Road To Revenge—Motorcycle Build-Off

So we have yet another motorcycle build off with Senior trying to show he is better than his son, Junior.  The Teutuls.  American Chopper that later became named other titles for television as Dad later fired his son, and then pretended Junior just didn’t come to work one day.

Then Dad sued his son and pretended that he did not.  And it all played out on television for the last decade on he Discovery Channel.

And last year they had the build-off to see who could build the better bike in the midst of Senior vs Junior which was actually the name of the show for a while.

I used to like the show, I even liked some of their bikes, but it was about the relationships in the family.  It was that strange.  In fact it was so strange who do you add to the bike build off to jazz it up boys & girls?  Jesse James you say?  Really?  The Bad Boy of bike building.  Well, maybe he once was.  He started TV bike building.  And then he did all of his Hollywood things.

Last year, as you know, Junior won.  Jesse was second and Senior???  He came in about #98 in a  man competition.  Everyone else got like 250,000 votes.  Senior got one vote.  He built a tank.  Not a car, not a bike, a tank on a track.  It was an interesting  vehicle.  It was not a motorcycle and he should have been disqualified.

This year who wins?  Jesse still talks shit.  Senior still talks about what a dick his son is.  Junior is still pretty quiet but he gets involved in some of the arguments this time.  And who do you add to Jazz it up?  Gas Monkey Garage.  They have talked on the show that they build bikes and they worked on one once.  They are pretty funny.

Jesse James blows off the bike building deadline.  They give him an extra two weeks.  Senior enjoyed the extra two weeks and put in the full 14 days on his bike.  Junior didn’t seem surprised.  Gas Monkey went crazy and wanted Jesse disqualified.

Then Jesse blew off the two-week extension and four weeks AFTER the extension was over….Jesse’s bike still was not finished.  Did not run.  Or something.  So the question in Vegas was “Is Jesse here”  “Is JJ’s bike here?”  “Does it run?”

Yes, he was here in the gambling haven.  Yes his bike was here.  Yes, his bike runs.  The question??  Should Jesse be disqualified?  They decide to let the other builders determine Jesse James’ fate.  Of course, for the sake of TV they all agree to let him compete.  It has always been the way builders in the real Biker-Build-Off series came down with folks who were late.  The bike is the important thing and the bike didn’t do anything wrong so let the competition continue.

Who won?  Junior of course.  Second, Gas Monkey Garage.  Third, Jesse.  98th, Senior.  The same one guy from last year also voted for Senior this year.

Next year?  Well. American Chopper, the Senior vs Junior show this season, will not be back next year.  On the Discovery Channel.

Will Jesse’s show still be on TV?  Probably not. And Gas Monkey?  Probably will.

Another build off between this peeps?  I hope not.

Congratulations Junior, nice bike.  And Gas Monkey, my choice this year.  I’m ok with Junior winning but I liked the Dallas bike better.

Paul Junior Designs: Gears of War 3 Chopper (It’s a Trike)

Gears of War (series)

Image via Wikipedia

Actually Paul Jr. Designs (PJD) has been building a trike, with 3 wheels, not a chopper, for Gears of War 3.

I see people saying that it is an American Chopper bike, technically true as PJD and Orange County Choppers (OCC)  are now part of the Discovery Channel’s American Chopper series, but hell dudes, give Paul Jr and his company some credit.

Especially for the Gears of War 3 build as well as the Cadillac CTS-V build and Cadillac build-off between Paul Sr/OCC & Paul Jr/PJD.  The designs and builds are just that good that they deserve to stand on their own.  It is always important to a new company to get that level of cred.

And it is a bad, bad trike.

I am really not a gamer.

Epic Games puts out the Gears of War series of video games and #3 in that series is hugely popular.

It is getting harder for me to watch the American Chopper TV series.  First, there are other options on Monday night, especially with the NFL back.  Second, the whole Sr/Jr thing has just worn me down to the point it’s not as good as it used to be.  So, I watch but I am not really a fan.

That said, here is a little video about the Gears of War trike.  I do really like this build because it looks so unfucking real.  I was getting tired of OCC’s “theme bikes”, they all began to look so much alike and I tend to like custom choppers that are street driveable.  Which makes many of the bikes from the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off series much better to me.

But this post is about the trike, so let’s get back to it.

The trike was unveiled at the 2011 Comic-Con convention.  check this out as Paulie, Jr. drives it in past the crowd.  The bike/trike is unfucking-believable!  Check the reactions of the crowd.

Here is the trike and Paulie walking thru the details.  I love the rims and tires and the crash bars on each side.

Paul says “This bike is massive”, and so it is.  This clip has a few segments of the prior one but stands on its own.

American Chopper Aftershow:  If you haven’t seen them yet there are Aftershow segments posted on the Discovery Channel website with the staff discussing events on the show (and sometimes things we don’t see on the show) and answering questions from the fans.  Check the Aftershow out here.

A Paul Jr YouTube channel is here.

And for you Gears of War 3 freaks here is the Band of Brothers intro.

