My television viewing habits

are basically (well totally) man stuff and include

History Channel

Discovery Channel

  • American chopper & variants
  • Sons of Guns
  • One Man Army (sometimes)
  • Dual Survival
  • Deadliest Catch (if I hafta)
  • Biker Build-off
  • Myth Busters
  • Dirty Jobs (kinda tired of it)

Check the PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow here.  Nice!!

NFL & NBA, tho imma pissed at both and tired of millionaire lockouts.  But if the season started today, i am watching.  i think.  mebbe?

Plus other sports like the Olympics, boxing even mixed martial arts (but I like traditional heavyweight boxing.  Problem is there just aren’t any since Tysons brain fucking exploded.)

The news, tho I tire quickly of the same story over & over & over and the dimwitted “hosts” (cuz they sure ain’t ‘news’ people.

The Wii.

Whiskey…o, wait.  that’s not a tv show.  it should be though.  but no tequila.  gives me hallucinations.

You can see i don’t channel surf much.  wanna buy a remote control?



Counts Kustoms part III

Ill, just ill.  Thanks Danny @DannyCountKoker

This is a great little youTube

Danny “Count” Koker and Counts Kustoms

If you have seen the Pawn Stars series on the History Channel you are familiar with Danny “Count” Koker and Count’s Kustoms,  a great shop in Las Vegas doing custom work on all types of vehicles.

Danny Koker used to have his own TV show in Las Vegas where he took on the “Count” , as Count “Cool” Rider, and dressed as kind of an Elvis/Dracula merge while introducing the days movie for the audience.

Now it looks like Danny may get another chance to be the ‘star’ in a TV show with all the good publicity he gets from the Pawn Stars series.  he would not be the first person who turned into a spin-off series, but he would certainly be one of the best.

Hot rods & choppers…two of my favorite things!

Check Danny’s shop here with tons of great pics.

Danny’s Facebook page is here


Thx @53deluxe, @CountsKustoms and @DannyCountKoker

Rick’s American Restorations

Restorations.  Classic for sure and on the History Channel.

Rick Dale and his American Restorations crew do amazing work and I love the show.

Gold and Silver Pawnshop in Las Vegas: Pawn Stars

when in Las Vegas visit the Gold and Silver Pawnshop,  

The Gold and Silver Pawnshop is the site of the Pawn Stars TV series on the History Channel.  Pawn Stars is the #1 series on cable television!!