Custom Built Motorcycles

This post is a DRAFT until I say so.  Why?  Cuz I said so.

Custom built motorcycles.

Who doesn’t love custom motorcycles.  Choppers, Cafe Racers, Drag Racers, Bobbers, E-VOs, Rats.  I love ’em all.  I wish I owned one of each!  And I wish I could build my very own custom chopper.

That was my plan when I retired.  Build a bike like I want and save the money that labor costs.  A sweet cafe racer or chopper.

Then I got sick and injured and haven’t gotten back to a healthy spot that would allow me to build my dream.  But I still have the dream.

If you have the $35,000 to $100,000 that custom bikes cost…sweet!

HERE is a great list of custom motorcycle builders across the U.S.  It’s a great list of some really top-tier builders.  You will recognize a lot of the shop names on the Custom Cut List.  The list was posted to Twitter by @TheBarHopper1

If you want to build a motorcycle check out this list of Things to Consider from the good folks at and @ToddHalterman.


Guns and Motorcycles

Guns and Motorcycles.

They go together like….well, like guns and motorcycles.

Not all motorcycle lovers like guns, but many of us appreciate the art and craftsmanship of both products.

And, of course, there are some who take it further.

Like Sickshooter Motorcycle PartsSickshooter builds and sells parts and many have a gun theme so you can outfit your ride with items like Gun Foot Pegs.

They build their custom pegs for Harley, Honda, Yamaha and others.  They have recently reduced their prices for these pegs.

Other Sickshooter products include:  50 Caliber Shift Peg, 32 Cal Valve Stem Caps, 6 shooter Barends and more.

Check out the parts catalog here.

More Motorcycle Blogs & Sites

You know I love choppers (actually most bikes) and hot rods, well here are a few more blogs & websites for you to check out.

The World Of Motorcycles

Vintage motorcycles, sport & racing motorcycles and custom motorcycles.  In addition to a ton of photos of great bikes, they have good writing.  Check out the history of Harley-Davidson .  It’s a great & detailed article and includes links to Harley racing sites and restoration sites.  Nice!

“The site also contains reference links to vintage British, Italian, and American parts suppliers, restorers, vintage motorcycle collectors, owner’s clubs, after-market manufacturers, vintage bike shows, auctions, reference books, and historical motorcycle websites.”

This is a 1913 Excelsior motorcycle from The World Of Motorcycles.

Darwin Motorcycles

Darwin partners with some world-class companies to build their Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers.  You can find them on Twitter @brassballcycles.

This is the Digger Black Elite.
Brass Balls Digger Black Elite


Bike EXIF describes their site:  “This site offers a dose of the coolest motorcycles, several days a week. That  means custom motorcycles, classic motorcycles, cafe racers, racing motorcycles  and style icons. I’m passionate about design, photography and classic  motorcycles, and Bike EXIF is a way to combine all three—and connect with other  people who share the same interests.”

I really like this site and I follow them on Twitter @BikeEXIF.  They offer daily updates by e-mail (sign up on their site) and they have a Facbook page.  Very connected!  And they love Moto-Guzzi‘s.  Check this one out.

Art In Motion

These folks build custom bikes & trikes and have a full-service shop in Florida.

This is their 1st Place 3 Wheeler from a Rat’s Hole event in 2008.

Asphalt & Rubber

A & R was founded in 2008 and has quickly become a leading voice covering news of the motorcycle industry including the business end of designing and building motorcycles.  They are becoming deeply involved in the budding electric motorcycle industry.  It is predicted that within 20 years the majority of bikes being built will be electric.  What a shocking change that will be.

Interested in the future of electric motorcycles?  One place to check out is Brammo   They are on Twitter @BrammoSays and @BrammoForum  I’m a motor head but they have some great looking bikes with surprisingly good specs.

I’m not a huge MotoGP fan but these Ducati’s are sweet.

V-Force Customs

Do you watch American Chopper on the Discovery Channel  You know these guys from Orange County Choppers.  Vinnie and Cody went with Paul Jr after the family meltdown and build bikes at Paul Jr Designs.

Vinnie always made me laugh when he was working at OCC and he is a master technician and mechanic.  He was instrumental, along with Rick Petko, in building those great custom theme bikes.  Cody joined OCC at like the age of 16 and they treated him like the youngest son including giving him a nice bike that Cody & Paul  Senior designed and built (NoteI was wrong.  Cody is now suing OCC & Paul Sr for a number of reasons including the fact that he never was physically given the bike he built.  Sr “gave” the kid the bike on the TV show but apprently took it back or changed his mind or just never followed thru???  Hard to tell with Sr, but Cody didn’t get the bike so he is now suing as of February 2012) plus sending him to motorcycle mechanics school and taking him down to Daytona for Bike Week when he was still a teen.  What a ride for a kid.