While you are at it, did you see the SciFi movie Tron?

Well, now there is a Tron Light Cycle and apparently it is street legal.  “More science than fiction”.

Parker Brothers Choppers:

Trevelen Rabanal, Artist & Bike Builder

If you are a fan of the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-off series you have seen Trevelen Rabanal in his shoot out with Scott Long or vs Cox and Keino or vs Jesse James.

Trevelen came across as a bit of a hard case with a wicked sense of humor.

Trevelen is an artist and builds some sweet ass bikes.  His biggest influence was his dad, Benji “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Rabanal. who raced flat-track bikes, boxed and surfed competitively in the 50s & 60s.  A lot of folks used (and still use) The Flyin’ Hawaiian nickname.

Twitter him @OGTREVELEN

Here is an interview with Trevelen in his Los Angeles shop, his “laboratory”.

He lost this arm wrestling vs Jesse James.  Good stuff…

In his 2010 interview in Street Chopper Magazine, Trevelen identifies his 70s influences and his love of the Sugar Bear front end.

His Super Company Customs built and modified some wicked Japanese cars and the bikes.  With the decline of the Fast and Furious car craze, Trevelen concentrated on bikes and his appearances on the Biker Build-off series thrust him and his Super Co into the custom bike spotlight.

Super Company Customs website is here.  Nice site.

This is part 3 of Trevelen’s interview about the “Industry”.  Check it out then you can watch the rest of this series on youTube.  I really don’t watch Sons Of Anarchy.  Seems kinda fakeish to me, but I think he broke down and appeared on the show.

Voodoo Choppers and Eric Gorges

No, voodooDr has nothing to do with Voodoo Choppers.  I get asked about that so often that I decided to write a post about Eric Gorges and his Voodoo Choppers.

I fell in love with Eric’s bikes after seeing his Superstition  build on the Biker Build-off series on the Discovery Channel (yes, that thing again).

Gorges did not win that day, but consider this:  He went head-to-head against Corey Ness (yes, Arlen’s son).  Talk about top competition. Cory Ness had bested his dad Arlen and Arlen’s Top Banana had won over the young Roland Sands Glory Stomper.  The top motorcycle building family in the world, no doubt.

I liked Gorges’ bike best, but I can’t argue with the fans voting for the Ness creation.  It was that good.  But it was the first time I did not pick the winning bike from that series.  Damn!!

Besides really liking that bike, I appreciated Eric’s bike building philosophy and bio.

Gorges builds custom cars too.  In fact, that is where he learned to work the metal.

More photos here from the Biker Build-off.

Where is Voodoo Choppers??  Plus a phone number.

22705 Morelli Dr.
Clinton Township MI 48036

Gorges has a blog.  And he is on Twitter @Voodoo_Choppers and @ericgorges

He has so many KILLER bikes in his albulm it is unreal.  Almost hard to look at all of these bikes at once.

Matt Hotch and His Custom Choppers

Matt Hotch has been building custom motorcycles since he was 16 years old!

He has wowed the chopper world as a grand champion on Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-off series. As far as I am concerned, matt designs and builds the BEST bikes around. And, yes that is saying a lot, but check out his bio and check out his bikes. Amazing shit.

The Discovery Channel video is here.

Not only do the lines of his bikes flow, but he takes risks. BIG risks in his designs. He sees things the rest of us could never imagine. Not without his help anyway.  Thanks @matthotchdesign

You see his designs in action and just thing “How the hell…..”

Matt won TWO biker build-offs in a row in 2004 & 2005.  When he built his 2004 bike he was just 24 years old and a self-taught welder and metal fabricator.  Shocked the hell out of me when I saw his first bike, Chingon and listened to his design theories.

How many bike builders do you know that design and build their choppers all alone??  In a 10,000 squared foot shop?  By alone I mean he does it all except build his motor and tranny.  Everything else is his and he has no help.  Zero.  He works alone.  OK, you get it now so I’ll shut up.

It’s difficult for me to pick the Top bike builder or the Top bike in the world.  I know therre are so many bikes I have never seen and so many builders I know nothing about.  Not to mention all of the up & coming genius who are 5-10 years away from the top.  But for my money, Hotch may build the best bikes overall that are out there.  And he is as young as those “up & comers”.  Choppers or dirt bikes racers or cruisers, Matt seems to be able to envision and build them all.

You have probably seen his Vincent racer that sped on the Bonneville Salt Flats.  Hotch did not win with his Vincent, losing to the notorious Roger Goldammer, but what a hot beautiful racer this is.  Here is an interview.

BiketoberFest vs BiketoberWest

I know you folks know all about the annual BiketoberFest held in Daytona Beach, Florida each year.  In October, of course.

Well, today while watching the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off series the announcer was telling us that the bikes were going to be judged at the BiketoberWest rally.

Here is the 2010 BiketoberFest.  Looks like fun, sun, sand, water, hot chicks, hot bikes…..

My brain heard (!!) “Fest” and I couldn’t figure out why they were riding down the coast of beautiful California.  Where the fuck is Florida, I asked myself (??)

