Trish Carney Photoworks–Wild Lives

ok, the last of my new favorite blog sites.  Again, thanks to Walter Kitundu’s Bird Light Wind, I found Trish Carney’s Photoworks and her beautiful Wild Lives photos.  Stunning, just stunning.

These are so stunning I find myself asking the air “is that real??” and my answer is “oh, yes it is real”.  Great eye Trish.  You have shared many amazing photos like this one of the grizzly and her cub.

“Snow.  Wind.  Cold.  Bear.  Undisturbed.”

Yellowstone.  Nuff said.

John Wall’s Natural California, photography & blog

In a past post about a Native American blog site I shared that I do not read many blogs anymore.  However, I love nature photography and landscape & wildlive photography.

Thanks to Walter Kitundu’s Bird Light Wind, I have added John Wall’s Natural California.  There are many photographers who are actually artists with a camera and Mr Walls certainly qualifies.

Check out his blog site and many photographs.  Sweet!!

Owls in Golden Gate Park, photography & blog

When I was growing up we had aunts and uncles living in San Francisco and spent a lot of time in the park as our favorite aunt lived on 19th Avenue, nearby the southern side of Golden Gate, in the Sunset area (a beautiful part of town).

I was NEVER lucky enough to get to see a family of owls there.

This link  blesses us with a ton of photos of the family of owls, plus some related photos of squirrels etc.  But the story & the blog writings are just as good as the pictures.

Here is the link to Kitundu’s homepage as the site is continually updated.  I try to visit often.  I recommend subscribing to this blog and receiving the email updates when there is a new post.  The photos are stunning and the writing is superb.

His photos of the African animals on his trip back to Tanzania are just incredible.  Zebras, big cats, hippos, giraffes and Maasai….beautiful!

Thank you Walter Kitundu and your Bird Light Wind blog & photography.  Most excellent!!

Blogs that I read

not too many anymore, but we will start with a Native American blog with photos and graphics covering the California Native scene.  Thanks @CaliNDN for the blog and your tweets

Why do I like it?

  • kept up to date
  • pow wow and bird singing info
  • educational postings
  • great photos & videos
  • preserving the culture

Great story on the new gathering hall in Banning.

Check the site out here

Great photography blogs

Artists whose paint brushes are cameras.  Each site here also has an author with very good writing skills, so you get beautiful pictures and insightful words.  What more could you want?

  • Emad’s Photo Blog.  Young man with a ton of skill with his camera.  Twitter @Emad_14
  • Bird Light Wind.  I got hooked after stumbling into his photo series of a family of owls living in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  Fantastic nature photos with lots of beautiful birds.
  • Byrd Photography.  Hot rods, hot rods, more hot rods.  Could look at these hot rod photos all day.  Excellent.  He’s a car guy and has a new book coming out called Street Sleepers, The Art of the Deceptively Fast Car.  Check it out on Amazon.
  • Wild Lives:  Trish Carney-Photoworks.  She hooked me hard with her beautiful photos of grizzlies in Yellowstone National Park.  Beautiful photos of an area I have not yet seen in person.  Love it.
  • Where Was I?  Nice photography and travel blog, two of my favorite things!  A good artist’s eye and storytelling skills result in a blog I enjoy a lot.

Sites that help me blog

  • lifenbits lots of helpful information on how to start and improve your blogging experience.  Clear and concise writing style puts this site at the top of the heap.  Easy choice.  Highly recommended.  Some great photography here as well.

I wish I could use a camera with the skill all of these folks have.

I look at a lot of sites but subscribe to just a few.  I’ll update this post as I add new sites.  There are great, undiscovered sites out there.

Know some blogs I should see?  Leave me a comment or Twitterize me @zenDR