The Inaugural Bacon Fest, 2012 Sacramento

It is almost here people!!

What you ask?

Well, Sacramento‘s Inaugural Bacon Fest for 2012.

Everything just goes better with a little bit of bacon.  Well, more than a little bit.

It’s all about bringin’ home the bacon!!

When:          Friday, January 20th at 11 a.m. thru Sunday, January 22nd at 9 p.m.

Where:        Mulvaney’s B & L, Pig Next Door—19th & L Streets

What:          Food, bacon small plates, beer and wine and Celebrity Judges

This is the very first Bacon Fest in Sacramento.  Get ready for “Three days of Bacon in your face!!”

Where to buy bacon?  There are a lot of excellent smokehouses that you can find with little effort especially if you want packages delivered to your door.  There are 100-year-old smokehouses like Dakin’s Farms Cob Smoked Bacon in Vermont, Nueske’s excellent apple-wood smoked meats in Wisconsin and others in Minnesota as well as  the southern hill country of South carolina and others.

Locally, in a restaurant, Mulvaney’s is a great choice.

What about great local bacon?  In stores, I love Taylors for all things meat market.

Also, take a short drive and check out a place out in the town of Jackson called Swingle Meat Co. (, whose bacon offerings include honey-cured, maple, pepper, apple cinnamon, country-style, beef, and Canadian, which is not known as Canadian bacon in Canada (they call it back bacon, or at least we did growing up in Ottawa).

And do a check for Irish Back Bacon.  Kind of between American slab bacon and Canadian Bacon.  Something good to try.

Check out the bacon festival.  Your mouth will thank you!!

January 23rd:

Sacramento’s Bacon Fest was a HUGE success!!!  Restaurants are in “Hog Heaven”.

Today marks the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, but around Sacramento it might as well be the Year of the Pig. The inagural Bacon Fest ran from Friday through Sunday, with some two dozen Sacramento area restaurants participating, and marked by packed events and food shortages from the bacon-hungry hordes. Pangaea Two Brews Cafe reported its busiest day ever due to its Saturday Bacon Fest event which featured bacon and beers specials. Because of this whopping success, Pangaea was closed on Sunday for an employee appreciation day.

Founded by local musician and bacon aficionado Brian Guido and Nick Miller, managing editor of the Sacramento News & Review, just five official events were planned when Bacon Fest was announced two weeks ago. Once word got out, that number jumped to 24 participating venues, including  Samuel Horne’s Tavern in Folsom, the Shady Lady and Lucca restaurant.”

Read more about the successful event at the link above.


We used to have a restaurant on Alhambra Boulevard that was named Pig Heaven.  A BBQ place.  I loved it and hated when they closed.  Eventually Luis’ opened and was a Mexican hit for like 20 years.  Now it is closed too.  I will be 60 in April and there have only been two restaurants there in my lifetime.  That is success.  Now it sits closed.