Vinnie and Cody also build bikes under their own brand, V-Force Customs.  You often see Vinnie now wearing V-Force hats on the American Chopper show.

This is their V-Force Deuce.  Sweet bike.

The 2011 Milwaukee Rally Thru September 5th, Largest Motorcycle Rally in the Midwest

If you are not already at the 2011 Milwaukee Rally,  this is a great place to celebrate your Labor Day.  Ride your bike, show it off, check out all the others plus food, drink, chicks and….

This is the largest motorcycle rally and event in the Midwest so I know there will be a ton of good folks and bikes there.

If you still need tickets you have to check the Rally Info Tent at the dealerships during the Rally to see if any have
become available.  The 2011 VIP package and the Bingo Casino run are sold out!!

You can find the Saturday and Sunday events here (even the rest of Friday for us late-comers).

And don’t forget to check out the Harley-Davidson Museum.

And download your free Wisconsin biker guide and map here.

The most comprehensive biker guide and map available for the state of Wisconsin

In each map you will find: Wisconsin Rustic Roads, current road construction
information, featured Wisconsin destinations, biker friendly bars and
establishments, Wisconsin lodging, hotel and casino information, plus our highly
sought after motorcycle events list.

Sign up for the email updates and newsletter and get your name in early for the 2012 Milwaukee Rally.

If you are in the Midwest it is definitely the place to be.

If you are at the Rally or intending to go….ride hard be safe and have fun!

Win a 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead Motorcycle

This raffle is being held by the Wheels Through Time motorcycle museum, and their website is here.   

Aall proceeds go to support the museum.  A truly important cause.

This is the 9th Annual raffle and this time they have a beautiful classic knuckle up for grabs.

The raffle will be held in November, don’t miss out!

You can contact the museum at   (828) 926-6266

This is one of my all time favorite bikes, check it out:








Follow Wheels Through Time on Twitter and Thanks @wtttimemachine

Here is their acticle about The Chopper Graveyard.

Rust in peace

They have a ton of great videos here.

Are you hoping to visit the museum?

2011 Days,  Hours & Prices

May 1 – October 31, 2011
Open: Thursday-Monday
Hours: 9a.m.-5p.m.


Adults: $12
Seniors (65 and up): $10
Children: $6

One of the upcoming events in just a few weeks:

40th Annual AMCA National Meet at Davenport, Iowa

Date:  September 1-3, 2011
Location:  Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds
Davenport, Iowa
Official Site: www.antiquemotorcycle.orgLabor Day weekend, Wheels Through Time will be travelling to the 40th annual AMCA Fall National in Davenport, Iowa.  Hosted by the Chief Blackhawk Chapter of the AMCA, the “Big One” is renowned as the biggest and best of the AMCA nationals.  Gear up for swap meet, banquet, bike judging, and vintage races and a weekend of fun.  Davenport is fun for all ages, and whether your antique motorcycle aficionado or just want to see some great old American iron in its element, Davenport is the place for you.”Matt’s Blog has a great article and video, 30 Bikes in 30 Days.The museum is located in  Maggie Valley in North Carolina  Maggie Valley is pretty much between Knoxville and Chatanooga.  Wikipedia says the population was 607 people in the 2000 census.Go, have fun and WIN that 1936 Knucklehead.

Chica Custom Cycles

Chica is one of the great motorcycle buildersof our time  and has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-off series.

Chica’s Custom Cycles website is here.

Chica has a blog too, it is here.

Not only does Chica design and build some truly wicked choppers, he sells his own tins, wheels, modified frames, etc.







The shop is in it’s 15th year mof building great bikes.

Contact Info:

7522 Slater Ave., #126, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 U.S.A.
Phone: 714-842-9587           714-842-9587
 Fax: 714-842-9087

Here is Chica’s shop.







Chica is originally from southern Japan and started out as a Honda mechanic who had a passion for Harleys.  Now he builds old school choppers with modern technology.  So they ride well, easier to maintain and all the modern doo-dads.

Let’s look at bikes!!




















I really like Chica’s choppers.  Great designs, yes.  But for me it’s how the design is carried out.  And these bikes are honest choppers and they flow from front to tail.  Nothing seems out of place and nothing seems to be added just to catch your eye.

Things are on the bike for function sake.  But they look beautiful too.  Beauty and function?  That is sweet.

Check this beast out.  I need to ear up just to look at it.  Some serious pipes.














If you are in SoCal or visiting Los Angeles go check out Chica’s shop.  Say hello and score yourself a sweet bike or wheels or just a T shirt.  Have fun.

Two Different iPod Mounts for your Harley

Got an iPod?  Check…

Got a Harley??  Check…

Got your ipod mounted to your Harley??  oooops!!

Well, now you can do just that.

