Gate as well as the East Gate off of Exposition Blvd.

Show Times

  Friday February 17, 2012 12:00 pm until 9:00 pm
  Saturday February 18, 2012 10:00 am until 9:00 pm
  Sunday February 19, 2012 10:00 am until 7:00 pm


Parade in Sacramento’s Little Saigon on February 4, 2012

On Saturday, February 4, 2012 Sacramento will host a parade through Little Saigon.

The parade will run from Fruitridge Road to Florin along Stockton Boulevard and will have floats, music, drum lines and more as the Chinese Year of the Dragon kicks off in Little Saigon.

A map of the parade area is here with a story.

The area is a vibrant flourishing community made up of dozens of Vietnamese, Hmong and Chinese businesses.

The Sacramento City Council voted to support the name “Little Saigon” for the are in 2010.

“…(the)  City Council meeting featured dancing, cheering and even crying. The excitement anticipated the City Council’s unanimous vote for the area on Stockton Boulevard between between Riza Avenue and Fruitridge Road to be named Little Saigon.”  A video of the Council meeting is here.

A video of the 2010 opening can be seen here.

What is in the community?  Well they have a Facebook page where you can find a ton of stuff.  Celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

Little Saigon Plaza  a BIG place with a lot of shops.  Here is a floorplan.

Saigon Restaurant

February 4th:

Great front page Sacramento Bee article about the parade today.

The parade is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. and will run through the heart of Little Saigon, along the Stockton Boulevard business corridor from Fruitridge Road to Florin Road.

…At the New Asia Supermarket, the aisles are stocked with staples of both the American and Vietnamese cultures. The pharmacy carries Eagle Oil, a popular remedy for sore muscles, and jars of dried sea cucumber and scallops line the shelves. Next to a butcher serving all cuts of meat are tanks of live sturgeon, blue crabs and frogs.

“If you want to serve the Vietnamese community in Sacramento, you have to be here now,” said Mimi Trinh, whose Golden Best insurance agency has been open two years. “This has become the main street of the Vietnamese community.”

A great parade!!  Did you miss it?  Read about it and check out some photos of a previous Little Saigon parade here.