Of course it was just my asshole filtering system and I just misheard (again).

So, I looked up Biketoberwest on the net.  Great idea I thought.  But why hadn’t I heard of it before, being a Californian loving all things bike.  To my dismay there really isn’t any info except about the bikes built and judged specifically for Biker Buildoff.  In 2004!! 

Nothing before, nothing since.

As always with the Biker Build-Off series, the 2 bikes were amazing and from two top bike designers/builders.  Always hard for me to pick one over the other but I agreed with the crowd this time.
A short video of the Hank Young vs Cole Foster build-off is here.

A series of pics of both bikes are here on the Discovery Channel’s website.

Biketoberfest has survived in Florida for many years and continues to thrive.  Peeps love it and have a great time.

It was originally developed to increase tourism at Daytona Beach during their off-season.

Question for readers:

Was BiketoberWest solely developed for the Biker Build-off series??  Did it fall apart because the show was filmed and sayonara bikers?  Or was there something else going on here?

Does anyone know?

Chica Custom Cycles

Chica is one of the great motorcycle buildersof our time  and has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-off series.

Chica’s Custom Cycles website is here.

Chica has a blog too, it is here.

Not only does Chica design and build some truly wicked choppers, he sells his own tins, wheels, modified frames, etc.







The shop is in it’s 15th year mof building great bikes.

Contact Info:

7522 Slater Ave., #126, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 U.S.A.
Phone: 714-842-9587           714-842-9587
 Fax: 714-842-9087

Here is Chica’s shop.







Chica is originally from southern Japan and started out as a Honda mechanic who had a passion for Harleys.  Now he builds old school choppers with modern technology.  So they ride well, easier to maintain and all the modern doo-dads.

Let’s look at bikes!!




















I really like Chica’s choppers.  Great designs, yes.  But for me it’s how the design is carried out.  And these bikes are honest choppers and they flow from front to tail.  Nothing seems out of place and nothing seems to be added just to catch your eye.

Things are on the bike for function sake.  But they look beautiful too.  Beauty and function?  That is sweet.

Check this beast out.  I need to ear up just to look at it.  Some serious pipes.














If you are in SoCal or visiting Los Angeles go check out Chica’s shop.  Say hello and score yourself a sweet bike or wheels or just a T shirt.  Have fun.

Denver’s Choppers in Las Vegas—Mondo

Well, actually Denver’s Choppers is in Henderson, Nevada.


1010 Stephanie Place, A1 * Henderson, NV 89014



Map & driving instructions are here.

Denver Mullins is gone now, much much too soon.

But Mondo is still there and still building wicked sick choppers old school style.  Plus they sell their revolutionary springer front ends.  Where would the chopper world be without them??

Mondo has been designing and building his choppers with Denver’s Choppers since 1967!!  That’s almost 45 years of motorcycle building.  Wonder is Mondo knows how many bikes he has built?

On the website there is a great David Mann painting of two of Mondos bikes that were actually build 30 years apart!

Mondo truly is the Godfather of Choppers.  And new builders are still learning from him.

Next time you are in Las Vegas stop in Mondo’s shop  say hi, &check out his bikes.

Mondo had a sweet chopper they built for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-off series when he went head to head with Indian Larry.  Two legends, maybe the two best chopper builders EVER.  Indian Larry won that one with his amazing chain frame cycle, but Mondo built one sweet looking machine.

Unfortunately Indian Larry is no longer with us.  Say a prayer for Denver Mullins and Indian Larry.

The Church of Choppers

Pray my brethren, for the Church of Choppers will save your soul.

So much to talk about.  Besides the blog, which I return to often, the choppers rule.

Plus they show us the Beaver House.  Check this place out, wish I could see it eye to eye.  For a bait shack it is pretty cool.  They are @thebeaverhouse

And a bright window of street bikes.

CoC Bikes

But the best thing is the eulogy for Dave Mann.

Rest in peace Dave, wish I knew you.


In New York City?  Check the link for info on the Brooklyn Invitational Custom Bike Show scheduled for September 17, 2011.

They have a shopping site with some nice stuff.

Church of Choppers has a wicked sense of humor and I like wicked.

Check em out in Des Moines at 6th & Boston

Church Of Choppers
Address 3017 6th Ave Des Moines
City Des Moines
State Iowa (IA)
Zip 50313
Phone (515) 778-5416              (515) 778-5416
Latitude -93.624692 / 41° 37′ 20.6076”
Longitude 41.622391 / 93° 37′ 28.8912”

Make sure you tithe and pray and visit the Church of Choppers often.  The chopper gods require it.

Photo of bike builder Indian Larry

If you are a fan of the Biker Build-off series, or just a big chopper fan, check out the photo of the late great Indian Larry often touted as the greatest chopper builder of all-time.

Just don’t click “next” too many times.  Then you can avoid seeing the blues guitarist Johnny Winter.  Never an attractive guy, even compared to his brother Edgar, this photo will frighten your children and give you a reason to down that bottle of Jack….today!!