The first iPod mount is thanks to @RidersClaw

Order online.  Very cool.

The second iPod mount for your Harley is seen on FootShifted

This mount is a magnetic pouch that attaches to your fuel tank.  It is advertised for Harleys (because it is sold by Harley-Davidson) but it looks like it could work on nearly any bike and at $44 you could afford to take a chance.  If it doesn’t work, sell it on eBay!!  or give it to a Harley friend.  It does have Harley-Davidson printed on the face, so you Ducati folks might find it odd.

It says you can attach your headphones but I think I would be careful, and I expect some states have laws that would prevent the use of headphones.  Mebbe not…..


Dark Customs

Rent a Harley for about 6 bucks a day.

The Chesters are official competitors in the 2011 Hoka Hey 10,000 Mile Motorcycle Challenge

“Let’s Ride”

And their restored 1973.  Sweet!  Thx @chestershd  Good luck on the Hoka Hey brother.

2011 Sturgis World Championship of Custom Bike Building results

The results from the 2011 Sturgis World Championship Bike Builders contest are in.

1st  Tavax Engineering, Japan                           Bike name:    Tavax 2011 V


2nd Lamb Engineering, United Kingdom     Bike name:     Son of a Gun

AMD World Championship son of a gun 2011

3rd Kraus Motor Company, USA                 Bike name:      Bolide

4th V-Twin Mechanic, France                      Bike name:       SpaceSter

5th RK Concepts, USA                                 Bike name:       RK S







The Top 3 winners with their Bikes & Trophies







The winners ring:


Follow the Sturgis Rally on their Twitter account @SturgisRally

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

Alleged photo of Crazy Horse of the Black Hill...

Image via Wikipedia

10,000 miles thru all lower 48 states and north into Canada!!!!!

What a wild idea and what fucking a ride.

You only have to travel the entire 10K if you are competing for prizes & awards.  The rest of us can join in for a mile or a few thousand.

Ha Ha @me.

August 19 update:  Riders and organizers start the longest push of the Challenge.  They will ride 2,100 miles until their next stop.

A Facebook page tracking at least most of the arrivals is here.

August 24th Update:  We have finishers in the 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge!

August 27 Update:  More finishers in the 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge!!

Named finishers are:

5 – Karl Netherland
16 – Marc Story
50 – Robert Crawford
55 – Michael McGuire
175 – Frank Kelly
264 – Terry Meyer
341 – Robert Carlo
600 – Shaun VanBeber
601 – Michael Fox
604 – James Huffman
639 – Scott Jenkins
654 – James Howatson
668 – Thomas Kinsey
682 – Brent Witters
683 – Dennis Kelly
703 – William Barclay
605 – Mark James
649 – Kelly Withers
676 – Stan Kistler
677 – Debra Langley
685 – Wendy Battles
Posted by Hoka Hey Challenge
2011 at 5:48  PM

Sign up for the official Hoka Hey Challenge newsletter here.

The 2011 ride started August 5th in Arizona.  It may take them a couple days to finish the ride, ya think??

Check the website above for 2011 details plus a great interactive map for tracking the progress and lots of pics & stories from the 2010 run.

I’ll tell ya… butt hurts and my kidneys are taking a beating just thinking about it.

Ride safe and have fun guys.  Wish I was there.

Hoka Hey is Lakhota and tho a lot of folks say it means the infamous “It’s a good day to die” my friend says it means more along the lines of “Let’s go”.  It is said to have been the phrase Crazy Horse used as the Lakhota rode into battle.

So saddle up your chopper & Hoka Hey.

If you are riding or you will meet up with these riders message me at twitter @zenDr or leave a comment here.

And thanks @lasvegasharley for pointing me in the right direction.  Again.

September 17th:  The 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge is officially declared over!!

“Rider #660, Aristotle Liceralde arrived at the finish line at Ramsay’s Harley-Davidson in Sydney, NS (Nova Scotia) at 5:35p.m. Atlantic Time – just 43 days after leaving Mesa, AZ.”

I join the Hoka Hey folks in saying congratulations to Aristotle and all of the 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge finishers & participants.  They should all be very proud of their accomplishments.

October 9, 2011:

The 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge  posted their awards and recognitions today for “World’s Top Riders competing in a 14,000 mile cross country event. The course took them through 48 states and 2 Canadian Provinces and ended in Cape Breton, Canada. ”  Amazing!!!

Beyond the challenge of this race, “This year, the Hoka Hey went high tech and utilized GPS tracking devices to monitor the riders to insure compliance with the prescribed route of navigation. All finishers complied with the route but the top riders had to submit to polygraph exams for further scrutiny into their compliance of the many rules. ”

What a tough tough race.  Read the remainder at the link above.

Make your plans now for the 2012 Hoka Hey.  Ride hard and have fun.