The Sacramento Comedy Festival, September 29th thru October 2nd

Sacramento will host the Comedy Festival in Midtown starting Thursday, September 29th through Sunday, October 2nd.

170 comedians will take to the stage during 17 different shows at The Sacramento Comedy Spot.

Where is the Comedy Spot?

1050 20th Street


You can find a map and directions here.

Brian Crall owns the Comedy Spot and is the primary coordinator of this event.  “Since the festival is all about including different types of comedy,” Crall said, “we try to offer every night a different sampling of each of those things.”

The festival will feature four different comedy mediums for folks to enjoy:

  • standup
  •  improv
  •  sketch
  • and film

Comedianswill be featured from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento.

What’s the cost?

$8 to $10 with a $12 charge for the Sunday Night San Francisco Standup Showcase.