Road To Revenge—Motorcycle Build-Off

So we have yet another motorcycle build off with Senior trying to show he is better than his son, Junior.  The Teutuls.  American Chopper that later became named other titles for television as Dad later fired his son, and then pretended Junior just didn’t come to work one day.

Then Dad sued his son and pretended that he did not.  And it all played out on television for the last decade on he Discovery Channel.

And last year they had the build-off to see who could build the better bike in the midst of Senior vs Junior which was actually the name of the show for a while.

I used to like the show, I even liked some of their bikes, but it was about the relationships in the family.  It was that strange.  In fact it was so strange who do you add to the bike build off to jazz it up boys & girls?  Jesse James you say?  Really?  The Bad Boy of bike building.  Well, maybe he once was.  He started TV bike building.  And then he did all of his Hollywood things.

Last year, as you know, Junior won.  Jesse was second and Senior???  He came in about #98 in a  man competition.  Everyone else got like 250,000 votes.  Senior got one vote.  He built a tank.  Not a car, not a bike, a tank on a track.  It was an interesting  vehicle.  It was not a motorcycle and he should have been disqualified.

This year who wins?  Jesse still talks shit.  Senior still talks about what a dick his son is.  Junior is still pretty quiet but he gets involved in some of the arguments this time.  And who do you add to Jazz it up?  Gas Monkey Garage.  They have talked on the show that they build bikes and they worked on one once.  They are pretty funny.

Jesse James blows off the bike building deadline.  They give him an extra two weeks.  Senior enjoyed the extra two weeks and put in the full 14 days on his bike.  Junior didn’t seem surprised.  Gas Monkey went crazy and wanted Jesse disqualified.

Then Jesse blew off the two-week extension and four weeks AFTER the extension was over….Jesse’s bike still was not finished.  Did not run.  Or something.  So the question in Vegas was “Is Jesse here”  “Is JJ’s bike here?”  “Does it run?”

Yes, he was here in the gambling haven.  Yes his bike was here.  Yes, his bike runs.  The question??  Should Jesse be disqualified?  They decide to let the other builders determine Jesse James’ fate.  Of course, for the sake of TV they all agree to let him compete.  It has always been the way builders in the real Biker-Build-Off series came down with folks who were late.  The bike is the important thing and the bike didn’t do anything wrong so let the competition continue.

Who won?  Junior of course.  Second, Gas Monkey Garage.  Third, Jesse.  98th, Senior.  The same one guy from last year also voted for Senior this year.

Next year?  Well. American Chopper, the Senior vs Junior show this season, will not be back next year.  On the Discovery Channel.

Will Jesse’s show still be on TV?  Probably not. And Gas Monkey?  Probably will.

Another build off between this peeps?  I hope not.

Congratulations Junior, nice bike.  And Gas Monkey, my choice this year.  I’m ok with Junior winning but I liked the Dallas bike better.


American Guns

American Guns.

This is a TV cable show that hasn’t even started yet.  It starts October 10th on the Discovery Channel.

Problem is–I already hate it.  Just from the commercials.

It seems like a rip-off of my favorite show (or nearly favorite), Sons of Guns.  At least they could have named it something dissimilar.

A cable show about a family that runs a gunsmithing shop and makes guns.  And then shoots the guns and blows shit up.

Nah….that’s not a rip-off.

As soon as some show gets big-time followers and has loads of peeps watching it, everyone wants a rip-off show.

This time it’s the Discovery channel ripping off a Discovery Channel show.


OK I watched it
Still think it is a ripoff of Sons of Guns.

Don’t think I will watch again.

December 4th:

I am glad that Sons of Guns is back for another season.

I hope they cancle American Guns fast.  I just don’t like it.

February 17th:

They had a marathon a few days ago.  I tried to watch it.

I like the guns.  I don’t like the show.  I try to put up with it because they show a lot of “regular” guns vs Sons of Guns which mostly shows custom weapons that I would never get a chance to buy.  Or shoot.

But the firearms that Red Jacket manufactures and sells are different.  Like that great combat 1911.  I can buy one of those!!

And I still like Sons of Guns better.

Television shows I like

As you can tell from my usual header, I like hot rods, choppers, guns, poker and crap like that.  Guy stuff.  Well, add chicks to that list cuz I like them lots.

But when it comes to TV I am all guy, so add sports to the list.  Shows that I do watch (and why) are:

American Chopper & offsprings

I have been watching this for a few years now and still like it in all various forms, even the Bike Buildoff shows on Discovery Channel.  People say it’s about the people, but if I was a bike I would say it’s about the bikes (stoopid)

Sons of Guns

Let’s see:

  • design and build wicked guns…..check
  • shoot the damn guns…..check
  • blow lots of crap up…..check
  • do it all again…..oh yeh, check and mate

NOTE:  I had to edit this post because I find I am not enjoying this season (2012) as much as I did the first year.  Why?

  1. Vince is gone and he was their best gunsmith plus he was good on the show.  Funny and other peeps seemed to respect him.
  2. the marriage between Chris and the onl chick on the show.  Why marry her off?  Plus Chri has alway been a knucklehead.  I know I kept hearing Will says he had ‘potential’ but I always wanted to see him get fired.
  3. they got married in Vegass?  (I guess) Just not what I expected but I guess trailer-iti can get to you
  4. all just IMHO

I wantch it some but lat year it was GREAT, now…but it’s hella better than that American Guns shit.

Now I watch Swamp People.  Hell Yeah!!

Swamp People

Peeps in the swamp.  Well, and gators

Top Gear

Cars, racing and crashes.  Let’s see… come I like this?

Football and basketball

Other team sports just bore the crap outta me